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I've got a few miles to do tomorrow.  About 70 or 80 I reckon, quite a bit of it will be done on the motorways.  I can of course choose to the use the 600.  It's smooth, quick and easy on the fast motorways, and not too much trouble in town.  Then I could choose to use the 125.  It uses less fuel and is generally cheaper to run.  It's also a lot of fun.  Any fool can do 70 miles on a 600, it takes a special kind of fool to do it on a 125 in the rain. 

That's what I like about having to quite different bikes.  It'd be no good having a couple of 600's, there'd be no contrast.  I use the 125 most of the time, most of my riding covers a 30 mile radius around where I live and a 125 is more than enough to cover this mileage, especially as most of it is through towns and cities.  I love riding it because it's so light and easy to manage, I'm not scared by the throttle, it's a lot easier to keep to speed limits and warms up faster on short journeys.  It makes me laugh!  It's just a joy to ride the 125.

Then once or twice a week I have reason to use the 600, normally when I'm two-up.  The four cylinder motor is so much smoother, and so effortless when compared to the 125.  Even around town the 125 needs to be worked, the 600 is not even trying.  Then get the 600 out of town and crack the throttle open is a delight that must be reigned in if my license is to remain intact.  The seat is wider and comfier, the fairing keeps the worst of the wind off and the extra weight gives a firm solid planted feeling on the road. 

It's great having two different bikes.  Still, with the rising cost of fuel I think the 125 is in for a lot more hammer.  110mpg, you can't beat that. 

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