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Farewell to England Tour 2021 - Day 13

Ride Date 30 August 2021

By Rev. Mick!

As we sat in a little cafe on the tow path of the Brecon canal, the two bikes sat in front of us ticking away, like a sort of snickering from the iron horses. Over fish and chips for lunch Drew and I relived many adventures and expeditions of our past and threw ideas at each other for future ones. It was an idyllic setting enhanced by that post blast on a bike on a good road feeling. Soon enough though we had to part and go opposite ways.

We had enjoyed a fantastic veggie vegan meal the night before, courtesy of Drew. He really is getting to be a great chef. Sarah's mum and daughter were there too so there was a nice cosy atmosphere in the house in the woods. More dog walking in the dark and falling over.

In the morning Drew decided to accompany me as far the cafe at Talybont-on-Usk, showing me a magic B road route. Following which I would be off on a pilgrimage of my own. For this outing my buddy took a 500cc Fantic scrambler. What a bike and just perfect for our twisty turny B road adventure.

So saying goodbye to all in the woods we were off. Trellech to Mynydd-bach on the B4293. Turn on to the B4235 up in Usk then the B4598 up to Abergaveny, round the ring road and blast up the A40 to Crickhowell and the follow the B4558. This road essentially follows the route of the Brecon Canal, very narrow very closed in by trees and glimpses every now and then of the canal. 

The Innova was always chasing the Fantic, it could never quite catch up but neither did it get left behind. I think the pilot of the Fantic was going easy on me a bit. The stop for lunch came all to soon. Just a cafe and Post Office by a little bridge over the canal. The staff were lovely and rustled us up fish and chips and mugs of tea. We spent this time pleasantly watching the world go by.

The Innova and the rear of the Fantic with luggage outside the cafe

After our parting I carried on along the B4558 which eventually bought me out to Brecon. Then follow the River Usk on tiny roads on the other bank from the A40 coming down onto the A40 just before Trecastle. From here it was minor roads apart from a short section of the A4069. The reason for this slight dogleg I was now on was a bit of a pilgrimage. Onto the B4300 which would ultimately bring me into Carmarthen. First on this road was the place i was looking for.

The sign welcoming visitors to Bethlehem in Wales

These roads run parallel to the equally brilliant A40 only on the other bank of the River Towy.

My friend Geraldine and her husband live just outside Carmarthen, however as they had guests I had booked to stay at The Boar's Head Inn. An old coaching inn in the centre of the Town. I would meet up with them the next morning.

The Boars Head had secure parking for the trusty Innova, the beast looked positively happy to have a special berth at the back of the kitchen. The kitchen staff assured me they would keep an eye out for the bike. I noticed while having a very nice evening meal and a few pints, that they even had a real boars head on the wall.

However to bed for an early night, not only due to an early start, but it would seem - Brexit. The lady working said she was shutting the bar at half nine. As she explained they could get no EU staff now so were very short staffed, and as she was on again first thing in the morning she was going home to bed.

Following my shower I sat writing up a few notes for Bikes and Travels while the drama of Bank holiday Monday played out in the street below my window.

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