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Ren's Biking Blog

Hi, I'm Ren, the ed.  Here's a collection of brief biking blogs as time goes by...

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Managing Expectations They say you should never meet your heroes. Ren has met a few real world travellers and this has both a negative and a positive effect on him.
125 On-Off Roaders? So what kind of on-off road 125cc motorcycles are currently on the market? Ren's pondering which future second hand bike to buy. It's not looking good.
Road 5 Wet Grip And Reality Michelin are bringing out the new Road 5 and they're GREAT in the wet - allegedly. But will they be GREAT in a cold wet British winter deluge with diesel strewn corners?
CBF 125 Worn Out Clutch Ren's 125 is showing more signs of its age. This time the clutch is letting go. Is this really a shock with 68,500 miles on the clock?
CBF 125 Oil Consumption Ren's old 125 is already very worn on the outside. It seems it must be getting worn on the inside too. Is it time to rethink the service intervals?
Is Dafydd's 250 A Lemon? Dafydd's a tad frustrated at the level of work he's had to do on his 'Zuma 250. Is it really a lot or does owning and actually riding a motorcycle require a lot of spannering?
Here's To Paul And Ian Ren takes a moment to smile and remember the good times with 2 friends.
Demon Tweeks - Thanks Good news! Michelin now have a tyre pair to fit the CBF125. Even better news!! Demon Tweeks have them real cheap. Or...
Rochdale Honda - Thanks Ren's feeling a little deflated about the whole Honda service thing. He thought he was on to a winner but sadly not this time.
South Wales Next Ren's not even finished writing up the last trip and he's already planning the next. They're heading to Pembrokeshire - got any suggestions?
NC500 Thoughts Having recently completed The North Coast 500 and thoroughly enjoying it Ren is here to point out that not all is idyllic in The Highlands
MOT Time It's time for Ren to take Sharon's 125 for it's MOT test. It'll be fine. Yes. Hopefully. Probably. Yes. Perhaps. Maybe.
Accidents, Claims Or Convictions Just how much should you tell your insurance company? What do they want to know? Ren has absolutely no idea at all.
Motorcycling Isn't Cheap Being tighter than cramp Ren is asking whether running a motorcycle can offer a cheap alternative to running a car.
It's TT Time - For Some It's that TT time of year again. When Ren was young he wanted to go but couldn't afford it. Now he can afford it will he go?
BMW G310R First Look Ren takes a close looks at BMW's recent foray into the small and almost affordable "small" capacity motorcycle sector. Has BMW got anything new to bring to the table?
More Speed Sign Stuff So the speed limit is the speed limit until you pass another sign telling you otherwise? That's how it SHOULD be but that's not how it always is.
Beware - Amazing Deals! Ren thinks he's onto a winner with a great deal at Halfords. For once his brain is in gear and he realises he's only in for an OK sort of deal. Oh well.
Dodgy Speed Limit Signage Again Ren's in fine moaning mode again. He's back to the topic of speed limits not being clearly signposted with repeater signs.
Sharon And Cars Just a note to let you know Sharon's had her operation which meant poor old Ren had to drive a car.
Older Items
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Reader's Comments

Chris Raper said :-
Drop in on your site occasionally and I really enjoy reading your opinions, reviews etc - you are the Samuel Pepys of the biking world!
Phil said :-
Hi Ren, is there any chance you could add dates to your posts? I've just stumbled across this blog after searching for Yamaha Fazers as I own one as well as a Monster and a frugal little Honda Innova, but I can't figure out what is and isn't up-to-date. Have you still got your Fazer and do you still add to this site or have you moved on? I've really enjoyed reading your posts on here, still a lot more for me to look at too!
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Phil

I do add dates to the blog now but I didn't used to. I couldn't add them retrospectively because I have no chance of remembering when I wrote them!

The site is still active, it gets more added to it every week and I wish to grow it much further. I'm always looking for contributions from other writers because they offer alternative perspectives, ideas, reviews and information.

Glad you're enjoying the website.

Cheers, Ren.
putz said :-
great site,i have a nc700s and just read the review
Henrik said :-
Part's and usefull eksplosion diagrams for the RKS:

In case someone's interested

Ren - The Ed said :-
Good call Henrik! How on earth did you find them?
Henrik said :-
I found it by using WAYYYY to much time on google :-)

Same way as I found your site here, thanks for all the good info !!!

Considering a Keeway as we got a very intusiastic new dealer here in DK

It looks like he even want a complete spareparts program, I wrote a while
back on your Facebook department, scroll down on "posts to page", link here:

RKS is very good covered already, and I got the explosion drawings, and info
on valve-clearance, BUT unfortunately it's the TX 125 I'm most interested in,
and I still think I miss a lot of info on that one

Just ordered Haynes book on 125 ccm Chinese cycles, maybe some info in that
Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Henrik. I've tried to "Google Translate" the page but Google doesn't do so well on technical terms it seems. Thanks for the info though, it's useful to know. Just wish someone on the UK could supply the same details too.
Henrik said :-
Even though in Spanish, more goodie's here, in pdf, and for the TX as well ;-)

The site is a little on and off ,.. but eventually give it a try

Feeding a translator with Spanish would likely be easyer than with Danish


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