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Northern Ireland Under Grey Skies

Due to the complications of Covid and the fact they've already paid - the Dynamic Muppets are bound for the top right corner of the island of Ireland once more. Join the double vaccinated duo as they boldly and bravely venture to where they have already been before. This time it's different, this time it's personal not as sunny.

Jagged rock and sand and a craggy outcrop at Ballintoy harbour

The Whyfors Of Our Impending Return Ren unnecessarily tries to justify their return to Northern Ireland. Sharon takes out Ren with a fiscal left hook. Is there any hope?
Sauntering Up To Dumfries It's a slow slow start to this year's Northern Irish adventure. There's no rush and not rushing is something Ren isn't very good at. On the other hand Sharon is so laid back she's horizontal.
Of Work And Holiday Fears In between working far too hard and the fear of middle aged spread Sharon manages to squeeze into her bike gear and change into holiday mode. It's time to try and forget work and enjoy the ride.

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