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Blog Date - 29 April 2017

Regular readers will know Sharon's been in pain due to a Schwannoma in her chest, behind her rib on her side. After several years of doing battle with dismissive and disbelieving members of the medical profession she finally went into surgery on Fri 28th to have it removed. 

I collected her from Manchester's Christie hospital yesterday evening. She was quite woozy and woolly-headed after 3 hours of surgery. Despite this she tells me the surgeon seems fairly confident he's removed the tumour. It remains to be seen how well she recovers but by the time we'd stuffed a little food into her face and given her a while to collect herself normal service seemed to be returning. I'm sure by the end of today (Sat 29th) she'll be reading this and fully capable of reading your messages.

Sharon smiling in the sun next to her motorcycle
Sharon is now hopefully one Schwannoma lighter than in this image.

As a side note I spent all day yesterday in the car. I'd like to point out that idiot and ignorant drivers are not idiotic or ignorant to you because you are a motorcyclist, they are idiotic and ignorant because that is who they are. I had just as many "ARGH! Why am I not allowed to fit a machine gun to my vehicle?" moments yesterday as I would any other motorcycling day.

Ren stands in front of the "Cock Bridge" sign covering up the word "Bridge"My feelings about driving yesterday.

Now don't you 'orrible lot be giving Sharon too much sympathy, she'll like that and and that just won't do. You are allowed to encourage her to get up and get moving and get back on 2 wheels as soon as she stops wobbling. I think pillion might be a good idea for the next few days though. You can of course give me lots of sympathy for having to drive a car all day, especially when it wasn't raining.

Reader's Comments

Borsuk said :-
Good luck Sharon.
I hope you are back on 2 feet and 2 wheels soon, and Ren is a small dog in your mirror trying to keep up with you. :-)
As for sympathy for you Ren, as we say at sea, look it up in a dictionary, it's between sh#@ and syphil£#@.

Seriously though I hope you are both trundling around exploring soon.

29/4//2017 7:17:09 AM UTC
125Tony said :-
Best wishes to you both.
29/4//2017 8:08:03 AM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Best of luck Sharon.
29/4//2017 9:23:07 AM UTC
Stuart said :-
Glad to hear that the 'op' went well and I hope to read about your next riding adventure soon but don't rush things. You will take a while to get over it.

29/4//2017 5:57:09 PM UTC
M&N cornwall said :-
Get Well Soon - And Come And See Us For Bacon & Lashings Of Hot Tea.............
29/4//2017 8:51:15 PM UTC
Sharon said :-
Thanks everyone for thinking of me and the good wishes. Much appreciated.
I am sore but recovering well. Of course Ren thinks I should be completely recovered by yesterday. I however will obey doctors orders and take things easy for a while.
I am back on two feet,albeit with a slow shuffle at the moment.
Thanks for the offer of bacon and tea in Cornwall M&N. Now there is a good incentive to recover quickly.
Meanwhile I will take this opportunity to catch up on some writing I neglected while riding. Well maybe after another little nap, nap.

30/4//2017 10:30:40 AM UTC
pocketpete said :-
Hope your feeling better soon, we must go for another ride soon.
Hope ren recovers from driving his car.

Peter & Paula
1/5//2017 6:21:42 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
This morning she doesn't want to wake up and is demanding tea in bed. This means normal service is returning slowly. She's sore as you'd expect but she slept well last night. I'll see if she wants to ride pillion today.
1/5//2017 7:30:22 AM UTC
CrazyFrog said :-
Excellent news Sharon, good to hear it all went well.

(PS, there's loads of mileage in this - you can have Ren running around looking after you for months. Every cloud has a silver lining!)
2/5//2017 12:33:41 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Snot gonna happen CrazyFrog. I'm way too mean, cruel, selfish and 'orrible to be running around after her ladyship.

Of course if the shoe was upon the other foot...
2/5//2017 3:01:50 PM UTC
Fran from Middle Earth said :-
Ren, I know what you mean about the car drivers. I have many a time seen them pull out know a roundabout in front of a bus. And if they can't seem to see a bus, how much luck are they going to have seeing me on a bike, in the rain etc.

I did have a good one the first morning I took the new MT-03 to work. Single Lane intersection, turning right on to the main road, and a car behind me tried to underpass me. Doh. Even with the 300, left him in the dust/morning mist. Lol. But Gees.

11/5//2017 9:43:58 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Sadly it's not just car drivers. I believe it was a motorcyclist that caused Ren's shocking crash.....

And cyclists - and even pedestrians - can behave in lunatic ways.

The only answer (and it's partial) is to be eternally vigilant and never to assume that any other road user will do what you expect. There's no point lying in the road blaming someone else for a crash that you could have avoided. Youtube is full of videos where the approaching collision seems obvious to everyone except the clot riding the bike with his gopro stuck to his helmet.
12/5//2017 9:34:53 AM UTC
Ren -The Ed said :-
Yes the point of my comment is that bad drivers are bad drivers no matter whether you're on 2 wheels or 4. There are bad car drivers, motorcyclists, truckers and all.

You're quite right Ian the person that ably assisted me off my motorcycle some 15 years ago was indeed riding a motorcycle.

Vigilance and sensible speeds. Nothing is certain to keep you safe but there's no point in asking for trouble.
12/5//2017 4:36:39 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
There's an interesting relevant discussion emerging in the link below. I've mentioned this forum before.
15/5//2017 9:23:15 AM UTC

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