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Home Repair And Restoration

Latchy's FS1E Rebuild

Latchy's rebuild of the inimitable FS1E.  Why...I mean why would you rebuild such a haorrible little bike...still each to his own eh.

a clean and fully restored fs1e

FS1E Restoration, The Rebuild Story The tale of stephen latchford rebuilding and restoring an fs1e
A Box Of Bits, Paint and Engine A box of fs1e bits and pieces and some work on the tank and the motor
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Reader's Comments

Nigel said :-
I had the very same bike ,same colour ,blue, drum brake model with seperate two
stroke oil tank the reg no was XDM52R i had it for a year until i was 17 then i traded it in for a suzuki 250x7 ,ive had many bikes but your first fizzy is like a first love you never forget it,anyway it looks awesome have fun my friend.
Fogdevil said :-
Just like Nigel I had a Fizzy then an x7. Can't remember the No. plates though.
X7 went like stink and stuck to the road like chewing gum.
Restoring a 400/4 at the moment.Always wanted one since I saw one being driven into the living room at a party!!
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Fogdevil. I once owned an X7 but it was a pile of rust. It was to be my project and I was going to restore it. I soon realised I lacked both the skills and the money to do anything with it and it ended up in a skip. Shame really.

I envy those of you who have the patience to slowly, carefully and skilfully work through the restoration process. If it takes more than a day I tend to lose interest!

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