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The Joy Of Riding In The Rain

Blog Date - 13 June 2011

Sunday's are supposed to be a good day aren't they?  Well this Sunday, 12-6-11, was a terrible day for the weather, but a good day for me overall.  When I woke up at 0830 the sun was shining through the windows, by the time I'd got up and had a shower it was getting cloudy.  When I'd finished doing some domestic cleaning duties, ie trying to find carpet underneath the mess of clothes and fast-food wrappers, it was 1030 and going distinctly grey.  By the time I'd got my gear on and given the 125 a good dose of looking it, the rain was just starting to fall.

Wisely I chose to put my wellies on and put my regular boots in the top box.  In light rain that wasn't even getting the road wet I rode up through Croston to Preston Harley.  In Preston Harley I did something stupid...I nearly bought a Harley.  After taking myself outside for a quiet word I carried on and rode up to the Coast Riders Café on the edge of Blackpool.  By the time I got there the rain was getting the road wet but it wasn't tipping it down...yet.

I watched the MotoGP on the screen there, the riders at Silverstone were riding through heavy rain and still making my dry weather pace look pathetic.  Silverstone's south of here and the rain was coming North.  By the time I'd finished my bacon butty the rain was thick and heavy in the air.  I rode from Blackpool to Chorley on the motorway, on a 125 and doing 50 to 55mph.  I was not the slowest vehicle in the heavy downpour.

Riding in the rain can be a miserable experience, yet sometimes it can be completely uplifting!  I love riding in the rain when I am ready for it, and it's not too cold.  On Sunday I was ready for it.  Waterproofs on - check, Wellies on - check, Nowhere important to go - check and Nice Warm Jumper on - Check.  Coming back down the motorway I loved just splashing through the puddles and getting covered in spray yet remaining dry underneath it all.

At Rivington there were only a handful of hardy bikers so I had a quick brew and went off to do a little local off roading.  The 125's not a proper crosser but it's happy up and down farm tracks and unadopted lanes.  By the time I got the bike back home it was filthy so whilst I'd still got the waterproof gear on I hosed it all down.  Back inside I undressed and noticed I got a tiny touch of dampness in the groin area so I figure the waterproof pants are getting past their best.

To cap off a good day I watch the Formula One Grand Prix, which was delayed by rain.  I learnt it was also raining in Sydney, Australia as that's where my brother lives.  So it was raining in the UK, Canada and Oz...I was in good company.


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