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Daytona Lady Star GTX Boot Versus Daytona Lady Pilot GTX Boots & Initial Review Of Pilots

By Sharon Parker

Review Date July 2017 

Since my dear Daytona Lady Star Boots have departed from the waterproof world I began to search for a new pair. Three years ago hardly anyone had heard of Daytona Lady Star. What are these magical things you speak of would be the response if I talked about them. However today even more woman are riding and now it seems that everyone knows about Lady Star. Like Rhonda Byrne's book The Secret, the secret is no longer a secret. As such Ebay is proving no help in my search. I rarely even get to the stage of adding a pair to my watch list as the start prices are so high. Everyone knows their worth and everyone wants a pair. Due to such high demand start prices on some second hand boots are as high as £200. Damn it to hell. Where have all these hobbits come from that need a pair of high boots? I am losing hope when I come across a pair of Daytona Lady Pilot GTX boots. These are brand new and are on sale at a huge discount from a Triumph dealership. A quick check on the internet gives me the following facts about the Daytona Lady Pilot. I quote

Boot with generous, adjustable Calf width and six centimetres raised stand.


6 cm heel height
Cork heel extension with leather cover
provides special adjustment in the calf region
elastic, soft inserts in rist and span
Shaft height  30 cm
strong, hydrophobic, greased special full cowhide
watertight and breathable with GORE-TEX® climatic membrane
textile lining (80% polyamide/20% polyester)
velcro fastener for different calf sizes
reinforced gear change cushion from abrasion resistant PU foam
PU foam sole


PUR plastic installation part at the ankle, padded inside with open-cell special foam
PUR plastic installation part on the shin, padded with latex foam
plastic reinforced inner sole with a hot-dip galvanised steel inlay, that allows you to gently roll your feet
3M-Scotchlite heel reflector
robust and non-slip rubber touring sole
Height of shaft: approx 30 cm
Sizes: 36 - 41
Colour: black 

At around £270 in the UK and £230 from Germany the Lady Pilots are cheaper than the Lady Stars by around £100/£60 (Daytona Lady Star GTX Boots. Long Term Review). However the sale price from Triumph for a pair of Pilots in my size was £130. My heart skipped a beat. This was no small sum of money but I had already decided by looking at the current price of Lady Star boots that any dream of another £30 deal would never happen again. I was already fully expecting to pay at least £100/£150 for a second hand pair if I was very lucky. So the £130 price for brand new piqued my interest no end. 

I have loved my Lady Star boots so much I had not really considered any other boots as replacements. However the Lady Pilots have the same height lift and many other qualities similar to the Lady Star. The one thing that concerned me was they seemed more narrow than the Lady Star and having big calves I was concerned I might not fit into them. However as they had the same adjustable Velcro in the back of the boots then it may be alright. I asked around if other ladies had owned these and their thoughts on them. Opinions varied with some saying they were not as robust as the Stars hence the lower price, while others claimed them to be superior in style and comfort. 

I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Daytona Lady Pilot Boots. If they did not fit I could either return them or possibly even sell them on Ebay for a profit seeing they were on such a good offer. Yes I had wanted the Lady Star originally but at £130 for a brand new pair of  Lady Pilot they had to be worth a shot. 

The boots duly arrived and I must admit it was lovely to open a shiny box to reveal brand new boots inside. I lined up my new Pilots next to my old Stars. Of course they are shiny black and new but that was not the only difference. The first thing that struck me was how narrow they looked. Would I even get my fat calves and ankles into this slimline boots? 

The Daytona Lady Star boots next to the Lady Pilots. The stars are much chunkier than the delicate pilots
Old and new, chunky and slim

The sole on the stars in more flat compared to the Pilots that have an obvious heel. The Pilots only have one zip as whereas the Stars have two.

The 2 pairs of boots seen side on, the pilots have an obvious external heel
The Pilots have more heel but less zips

Ok I am beginning to worry now . Not only do they look slimmer than my old boots but only one zip, oh dear. Is this going to be a scene from Cinderella? Me in the part of one of the Ugly sisters trying to push her foot desperately into a glass slipper that will not fit. The back view offers a glimmer of hope. At least it has the adjustable Velcro on the back so maybe, just maybe I can squeeze into them.

Both pairs of boots seen from the rear with the various methods of getting them on and adjusting them
Snap at last both have adjustable Velcro fasteners.

Overall on first impressions I am liking the look of the Pilots a lot. They look far less chunky than the Stars and therefore more feminine. Style wise I prefer them over my Stars. I put one foot in one of my old boots and my other foot in a new boot. Height wise they seem comparable. Maybe an incy wincy higher in the Stars. The Pilots however feel a lot lighter than the Stars.

Initial inspection over it was time to face the truth, will they or will they not fit... The foot goes in - phew - but will the zip close.? It does, just. It feels rather tight so I adjust the Velcro backs. Much better. But oh hang on the calves are fine but the ankles, well they feel a bit too snug. It is not painful, it is not exactly uncomfortable but I can feel a squeeze on the ankles.  But boy these boots really are super light. I really do like how they look and feel other than the slight tightness around the ankle area. I am aware the boots may give and stretch a little after some miles so for now these are keepers. I will know for sure once they get tested riding the bike.

What's that I need to ride the bike to test my boots? Oh go on then, lets ride. 150 miles around Morecambe Bay area and the Trough of Bowland will do nicely. On the bike I notice that incy wincy difference in lift. It appears that although the heels are the same the soles of the Pilots are a midge slimmer. There is really hardly anything in it but when every mm counts I notice that mm. Changing gear is a breeze but I am after all used to the chunkier Stars so the Pilots are no problem to me. By the time the first ride was over the ankle area had already began to give a bit. 

However a 150 mile one day test is no good for you dear reader, no for you I must put myself through a week away and another 850 miles to get a good initial test. I spoil you lot I really do. Lets ride...bharp, bhharp bhhharp.

So after 1000 miles what is my opinion of the Daytona Lady Pilot boots? I absolutely love them. The ankles are no longer tight. I find them just as easy to put on as the Stars, in fact I prefer just having one zip rather than messing with two. They are lighter and feel more fitted and therefore even more comfy than my old boots. Walking around off the bike I really began to appreciate how comfortable and light the Pilots are.  

You know where this is leading ... overall so far to my own amazement I actually prefer the Pilots over my Stars. I never thought I would say that because as you know I really loved my Stars. But the extra lightness and more stylish less clumpy look of the Pilots puts these in the lead, initially. I say initially because as yet the Pilots have not been tested in any rain. For once the rain gods did not come on our adventure so maybe I should really love these new boots. They may be 100% waterproof because they have magic powers to ensure no rain can fall. Now there would be a most wonderful thing. In all seriousness I will add an addendum once they have have undergone a few soakings. I also cannot as yet comment on how robust they are. They have done their first 1000 miles but we will need a lot more than that and I am very much looking forward to doing so in these fantastic boots. So far so very, very great.

The front view of the slender and yet stout Lady Pilot boots by Daytona
The Lady Pilots seen from the front again this time we see the inner edge of the boots
These boots are made for walking, as well as riding. 1000 miles of comfort so far.

Are your boots a delight of comfort and waterproof dryness or a miserable soggy let down? We'd like to publish your own review on your own boots here at Bikes And Travels. Drop ren a line -

Reader's Comments

pocketpete said :-
Ah ,,, Dieser Artikel ist einfach nur Daytona Porn.

Ich bin sehr aufgeregt, diese Stiefel zu betrachten, Im weg, um meine zu polieren und sicherzustellen, dass sie in das Bett in der Nähe des warmen sanften Heizkörpers gesteckt sind, den ich gerade für sie behalte.

Ay ja, es geht ihnen gut und Dandy, du kennst nie Jungs, ich werde dich vor Sharons Stiefel vorstellen, bald hat sie ein neues glänzendes Paar.

1/8/2017 6:17:05 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Why have you gone all Germanic on us PocketPete?
2/8/2017 2:05:37 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-
Maybe the boots don't understand English.
2/8/2017 3:13:48 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Maybe...yeah didn't think of that

2/8/2017 4:56:07 PM UTC
pocketpete said :-
Where Daytona boots are concerned only German will do. It's a pity schuberth helmets dont warrant such adoration and love. I sing them sweet German Lullabies every night.
2/8/2017 6:51:08 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
You are worrying me a little PocketPete. I hope you're not going to get all weird when we go camping. If I hear "Ich liebe dich meine kostbaren kleinen Motorradstiefel." I might just freak out.
3/8/2017 11:10:10 AM UTC
Nidkid said :-
Hi! Thanks for your very detailed review. I just ordered a pair of the pilots based on this! I hope it's as good as you say it is:-)
I am a new short rider, so can't wait to have these to give me a wee bit of height!

18/10/2017 2:47:15 PM UTC
Sharon said :-
Hi Nidkid,

Haa I surely hope the boots are as good as I said too.
Mine have since this review been put to the waterproof test a few times now. Especially in the downpours of Wales they got a good drenching. Pleased to report so far so good but I wasn't expecting anything less.
They have eased off tightness wise around the ankles even more now and I can put my usual winter wear of 2 socks underneath them very comfortably.
Hope you love your Pilots too when you get them. That extra height helps us little ones so much.
18/10/2017 5:36:29 PM UTC
Pocketpete said :-
Really tight when you buy them. But they soon stretch and break in to fit nicely. Make sure you use the Daytona cleaning gear to ensure the leather stays nice and supple.

Seriously thinking of buying my hobbit a set. She only goes on the bike a few times a year so not sure if it's worth it but they should last year's.
19/10/2017 7:47:18 AM UTC
Nell said :-
Would you be willing to tell me the circumference of your calves? Mine are about 17 inches around at the height most boots fall and thus far I have been unable to find any boots that fit correctly. The closest I've gotten is a pair of Aerostich Combat Lites that almost work, I'm considering paying a cobbler to add a wedge of leather somewhere so the Velcro can get more grip around the top for safety and holding the boots on better. Considering Daytona's but worried they won't fit!
3/3/2018 3:07:18 AM UTC
Pocketpete said :-
You can adjust the men's boots by almost an inch on the calf. Not sure about the ladies boots.
3/3/2018 10:21:03 AM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Many years ago I had a pair of full length Gold Top boots (which cost me nearly as much as the bike I had at the time!) They had a zip on the inside and when I bought them they were an excellent fit.

After about 10 years my calves seemed to have become more muscular (or more likely fatter) and I found a local old type shoe repairer (not cobbler) who let in a strip of leather either side of the zips. They then served me very well for another 15 years or so.

So it is possible (or at least was then).
3/3/2018 11:09:17 AM UTC
Sharon said :-
Hi Nell,
My calves are 14 inches. I measured both the stars and the pilots for you. It would seem the best they will give will be around the 16 inch mark. The best thing I can suggest is go to a bike shop and try them on. I know J&S stock them. It is not only my calves I have problems with it is the ankle area as well. Because I simply don't have any I just have cankles. The pilots are slimmer in the ankle area than the stars.
3/3/2018 2:37:55 PM UTC
Tami said :-
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your detailed review, comparison, and side-by-side PICTURES! I was having a terrible time deciding because no one in my area carries either one - so, I am forced to buy sight-unseen on the interwebs. I was about to pull the trigger on the Lady Star, but I will be ordering the Pilots just as soon as I post my thank you note to you. Much Aloha from Hawaii!
6/5/2018 10:53:09 PM UTC
justine said :-
I just scored a pair of not-much-used Lady Stars size 38 for $50... but they are far too large. I normally wear a 7 and these fit with two thick pairs of socks, but overall they feel wide and clumsy and clunky. I've debated trying to scout a 37, but I'm really attracted to the Lady Pilots... I have thin ankles and 13" calves. Wish I could find some used Lady Pilots in my size, grrr...
3/6/2018 8:00:56 PM UTC
Sharon said :-
I am so glad you found my review useful. I hope you are getting on well with the Daytona Pilots.

If you cannot find any Daytona Pilot boots I would suggest maybe trying to preserve for a while with the Stars. I found them strange at first and thought I would never get use to them. But after a long trip of around 200 miles a got use to them.
Yes I prefer the Pilots but I would still be happy to own the Stars if they were the only ones I could find in my price range.
4/6/2018 12:37:35 PM UTC
jfgarro said :-
Because of my short height (I'm 5'1"), when the bike is a little too high for my liking, I use mainly the soles and the fingers of my feet to balance it. Comparing the Lady Star with the Pilots, which one has the higher sole? Because like Sharon said, every mm counts...
22/6/2018 1:55:06 AM UTC
Sharon said :-

6 cm heel height is stated for both boots according to the manufacturer details.
However I wrote in my review
"Height wise they seem comparable. Maybe an incy wincy higher in the Stars."

So basically they are pretty much the exact same height.
23/6/2018 5:27:54 PM UTC
Mike said :-
Create review! What about weather protection?

Which ones feel warmer?

21/9/2018 8:49:33 PM UTC
SHARON said :-
Hi Mike,

I have had the Daytona Pilot boots now for 14 months and they have seen lots of rain and remain 100 % waterproof.
As for warmth they are both equal but I could put thicker socks on with the Ladystar as they were wider so the thick socks added extra warmth.
That said I suffer from very cold feet very easily but my feet have never been cold in either of these boots.
22/9/2018 8:32:50 PM UTC

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