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Dull Grey Day With A Dash Of Orange

Ride Date 15 September 2021

By Sharon Parker

Today the skies are dull, a portent of the ride as I was soon to discover. I  think it is a good idea to again pillion today, to really take in the views because today we are going to the interior rather than the coast. 

Well it's err... hmmm... green, yes definitely green. Yet nothing I see sparks much interest, there are average towns and average farms and it's all rather uninteresting to be brutally blunt. I begin to nod off. 

Ohh wait! I am suddenly wide awake as I begin to start counting sheep. I know, I know, you usually count sheep to fall asleep but I am finally jolted wide awake by fluffy orange sheep. Yeah I know you think I did actually fall asleep and I am off in a dreamland of orange sheep and pink skies and trees made of cotton candy. But no, the trees are full of leaves, the sky is still grey and after tapping furiously on Ren to make him stop he confirms what I see... ORANGE sheep. They are clearly no natural gingers but dyed. How this is achieved I have no idea, 

In the lush green field are a small flock of deep orange coloured sheep
Orange sheep keeps one awake

However after the sheeples were left behind I am struggling to find anything of interest. Once again I am fighting to stay awake. Fortunately Ren concurs with my suggestion for a break to have something to eat. We happen across a cafe within a church and we are soon finding great interest and delight in chilli chips. Lunch has woken me somewhat and I do not have to fight as hard now to not fall asleep on the journey home. However I am bored, there is simply no denying it.

The highlight of the day turns out to be in the shared house rather than the road. Rob once again provides us all with a delicious meal and the chatter over the dinner table is lively and interesting. I honestly have little to say about this day because very little happened. It was a dull day in more ways than one, enough said we shall lay this day to rest. 

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Reader's Comments

Upt'North ¹ said :-
Sharon downbeat, have we slipped into yet another parallel universe where Madame Moisture is not chirpy.
Can we have the old Sharon back please, I liked that one.
I blame Ed.
09/03/2022 18:16:25 UTC
Billybob said :-
Hello you lot. I've been chuckling away at this fine website for years. And was a big fan of UBG back in the day. So thought i would chip in the odd comment to see how I'm recieved. I've had bikes all me days, ranging from peds to gs1000's and all in-between. Always repaired my own, so will hopefully fit in.
The orange sheep is down to the farmers giving the sheep sunny D for the vit c content, to offset winter colds i herd, plus there given turmeric for lamb joints.

09/03/2022 20:05:12 UTC
Bogger said :-
You're right Upt. This Ed bloke has certainly got a lot to answer for.

09/03/2022 20:43:49 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
It might be hard to believe but not EVERYTHING is my fault. Most things yeah, but not EVERYTHING.

Billybob - hello and with comments like that regarding the sheep you're obviously as deranged as the rest of the reprobates on here, you'll be fine. "herd", for goodness sake...
10/03/2022 08:30:16 UTC

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