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Them There Alps

6 fully grown and now maturing men. 6 small capacity motorcycles. 12 Days and a destination somewhere in or around The Alps. Throw in the organisational and mechanical skills of an infant for good measure. This, well this could be interesting. 

 Steep valley sides, a small valley floor and remote location in The Alps

Let The Chaos Commence It's a typical start to a trip and overall things seem to be going well. Except for the weather. And the traffic. And the suspect motorcycles. And the disorganisation.
The Chaos Increases Whilst muppetry and stupidity abound the world needs a hero - in the meantime Bogger will have to do. Fear not brave reader, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. I fear it may be a train coming towards this lot...
More Progress, Less Chaos It's a considerably less chaotic day for Bogger and pals as they make their way south through France. And yet they encounter muppetry on the roads and something's been troubling our heroic author.

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