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FZS 600 Throttle Position Sensor - SOLVED!

Blog Date - 02 August 2011

Phew!  Thought that was going to get very expensive.  Just in case you didn't read the last blog post, the Throttle position Sensor (TPS) on my Fazer was duff.  All the resistance readings were wrong and I could not get it to "set up" correctly.  Even worse is that the local Yamaha shops wanted around £185 for a new one!!!

My first thought was to see if I could get one direct from Mikuni.  The carbs are made by Mikuni and so is the TPS.  After trawling the net for some time there was no way I could find of getting a Mikuni part number, or find anywhere that would sell Mikuni parts direct to Joe Public.  I guess this is to keep the common man such as myself from missing out the middleman and going direct to the manufacturer and getting a trade deal.  Dammit.

Fazer FZS 600 Throttle postition sensor from above
If you can't read it...it says "Mikuni Corp - Made in Japan"  The offending TPS

The next option was second hand.  Ebay had nothing unless I wanted to purchase a full set of Fazer carbs too.  At about £60 for a set of carbs, with the TPS still attached, this did not seem to bad an idea.  I could take the TPS off and sell the carbs again back on Ebay, or keep them, mint them up and have them ready for use on my own bike if required.  My worry is Ebay.  It's a pain in the ass waiting and hoping the vendor will bother to send the stuff, then you realise the stuff is crap, then the TPS does not work and there's no hope of getting your money back as I'd be buying carbs, not a TPS, that's incidental.

With that as an option to be considered I was at my local bike shop when I looked at an 05 Bandit 1200.  Hmmmmm...that TPS looks very very familiar.  In fact it LOOKS the same.  I enquired how much a TPS off a Bandit 1200 would cost...£79!  If...IF IF IF it is the same that's a saving of over £100 from the Yamaha price.  Amazing.  I trawled the net again looking for more details, it seems the TPS on the 1200 has about the same resistance readings, but beyond that I can't learn much more.  I can't find an image too of the "inside" of the TPS to see if the fittings are the same as my Fazer.

the pins and the socket from the throttle position sensor
Is your Throttle Position Sensor Like mine?

Oh if only I could find out!!!  I don't know anyone well enough with a 1200 Bandit to ask them to remove their TPS and let me check it all out.  PLEASE PLEASE if you have a Bandit 1200, around 01 to 05 with Mikuni Carbs, PLEASE PLEASE send me detailed images of the TPS removed and if you can, resistance readings too.  It would be GREAT for anyone out there with a Yamaha to know they can fit a much cheaper yet exactly the same TPS. 

I went to Pitstop Breakers in Lowton, Warrington.  They found a TPS that looked the same as mine, I'd taken my MultiMeter and the resistance readings seemed to be correct and for the princely sum of £10 I was more than happy to try my purchase.  It seems this TPS is off a TDM 850.  I now know the TPS is used on several Yamaha models, possibly the Kawasaki ZX10, possibly the Bandit 1200 and probably a lot more bikes besides. 

the inside face of the throttle position sensor
The inside face of the TPS.  It says "A2" on mine.  

Back home I fitted the TPS.  With the screws slightly loose I turned on the ignition, removed then replaced the lead to put the computer into setup mode, gently moved the TPS until the tacho read 5k, tightened the screws and went for a ride. 


I'm pleased to report...the NEW TPS that is working correctly...has made bugger all difference to the way the bike works.

Still at least I know everything's working as it should be.   

PLEASE please please let me know if you have a similar Throttle Position Sensor! (renwithnell@hotmail.com)

Reader's Comments

alexandre said :-
Je pense que j'ai le même TPS sur mon SUZUKI FREEWIND 650 de 1998.
les valeurs usine sont: entre 3,5 et 6,5 k home avec une différence de 76% entre la base et les deux autres contact.
I think that I have the same TPS on my SUZUKI FREEWIND 650 of 1998.
The values factory are: between 3,5 and 6,5 k home with a 76 % difference between the base and two others contact.
1/1//2000 UTC
Phil said :-
I have an XJ900 2001 TPS that looks exactly the same but with A1 written on the inside
1/1//2000 UTC
Gary said :-
XJR 1300, GSX600F Katana Bauj. 2000, GSF 1200 Bandit, SV 650, DL 650, SACHS Roadster 650, R1 all the same
1/1//2000 UTC
Paul said :-
It is the same throttle position sensor (TPS) on the Yamaha TRX850
1/1//2000 UTC
Vlad said :-
Do you still need pictures/info on Bandit's TPS? I have an '02 1200 and will be happy to provide any info you want. Write to me at bikesandtravels.co.uk{on}aca.cc.
1/1//2000 UTC
alex said :-
I had a problem with the TPS and have to replace it .. so I bought one from ebay but it's marked A1 instead of A2.. I found that on a snowmobile forum a guy put in the same TPS marked A1 instead of the original fount on the engine marked A2 .. so I am asking if it is ok to try with this one ?

Thank you,
1/1//2000 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Alex

If you're looking for reassurance that putting an "A1" on your machine instead of the original "A2" is OK then I doubt anyone here is going to GUARANTEE it'll be OK.

If you are concerned, don't try it. I myself would give it a shot, but that's me not you.

1/1//2000 UTC
scott clements said :-
i have a yamaha fazer fzs 600 on a t reg, recently my bike has become terrible on low revs, it seems to jump up and down alot, its been told that the tps is gone but want to check before replacing, do you have any suggestions, any ideas on the problem.
1/1//2000 UTC
ian krelle said :-
i have just had to replace my tps on my fazer(2001)
my bike would not even start with it connected but once disconnected it would start?
i purchased mine from blacks in burscough for £35 but as it was a saturday i was desperate lol
pleased to say bike now is running sweet again. You wouldnt think something so small could stop it in its tracks but i guess thats why they can charge what they like as you are buggered with out it
1/1//2000 UTC
ian krelle said :-
sorry forgot to mention my rev counter was registering 0 to 3 with the ignition turned on but no engine running. also with ignition on if you twist the throttle the rev counter would go into fits.as i have found out 3 means the tps has gone
1/1//2000 UTC
reyncossid@yahoo.com said :-
my kia 2002 sportage has similar Mikuni Corp-made in japan - A2 back-written TPS. But, it has 4 terminals
1/1//2000 UTC
YamFazMan said :-

Replace the TPS on my 2000 Fazer 6000 today
Out of curiosity I dismantled the old one and found one of the tiny electrical contact brushes had broken off

How on earth do they warrant the price for what's basically a volume control

More Picture's Here Dropbox link.....

If Dropbox ask you to sign in just close the request window
I used the one for a Suzuki 2005 SV650SU and paid £82.74 even that's a rip-off
I found a TPS manufactures site, for very similar looking TPS > Minimum order 50 units 8 Dollars per unit

Edit... I've just found a Yamaha TPS at around £170 from Fowlers UK

1/1//2000 UTC
YamFazMan said :-

I Intended to add a image to my above post.....

Stripped Yamaha Fazer 600 TPS
1/1//2000 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi YamFazMan. Yip, it is basically the same as a volume dial off a cheap and cheerful radio in principal. Now if you are smart enough I'm sure some genius out there could find a variable resistor with the correct ohm-age, impedance, voltage, current or however these things work and get it to work.

I on the other hand am not a genius and as such I either pay Yamaha's high prices or find a second hand item.

Great image, it goes to show there's no magic at play here just simple electrical physics.
1/1//2000 UTC
j.j said :-
i have sephia one 1996 and the sensor is japan mad (mikuni) in the back (A1) single camshaft.
18/3//2017 5:45:45 PM UTC
j.j said :-
oh 4 terminals.
18/3//2017 5:47:09 PM UTC
John said :-
Same as a Hyosung GT650R TPS. Just bought new one for £29 (Mikuni A2) Hyosung No. 13580HP9301

Cheap brands, cheap parts lol. Still a good bike
15/8//2017 9:00:11 PM UTC
John said :-
There's two different types for Hyosung. make sure you get the two bolt type.
15/8//2017 9:03:07 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Some really useful information there John. Part numbers are ideal because it makes finding them and confirming they're the right part a lot simpler. If only I'd known all this way back when I had the Fazer...
16/8//2017 1:25:31 PM UTC
Harry said :-
Thank John, Just ordered one at the Hyosung website. Very useful information.
26/3//2018 10:59:20 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
It warms the heart to read how people can use the internet to solve their technical troubles and hopefully save a few quid in the process.
26/3//2018 5:26:34 PM UTC
Aus jim said :-
hi guys have a look at u tube vid below regarding tps unit clean and adjustment, including pic of tps unit a part, different bikes but basically all units work the same cheers jim


tps unit apart
7/7//2018 11:23:47 PM UTC
Aus jim said :-
you can basically clean it and put it back together, just be aware that you will have to take pics or a vid even better as you pull it apart so you know what goes where good luck jim
7/7//2018 11:26:00 PM UTC
Aus jim said :-
Also have a look at this site for motorcycle accessories

7/7//2018 11:28:18 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
When I fitted the TPS to the Fazer I followed the instructions from the Fazer manual. Now I don't recall them exactly and I no longer own the manual - but! For the Fazer at least once a few start-up procedures are done the TPS is rotated in the slot until the rev counter reads a particular value.

The video suggests using the TPS to set the tickover. The Fazer, being carburetted not EFI has a tickover screw. I'm not entirely convinced using the TPS to set the revs on any motorcycle is the correct way to do things.
8/7//2018 7:51:16 PM UTC
Cc said :-
I work on a technical level with motorcycles and Ren is correct in saying the TPS sensor is NOT there to adjust tick over. Doing this will likely cause issues with the reasons the TPS is actually meant to send.

Carbed bikes will have a tick over screw or thumb adjuster, injected bikes will have their tickover set by the ECU and may or may not be re-mappable by user/dealer dependent on make/model.

Hope this is a somewhat useful addition!
20/7//2018 3:20:55 PM UTC
Cc said :-
That should have ssaid readings the TPS sends..
20/7//2018 3:22:16 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Cc. I'm certainly not aware of any bikes where the TPS is used to set the tickover.
21/7//2018 6:49:55 AM UTC

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