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Bad Driving - Don't Take It Personally

Blog Date - 27 February 2018

I was following a Mercedes Benz the other day. In a remarkable turn of events despite being a Germanic Executive Transportation System (GETS) it was being driven sensibly and with care. By 'eck, they even used their indicators!

Further along at a junction not one but two cars pulled out in front of the Merc. The driver had to brake sharply and swerve a little to avoid an accident (incident?). This got me thinking.

As motorcyclists and bikers we like to think that "they're all out to get us!", "they're all bloody bind!" and "they never look for bikes!" I shall not for one minute profess that there is no truth in this but...but it's not just us - as in riders of powered two wheelers.

Some drivers (and indeed riders) just don't seem to be concerned about the quality of their road craft. Their needs are first and foremost in their mind and everyone else on the road is an inconvenience to their desired requirements. Be it a car or a bike, a bus or a truck everyone else is just irrelevant. The only difference is the size of the dent each type of vehicle could leave in their own vehicle.

Ren covers the word bridge on the cockbridge sign
My thoughts on some people's motoring courtesy.

During the rare occasions I drive the car I'd say the number of inconsiderate manoeuvres I witness is roughly the same as I'd expect while riding the bike. A bad driver is a bad driver. I don't think bad drivers care whether or not you're in a car, on a motorcycle or riding a push-bike.

Please don't think I'm suggesting you change your riding style. It is wise to approach other road users with the mindset that they are indeed "out to get you". The posh way of saying this is "ride defensively". I'm just saying that bad drivers don't specifically have a vendetta against motorcyclists per se. 

A sherman tank at Bastogne Belgium
Perhaps the only kind of vehicle where driving defensively might not be necessary. 

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Reader's Comments

Ian Soady said :-
Very true. I don't think you need to assume they're out to get you - just that in fact that you're invisible. Then you'll expect to be pulled out on etc.

As always there's little point in lying in the road with a smashed bike and broken bones complaining about dangerous drivers. The smart approach is to assess the risks and prepare for things to go wrong.

A lot of people now avoid the word "accident" as it implies that something has happened that is outside the control of the participants. "Crash" or "collision" is a better term....
28/2//2018 10:20:23 AM UTC
Borsuk said :-
I assume 2 things when on the road. Every other road user is an idiot and that I am nowhere near being a perfect driver myself. I have had my share of brain farts during my many years driving.

Your right Ian. The term these days is incident as accident infers that it was not possible to avoid and is no ones fault.
1/3//2018 2:22:20 PM UTC

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