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Kawasaki Z250SL Evotech Radiator Guard Details

Guide Date 19 March 2017

By Sharon Parker

I have had my Kawasaki Z250SL now for over 8 months. I have noticed a few chips have begun to show on the radiator. So it seemed prudent to invest in a radiator guard. 

The radiator on Sharon's Kawasaki has a few scratches and marks upon itA few chips had began to appear on the radiator. Time to take action to protect it.

A look on the internet gave me three options for my bike. The cheapest being from ebay via a Chinese supplier. It was the best looking of the bunch with "Kawasaki" wording in a variety of colours. However closer inspection revealed that although advertised for my make and model of motorcycle the bolt holes simply did not correspond to my bike at all. So that was off the list.

That left either the R&G guard or the Evotech.  The R&G Radiator guard costs around £55. Unfortunately no actual photos were available of my model so although I trust R&G as a reputable company I still wanted to see the actual guard I was buying. Evotech had a photo of my required guard on their website. At around £45 I decided that was the one for me. It only came in black but it looked the perfect fit for my bike. 

Once delivered it was off to the shed to fit the cover. The instructions were clear and it looked simple enough. First up was to remove the horn to gain better access to the radiator. 

Taking the horn off the kwakker
The 2 wires going to the horn so Sharon can remember which way they fittedRemove the horn. Make note of which colour wire goes where.

Next job was to remove the bolt at the bottom of the radiator.

Removing the bottom bolt of the radiator to fit the grille
Again the bottom bolt needs to be removed
Removing bottom bolt from the radiator

The neoprene that is supplied with the guard is simply cut into three strips. You then stick this directly onto the radiator, top, left and right. 

The neoprene strip supplied is cut into three pieces
The neoprene is sticky and sticks to the radiatorSimply cut and stick the neoprene, very simple.

The Evotech radiator guard then just hooks over the top of the radiator and is then secured by replacing the bottom bolt we removed earlier. Reattach and the horn and that is it ....a 15 minute job done and dusted.

The fitted guard on Sharon's Z250SLA perfect fit and hopefully a perfect solution to prevent any damage to the radiator.  

I was really pleased with the quality feel of this product, It is a perfect fit and I was pleased at how quick and easy it was to fit. 

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