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Yamaha MT03 (2016) Test Ride Review Yamaha's 'Darkside' now contains the MT03. Can a 321cc engine really deliver the promise of thrills and excitement or is this just a dull commuter in fancy dress?
Honda CB 125 F Test Ride Review Ren takes Honda's new CB 125 F out for a test ride. What have the big H done with their latest model for the masses and is it any good?
CBF 250 Review - In Response Chris Onions responded to the Honda CBF 250 review...with a a review and some thoughts of his own. Great read.
Long Term CBF 250 Review Ren review the Honda CBF 250 that he's now owned for 15 months and 13,000 miles.
CMX 250 Rebel Review Ren recalls his first motorcycle after his accident. Was the 250 cruiser just what he needed?
Yamaha MT07 "Darkside" Review Ren gets to ride Yamaha's all new MT07. So wass it like Mr, wass it like?
Triumph Street Triple Review And Follow Up Stephen -Latchy- Latchford tells us the tale of his test ride on a Triumph Street Triple R. He must have liked it, 'cos he bought one!
Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review After a years ownership I figure I'd best review my CBF 125. An unremarkable bike...except for one thing...economy!
Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 The Keeway RKS 125 is a smart and small Chinese motorcycle that we hope will suit the gf. But it's Chinese...that means it's rubbish right? Maybe not.
Kawasaki Z800 Test Ride Review I take Kwak's Z800 out for a little play. The stats look similar to my Fazer...the reality is quite different!
Victory Hammer Test Ride Review I get to test ride the pin-up Victory Hammer. Is it me or is that rear tyre a bit on the big side?
Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Royal Enfield Test Ride Review. Just because it's not 150bhp, electronic suspension and track ready doesn't mean it's not fun...or does it?
Test Ride Review Of The BMW GS 700 - By Ren Withnell I took the opportunity to test ride BMW's GS 700. It's not what I expected to be honest...
Test Ride Review Of The Suzuki Inazuma 250 - By Ren Withnell I took the chance to ride Suzuki's hopefully economic Inazuma 250. Here's what I thought...
Test Ride Review Of The CRF 250 L - By Ren Withnell Test Ride Review of the new Honda CRF 250 L. A great little bike that demands to be ridden hard
Test Ride Review Of The NC 700 S – By Mark Tomlinson
Review Of The Kawasaki ER6-F - By Mark Tomlinson
Test Ride Review of the Honda NC700X - By Ren Withnell
A Review On The Bajaj Avenger 220cc DTSi - By Arjun Uberoi
Pillion review if the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion
Older Items
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Reader's Comments

Alan said :-
Greetings Ren. Am I getting confused or do you have a CBF 125 and a CBF 250 as well as the CB500X. Also which of these 3 would you say was the best all rounder, the CBF 250, Sharon's Kwacker 250 or the 300 Ninja. When I pass my test I want something big enough to go 2 up on for medium touring but with decent fuel economy so I am not really looking for anything above 400cc.
07/12/2016 00:41:02 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Alan. I presently own a CBF125 and a CB500X. I used to own a CBF250.

Best all rounder? The Kawasaki Z250SL is a fabulous funky bike and I love it BUT if you want to go 2-up (with pillion) then it'll be close to blooming useless! The rear seat is nothing more than small pad.

The 300 Ninja's rear seat isn't much better from what I can recall.

The CBF250 has a much more plush regular seat. One thing I did notice is the rear and front footpegs are close together, I often would clash my feet into Sharon's unless she had her toes on the peg and not the arch of her foot. Finding good CBF250s is getting harder these days. Watch out for any with poor tickover - worn valve seats due to poor servicing.

I'd take a look at the MT03. I haven't ridden that 2-up but the rear seat looks more substantial. It's a lovely thing to ride too with accessible usable power. There's a review on here.

Economy wise the CBF250 would give me around 80mpg. Sharon's Z250SL between 90 to 100 mpg. I can't comment on the Kwak 300 or Yammy MT03. While Sharon's 250 is great on fuel my CB500X is giving me every bit as much economy as the CBF250, sometimes a bit more (80-90mpg). It also has plenty of space for 2-up.

I guess it depends on your budget!
07/12/2016 14:17:57 UTC
Ross said :-
Hi Alan, you could do worse than checking out the Suzuki Inazuma...it has a sensible, full size pillion seat, good economy and you can pick up secondhand ones for not much money. It may be down on power though, depending on your expectations/needs!
08/12/2016 18:10:20 UTC
Alan said :-
Thanks Ross, will have a look at them as well.
08/12/2016 23:18:40 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Yeah good call Ross, I'd overlooked the Inazuma. They have the big bike feel and spacious seating. I'm told they're good on fuel too.
10/12/2016 06:43:18 UTC

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