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By Bogger

Wednesday Day 8

Two miles from Malestroit is the village of St Marcel. The village has a small museum dedicated to the resistance movement. Apparently the Resistance were extremely active in the surrounding area during WW2. Seeing as we’re so close it would be a shame not to visit. It’s recently been completely refurbished and if you’re ever in the area it’s a must do. Two hours flew by and we could have spent longer in there, there was so much to see.

The sign on a wall declares this is the Museum of Resistance (in French)
A jeeps and other WW2 trucks in excellent condition at the museum
A display of a Nazi flag, uniform, sword and other war items

On one of the walls was a massive photograph of Malestroit during the German occupation. I instantly recognised where the picture was taken and went and took my own image later that evening. When I took the image it was a bit weird. Everything was exactly the same as back in 1942. It was a goose bump, hair on the back of your neck moment.

The bridge in black and white with a male and female soldier on the road
The bridge today in colour. It looks mostly the same!

Back on the museum car park, Franck is joining us again today and he rolls up on the trusty Bee Emm. Where to now Ronan? I have ordered lunch at a Boulangerie and we are going to visit my parents in Muzillac, then onto Vannes. 

Baguette, duly collected, along with a very tasty cream cake and in no time at all were pulling up outside Ronan's parents' small house. Small house Ronan? Are you taking the ****. Small as in three bedrooms, big garden and two garages type small. We must have spent an hour and a half eating drinking and talking. His parents' English, like everyone else's we met, was very good. I asked where they had learnt?  At school. They’re now in their seventies, they must have been practically fluent back in the day. The weather was boiling hot and we were shaded in the garden by their gazebo. 

The riders on various motorcycles outside a row of modern French bungalows
The table is filled with plates and food and drinks again

It’s now time to get over to the ancient coastal town of Vannes. We bade our farewells to another set of new friends and headed West for the short twenty mile journey to Vannes.

We park the bikes next to the inland harbour right by the old part of town. I think this is the time and possibly the place to buy a small prezzie for Mrs Bogger. She did allow me come to France after all.

A large impressive building in the centre of the town square in Vannes
An old timber framed building with the wood painted red in the centre of Vannes

We have a walk about taking in the grand and ancient architecture. It really is a nice place. We could have stayed much longer but it was time to get back to Malestroit and the campsite. On the way back through Vannes we pick up Ronan's daughter from the college and head back. Near to Malestroit Franck peels off to head for home. One more stop before we get back.

Just into Malestroit we turn right and stop outside Ronan's inlaws' house. Sacre bleu, more new friends. We have another drink and chat and are soon on our way to the campsite half a mile down the road. What a proper full on day. Phew.

Lush trees, calm river, a weir and ancient buildings in Malestroit

At the campsite we make ourselves a bite to eat and Ronan and his two youngest children turn up on their push bikes and sit and chat with us for a couple of relaxing hours. They start off for home, but we’ve lost all track of time and wander up to the village for a drink. Oops! Too late, all the bars are all closed. Time for bed. 

A calm river over a small weir and old pretty French buildings
A wooden face carved into the wood of the roof
Another wooden sculptured face this one sticking it's tongue out
Washing on a line strung between 2 trees, by the motorcycle and the tent

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Reader's Comments

Upt'North ¹ said :-
They do a good townhall in France.
We could have done without the piccie of Boggers smalls.
14/11/2022 12:48:21 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
They do indeed. What always strikes me - as exemplified by Bogger's then and now photos - is how rather than pull everything down and erect monstrosities the French sympathetically renoveate and maintain what is already there. An appropriate song?
14/11/2022 13:56:08 UTC
Bogger said :-
That's what I like about France Ian. It's old and untouched, but at the same time modern and forward thinking.

Almost without fail we will ride through a village, any village, anywhere in France and we all remark how beautiful it was.

Not so much, in fact rarely in Britain is this the case.
14/11/2022 16:45:50 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
We are of one mind Bogger. Obviously it's been your turn to look after it!
15/11/2022 10:11:54 UTC

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