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Bike Reviews

Ren is pretending to race a motorcycle while still stationary in the car park

Here's the collection of bike reviews from various riders as well as the BAT team. 

A Look At The Honda C125 Cub Honda has re-invented the C90 into the new C125. But who is it really for?
Kawasaki Ninja 400 Test Ride Review So what does the Hobbitses thinks of Kawasaki Ninja 400s? She has to ridesis them to makes her mindes up. Scarees it is.
2019 CB500X First Look Ren takes a look at Honda's new and maybe improved CB500X. It also appears Honda must read this blog.
Benelli TnT125 Owner's Review Nigel brings to life Benelli's small, stylish and rather curious TnT125. Teenagers may love it but what about a septuagenarian?
CB300R Test Ride Review Ren gets his grubby mitts on Honda's CB300R. Can this new bike cut the mustard or is it just a styling exercise? Who is it aimed at anyway?
Honda CB1100RS Review Tom's got a new toy! Thing is after owning a hugely powerful bike can a weedy wheezy air-cooled 1100 keep him happy? It must a tough downgrading to 1100ccs...
Royal Enfield Himalayan Test Ride Review Ren manages to scab an hour on Royal Enfield's Himalayan. What will he makes of the Indian manufacturer's latest creation?
A Look At The Himalayan What on earth has Royal Enfield brought us? It's an adventure bike, it's (relatively) cheap and on paper it looks good(ish). Ren is preying it proves to be good in reality too.
8,000 Mile CB500X Review (& Service) After 8,000 miles Pocket Pete takes a moment to share his thoughts on his CB500X. He's also learning how to look after his motorcycle too. It's not an easy task but he seems to be getting there.
Honda CMX500 First Look Ren takes his first stroll around Honda's new CMX500. While it won't be everyone's cup of tea it gets him all misty eyed remembering the (not really) good old days.
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Reader's Comments

Alan said :-
Greetings Ren. Am I getting confused or do you have a CBF 125 and a CBF 250 as well as the CB500X. Also which of these 3 would you say was the best all rounder, the CBF 250, Sharon's Kwacker 250 or the 300 Ninja. When I pass my test I want something big enough to go 2 up on for medium touring but with decent fuel economy so I am not really looking for anything above 400cc.
7/12//2016 12:41:02 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Alan. I presently own a CBF125 and a CB500X. I used to own a CBF250.

Best all rounder? The Kawasaki Z250SL is a fabulous funky bike and I love it BUT if you want to go 2-up (with pillion) then it'll be close to blooming useless! The rear seat is nothing more than small pad.

The 300 Ninja's rear seat isn't much better from what I can recall.

The CBF250 has a much more plush regular seat. One thing I did notice is the rear and front footpegs are close together, I often would clash my feet into Sharon's unless she had her toes on the peg and not the arch of her foot. Finding good CBF250s is getting harder these days. Watch out for any with poor tickover - worn valve seats due to poor servicing.

I'd take a look at the MT03. I haven't ridden that 2-up but the rear seat looks more substantial. It's a lovely thing to ride too with accessible usable power. There's a review on here.

Economy wise the CBF250 would give me around 80mpg. Sharon's Z250SL between 90 to 100 mpg. I can't comment on the Kwak 300 or Yammy MT03. While Sharon's 250 is great on fuel my CB500X is giving me every bit as much economy as the CBF250, sometimes a bit more (80-90mpg). It also has plenty of space for 2-up.

I guess it depends on your budget!
7/12//2016 2:17:57 PM UTC
Ross said :-
Hi Alan, you could do worse than checking out the Suzuki Inazuma...it has a sensible, full size pillion seat, good economy and you can pick up secondhand ones for not much money. It may be down on power though, depending on your expectations/needs!
8/12//2016 6:10:20 PM UTC
Alan said :-
Thanks Ross, will have a look at them as well.
8/12//2016 11:18:40 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Yeah good call Ross, I'd overlooked the Inazuma. They have the big bike feel and spacious seating. I'm told they're good on fuel too.
10/12//2016 6:43:18 AM UTC

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