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Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots Review

By Stephen Latchford

Review Date 30 July 2017

I bought these 3 years ago on sale at £79, I think they are still on sale at £179 retail.

The Aplinestars Web Gore-Tex boots side on view

They have remained in one piece and are very well made. To this day with a bit of polish they still look good, not that polish would ever help with keeping out water, it's just me being old school. They have a Gore-Tex lining making them waterproof, they slip on easily and then zip and Velcro together and feel very snug.

The zip and velcro flap make sure the boots are a firm fit
The boot is now closed with the flap secured by the velcro covering the zip

Like I said I have had them a while now and I estimate that I have done 27,000 miles in them to date. Only yesterday I had to ride 255 miles in pouring rain from Portsmouth to North Manchester and they are still keeping my feet dry after all the use over four years.

These are a real alternative to boots twice or even three times the price and I would recommend these boots.

Looking into the boot we can see the gore-tex lining

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