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Normandy, France 2011 - By Ren Withnell

Well I've finally been brave enough to go abroad again.  Not far abroad though, just across the water to Normandy to see if the neighbours are friendly.

The harbour and cafes in honfleur
Honfleur Marina and all the costly cafes and restaurants around it

Normandy, France 2011 - Prologue
Normandy, France 2011 - The Ride South
Normandy, France 2011 - The Ferry, French Roads and Honfleur
Normandy, France 2011 - A Good Walk Around Honfleur Ren and Sharon spend the day in and around Honfleur. It's a pretty and characterful town. The day has it's downs, and ups.
Normandy, France 2011 - A Bit of D-Day and Normandy Coast
Normandy, France 2011 - Another Good Walk Around Honfleur
Normandy, France 2011 - The Beauty Of Beuvron-En-Auge
Normandy, France 2011 - Back To The Ferry and England
Normandy, France 2011 - The Trip North and More Images

Reader's Comments

Sandy C said :-
Honfleur is my favourite place. I adore the little shops and the street artists and the marina. There's nothing better than sitting in the sun outside a cafe with a glass of wine. I wish I was back there now :-(
1/1//2000 UTC

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