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Kawasaki Z250SL Battery Access

Job Date - 8 April 2018

By Ren Withnell

I'm scared. Actually I'm terrified. Working on Sharon's precious Kwakker worries me because if I break something she will break me. Badly. I always like her to be with me so I can say "you pull it...". We need to access the battery as we're fitting a 12v power socket. This will allow Sharon to charge her power pack, charge her phone and most important of all - use her 12v hair straighteners. 

Remember the good 'ole days when the whole seat came off with the click of a key? Under the seat was the battery with easy access? Just like my CB500X? Well Sharon's Z250SL is a sporty little number with a rider and a pillion seat, angular plastic trims and more parts packed under the wrapping than a modern mobile phone. Anyhow, it's time to be brave.

Remove the pillion seat. Under the seat remove the 2 crosshead bolts as shown in the image. Remove these.

two bolts under the pillion seat of the Kawasaki 250

Under the tail piece are 4 (2 on each side) panel fixings and are located as in the image.

The location of the rear seat trim fixings being pointed to with Ren's hand

These fixings are released by pushing the centre in with something like a small screwdriver. once popped in you'll need Sharon's fingernails to actually pull them out.

The fixings from the undertray

Before you start heaving at the panel just note there are clips as below.

The plastic trim for the rear has 2 clips that steady the panel

Also there are 3 push into rubber ring pins to note...

The pins on the side panel that fix into rubber mounts are circled

So now...very carefully we can start to pull the rear seat trim panel off the motorcycle. Carefully...gently...noticing clips and sticky out bits and lugs. With a wiggle and a pull the panel should come away from the bike. Do this for both rear panels.

Now we see this...

The rear subframe of the bike is now exposed and the seat fixing pins are circled

Note the item circled in red, there is a similar one on the other side. This holds the seat in place. Undo the 10mm bolts and draw the seat fixing pin our from the frame.

The pins, once loosened, can be slid out from the frame

Now the rider's seat can be lifted up at the rear and slid backwards to remove it from the bike. This will finally expose the battery.

The battery can finally be accessed once the rider's seat is removed

And there we have it! I am still alive, Sharon's bike is not broken and I have fitted the 12v power socket. 

The 12v power socket is now fitted to Sharon's Kawasaki

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