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Ren's Biking Blog

Hi, I'm Ren, the ed.  Here's a collection of brief biking blogs as time goes by...

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Dodgy Speed Limit Signage Again Ren's in fine moaning mode again. He's back to the topic of speed limits not being clearly signposted with repeater signs.
Sharon And Cars Just a note to let you know Sharon's had her operation which meant poor old Ren had to drive a car.
AGV Pivot Click Bodge Ren believes he has finally solved the AGV Pivot Click problem. Oh there's no finesse or science or engineering, just sandpaper.
Oooh That's Better Good weather and better health make for a much more successful weekend. Is Sharon looking to get into off road riding alongside tarmac? Gnarly Hobbitses.
One Of Those Weekends Sometimes things work out just great! This Easter weekend has definitely NOT been one of them. Ren and Sharon are paddling upstream without a paddle or a canoe.
100,000 Kilometres Great news folks!! Ren has reached the dizzying distance of 62137.1 miles on his CBF125. What next...62137.2 milles?
Great Link To Visordown Just a simple link to a thoughtful and refreshingly honest article on VisorDown.com
One Size Fits All Drew and Sharon are at opposite ends of the height spectrum. Is there just one motorcycle that will fit all riders no matter how short or tall?
CCM Spitfire First Look Ren is drooling over CCM's new model, the Spitfire. While it may be a thing of awe and wonder it is definitely not on Ren's "Must Have" list.
Teasing March March is as indecisive as ever. It bring daffodils, frosty nights, clear blue skies and storms. It also has given us dry roads and the return of the fairweather motorcyclists.
Motorcycle Entropy Ren has got his moaning head on - again. This time he is griping about things wearing out. Tighter than cramp and meaner than Scrooge.
Lost Me Blooming Keys Ren is demonstrating that even someone as wise and smart as he likes to think he is - is in fact an utter waste of space to mankind. He's a prize clot.
Brand Loyalty Ren is asking why do so many motorcyclists have brand loyalty? Is it down to the love of our first bike, the way that marque makes a bike or is it totally illogical?
Tea And Model Launches With the new registration looming and new models in the offing Ren spots an opportunity to source free food and beverages.
The Relativity Of Speed Is your motorcycle slow? Does it lack that wow factor? Does it feel gutless and underpowered? Ren has a way of bringing back that sense of power, performance, speed and excitement your bike once had.
As Not Recommended By Honda If Honda says you should use it then you'd expect your Honda dealer to use it. Or is it a case of do as I say not as I do?
Difficult Diagnosis Ren's has an minor issue with the aged 125...but that's not really the point of this missive. Don't worry he gets to the point at some point otherwise this would be pointless.
60,000 Miles CBF 125 Ren's 125 has now reached the 60,000 mile mark. There's life in the old dog but it's hard to say quite how much
Finding Adventure If we place limits on ourselves be the circumstantial or preferential does this mean there's no room exploration and adventure? Hopefully not.
Ruined By Yoshimura Yoshimura's end can gives off all the wrong signals for Ren's style of riding. There's no point sounding like a motocross stunt rider when you've got no tricks up your sleeve.
Older Items
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Reader's Comments

Chris Raper said :-
Drop in on your site occasionally and I really enjoy reading your opinions, reviews etc - you are the Samuel Pepys of the biking world!
Phil said :-
Hi Ren, is there any chance you could add dates to your posts? I've just stumbled across this blog after searching for Yamaha Fazers as I own one as well as a Monster and a frugal little Honda Innova, but I can't figure out what is and isn't up-to-date. Have you still got your Fazer and do you still add to this site or have you moved on? I've really enjoyed reading your posts on here, still a lot more for me to look at too!
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Phil

I do add dates to the blog now but I didn't used to. I couldn't add them retrospectively because I have no chance of remembering when I wrote them!

The site is still active, it gets more added to it every week and I wish to grow it much further. I'm always looking for contributions from other writers because they offer alternative perspectives, ideas, reviews and information.

Glad you're enjoying the website.

Cheers, Ren.
putz said :-
great site,i have a nc700s and just read the review
Henrik said :-
Part's and usefull eksplosion diagrams for the RKS:



In case someone's interested

Ren - The Ed said :-
Good call Henrik! How on earth did you find them?
Henrik said :-
I found it by using WAYYYY to much time on google :-)

Same way as I found your site here, thanks for all the good info !!!

Considering a Keeway as we got a very intusiastic new dealer here in DK

It looks like he even want a complete spareparts program, I wrote a while
back on your Facebook department, scroll down on "posts to page", link here:


RKS is very good covered already, and I got the explosion drawings, and info
on valve-clearance, BUT unfortunately it's the TX 125 I'm most interested in,
and I still think I miss a lot of info on that one

Just ordered Haynes book on 125 ccm Chinese cycles, maybe some info in that
Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Henrik. I've tried to "Google Translate" the page but Google doesn't do so well on technical terms it seems. Thanks for the info though, it's useful to know. Just wish someone on the UK could supply the same details too.
Henrik said :-
Even though in Spanish, more goodie's here, in pdf, and for the TX as well ;-)


The site is a little on and off ,.. but eventually give it a try

Feeding a translator with Spanish would likely be easyer than with Danish


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