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Sick and Tired of Winter...

Well it's January the 10th.  Urgh.  We've just come through the coldest and snowy-est (is that a word?) December where due to the snow and ice the bikes had to take a rest.  It's all very well and good riding all year round, but riding in snow and ice is just silly, unless you've gotten spike tyres.  Lying on the floor whilst cars slide into you is not healthy.

Now the snow and ice have all but cleared, inevitably it is replaced by cold wind and rain.  That means my morning routine runs a little like this...

  • Get up
  • Put on 2 pairs of socks
  • Put on thermal leggings
  • Put on jeans
  • I'm already wearing 1 t-shirt and 2 jumpers, add to this another fleece and a quilted lumberjack shirt
  • Have toast, brush teeth
  • Put on wellies
  • Put on knee pads
  • Put on quilted waterproof biking pants
  • Put on back protector
  • Put on quilted waterproof cordura bike jacket
  • Put on kneck warmer
  • Attempt to put on helmet, realise I have so many layers on I can't bend my arms any more...

After all this has been achieved there's a now somewhat rusty bike to unlock, traffic to do battle with and then the painful finger-warming routine at the other end.  Of course, when summer rolls around I'll be complaining bitterly about sweating profusely in hot leathers...

Cheers, Ren.

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