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Demon Tweeks - Thanks

Blog Date - 30 August 2017

Oooooh oooh ooh! 

Michelin have created the "City Pro" tyre. "So what?" I hear you cry. The incredibly well selling at the time CBF125 has (as far as I can tell) only ONE tyre choice if you desire a matching pair of same brand and same model tyre in the original tyre sizes. That is (or was) the Continental ContiGo! I could find several fronts in the 80/100 - 17 46P size and several rears in the 100/90 - 17 55P size. I could not find a matching pair though save for the ContiGo!s

Continental Contigo Tyres on CBF125 Rim
Contigo tyre.

Until this week. It appears Michelin have created their City Pro in the CBF sizes. I'm guessing Michelin are targeting the Contis as the pricing is generally similar. Except for Demon Tweeks. They have the rear in for £29.16 plus VAT, typically £45 including vat and the front for £27.49 plus VAT, usually around £45 including VAT too.

Being more excited than a child on Christmas eve I promptly placed my order and had it all confirmed by email. Including delivery and VAT for 2 tyres - £73.92. This was Thursday 17th August 

The email as an image confirming the order from Demon Tweeks
Cheap as chips for two tyres.

The next day I was informed the front would not be available until 12th Sep. Grrrrrr! Not to worry, it's the rear I need, I can wait for the front. I email them, asking to hold the front and send the rear. It seems they're awaiting arrival of both tyres into stock. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! Cancel the (bloody) order and give me my money back. 

A set of emails bounced back and forth, the gist of which was me asking why they are "selling" this stuff on their website if they can't supply it? I'm being told that they can't help it if their suppliers are being slow. I am unsure as to the legalities of this but certainly from a customer experience point of view it is very frustrating. In fairness to Demon Tweeks they put my money back into my account so I've not been ripped off.

I've ordered a ContiGo! from and according to the link they've sent me that's in the DPD delivery system already. So I offer my sarcastic thanks to Demon Tweeks for wasting my time and I shall reiterate my frustration at being lead to believe my tyres would be with me "soon" rather than "in a few weeks". 

Also - "Plus VAT"? I am fairly sure that Demon Tweeks' primary customer market is the retail sector, the end user like myself. I am completely aware that the "Plus VAT" is clearly displayed but it still leaves that unpleasant taste of deception in my mind. Marketers know we ordinary folk see the price in big red letters and compare that price with other websites. £29.16 is what we see, but the price we'll pay is £34.99. 

Anyhow this is just one of those first world problems. No-one's life has been ruined, no-one is facing death or disaster. You know life ain't so bad when you complain about delivery dates and VAT. 

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Reader's Comments

Pocketpete said :-
Bikers seem to suffer this problem on a regular basis.

Sharon's panniers that didn't exist. My heated grips that didn't exist.

I have just ordered some ebc brake pads guess what out of stock. They still took my money though.

Bike gear that's not waterproof. Boots that leak. Prices that seem ridiculous for a small item. Such as a bolt for my front forks. I expected it to be 3 quid honda wanted 12quid.

Why do bikers put up with it.
30/08/2017 14:07:49 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
It's a darn good question.
30/08/2017 16:55:30 UTC
CrazyFrog said :-
Yep, M & P did the same to me with the VR I ordered for the BMW last month. I paid an extra 10 for 48 hour delivery and waited. At the end of the 1st day their website said the order was 'in process' so I emailed them and they told me it was out of stock and they expected a delivery in 5 days.

I suggested to them that they refund my money and that their website should not take payment for out of stock items or at the very least they should have the courtesy to email people to let them know. They did at least refund my money promptly.
30/08/2017 21:55:22 UTC
Liam said :-
I ran maxxis on mine, they were out in 2014 when I first wanted a pair ;)

Good tyre for grip but didn't last any way near as long as the original ditch finder Contigo. About 2000 miles out of the rear, 4000 out the front. Worth it IMO as far safer for wet weather use.

Ebay link is Maxxis I used. ...
07/09/2017 09:16:01 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Liam - you sir are amazing! I truly did not know that Maxxis made a proper matching pair of tyres for the CBF125. I bow down in awe to your superior wisdom.

"ditch finder Contigo" - fabulous. I don't think they're quite that bad but I get your drift, they're not exactly qualifying tyres the Contigos.

I'd be tempted by the Maxxis save for your comment regarding longevity. I usually expect around 12-14k from the rear and - erm - almost eternity from the front. I replaced the last front due to cracking rather than wear. Maybe if I'm feeling frivolous I should give them a shot just to experience the true meaning of grip on the CBF125.

Many thanks, great information.
07/09/2017 14:40:30 UTC
CrazyFrog said :-
I've had several sets of Maxxis tyres over the years and can't specifically remember that they wore any better or worse than other brands, which I guess means that in my case they were average. For a budget tyre though, I think they're pretty good and I never had a problem with grip, even though I do ride like Rossi.*

*That's Mrs Rossi, Valentino's 80 year old grandmother...
08/09/2017 13:01:24 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I had Maxxis on my Fazer. They were fine, nowt wrong with them at all. Wear depends on a lot of things such as the weight of the bike, the style of riding and of course the tyre compound. I imagine the Maxxis grip better than the Contis simply by being softer which means they wear quicker.
08/09/2017 13:43:44 UTC

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