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Hot And Cold

Blog Date - 16 March 2012

March…mid March…it’s still officially winter but there’s a definite feel of spring in the air.  The mornings are light by 0615, we’ve seen some sunshine and I’ve actually ridden on some dry roads!  Oh how good it feels to be able to tip the bike into a roundabout, get some angle to my dangle and feel the tyres bite rather than slide.

Presently I have two early morning rides of a fair distance.  I leave at 0605 when still the morning is just turning to light.  The first day, Wednesday, was a delight.  Light cloud cover allowed just enough sun through to chase away the night’s chill and ensure that every piece of tarmac was dry.  I keep my speeds within the law but even at these roundabouts and sharp corner provide legitimate pleasure.  It was also good to be able to see the road, to not be dazzled by oncoming traffic and to be comfortably warm within my bike gear.

Thursday’s ride was quite different.  The TV’s weather woman said there’d be fog and I noticed I was cold without my extra jumper on.  Outside the weather woman was right, a proper pea-souper.  And a cold pea-souper too.  Not quite the freezing fog that November and December can bring, but cold and damp.  By the time I got to my place of work my hands were quite numb and I was ready to cry.

It feels like it’s been another harsh winter.  It hasn’t, not really.  It’s just that it lasts far too long for my liking.  I need the winter to appreciate the summer but why does it have to go on so long!  Winter only needs to be cold, dark and icy for maybe a month at most.  It doesn’t need to start in November and finish in April, I reckon just December would do the trick. 

I just hope the spring, summer and autumn are not a washout.  Of course when the long warm summer day…yes day…arrives I will of course be moaning that it’s too hot.  I’ll long for winter, for 3 jumpers, 2 T-shirts, long johns, 2 pairs of socks and scarves galore.  Right now though I’m dreaming of a long weekend camping somewhere beautiful with roads that twist more than a roller coaster and sunshine that melts my ice cream.  

Reader's Comments

Malcolm X said :-
It's been a good summer pal. Just re-reading this you gotta know we've had a good one. And you wanted camping on a twisty road, well it seems you got your wish this year. Lets hope next year is even better!
1/1//2000 UTC

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