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HA!  Bet the title is why you are looking here...dirty perv...keep up the good work...

Photographing bikes must be the new thing.  For a while now, when the weather is nice on a Sunday afternoon I've noticed a chap with a camera taking pictures of the bikes coming over the road between Belmont and Rivington, Rivington being a big biker's haunt.  I've since learnt there's a website where he publishes all his pictures, with a watermark.  You can then purchase these pictures from him.  The idea is that you'll buy a picture of yourself looking super-cool on your bike in the sunshine.  Seems like a nice wheeze to me.

Now I know this I keep an eye out for him on my quite regular Sunday trip over the hills.  Then yesterday after dropping my son off I came over the road and was surprised to see not one or two, but FOUR people with cameras, all keenly snapping as I wafted past trying my best to look good. 

What I don't know is what the other photographer's motives are.  Are they all jumping on the bandwagon of selling pictures or were some of them out to fulfill some two wheeled fetish?  Are motorbikes the next big thing in the art world or is there a photographer's competition on somewhere?  Whatever the reasons, if you're passing over the Belmont Road this summer, beware not only of the sheep, cars, potholes and cyclists, but be ready to have a camera shoved into your face.  I wonder if this is how a celebrity feels?

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