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A Dip Into Irish Waters

Crossing Date - 16 September 2020

By Sharon Parker

Some things never change. Ren always wants to be up super early and arrive 3 hours before any event. I like to slide in at the last minute just as the doors close behind me with grumpy faces all staring at me. Done that on planes a few times. 

But partnerships are about compromise and after the length of time we have been together we are slowly learning to meet in the middle. So we agree a time to be up and out that we are both happy with and all is happiness as we load the bikes up on a nice dry morning. I must say it is so much easier to load the bike with Tour-A-Plank in situ. 

The only hiccup is I realise that I have forgotten to pack my anti-sickness tablets for the ferry. This could be a bit unsettling as I don't possess sea legs. However thanks to my forward planning and leaving in plenty of time, heee heeee, we have time to nip to a chemist and I get myself some tablets and all is happiness again. Ok Ren is looking a bit stressed as I go to the Chemist. Hmm maybe I should ask for some chill out tablets for him.

Once at the ferry it is my time to begin to flap. Maybe I should have bought some chill out tabs and took them myself. I still worry slightly about getting the bike onto the ferry but that is not the main reason anymore that causes me to stress. It is the checking in process, the checking of paperwork and possibly luggage that gets me to start sweating. 

Why? Because I always fluff it. I always get stressed about the queue behind me. I get into such a rush to get my gloves and helmet off and on again and do so super quick so as not to delay anyone that I invariably mess up. Now this may sound strange because - how can I get stressed about being quick when I like to slide in at the last minute? 

I ponder this myself as I write and it suddenly strikes me as to why. It is all about having someone behind me. I loathe it. Maybe I got knifed in the back in a previous life but one thing is for sure I feel great discomfort when someone is behind me. 

On rides out with other people I like to be the back marker. I really struggled with nerves over my motorcycle tests not because of any real doubts in my ability but simply knowing I was being followed. I also don't like being observed. So put me in a queue with people behind me all watching me and, well, it's my own version of hell. No wonder I like to be the last on a plane etc. Last in the queue, no one behind, simples.
In previous endeavours to be super quick and get away from all those behind me I have dropped paperwork, gloves etc. I even once pulled my helmet back on in such haste I then tried to ride off with the flaps of my helmet covering my eyes. Yep blind panic at its very best. 

The 2 motorcycles waiting for the ferry at the port of Cairnryan
Waiting to check-in.  Be still my beating heart and remember to be able to see when riding Sharon, it really is helpful.

After check-in I move forward to the inspection shed, I am already beginning to feel nervous when low and behold I get asked to get off my bike for an inspection. In my panic to do so as quickly as possible I stop immediately when requested to do so... on a bloody speed hump. 

Fortunately I notice and manage to keep enough wits about me to pull forward off the hump and not attempt to jump off in a panic and then watch my bike topple over. Maybe I am getting OK at this check in business after all but my heart is still pounding when I attempt to ride off and manage to stall the bike, twice. 

Actually getting onboard the ferry goes without a hitch and we enjoy a smooth sailing. Well, as much as you can enjoy yourself whilst wearing a mask and watching people ignoring ferry staff as they try their best to keep people socially distanced. The barriers the staff set up to keep a one way system are just climbed over. The requests for only certain passengers to disembark in selected groups to avoid overcrowding on the stairs is completely ignored. I am glad I am wearing my full bike gear, including helmet with visor down as I enter the overcrowded stairwell.

We ride off the ferry onto the Emerald Isle. You know a place cannot be this green without a fair amount of watering but although the skies are grey and overcast it is thankfully dry. I always feel a bit disorientated when first arriving on a new land so I have to be honest and say the first few miles just pass in a blur of green fields without me being able to recall much detail. Sorry, rubbish travel writer I am.
My head begins to clear and we are riding a fantastic coastal road. It feels good not to be nose to tail in traffic like at home. We stop for a stretch at a little harbour only to find we have stepped into Braavos of Game of Thrones fame. As a fan of GOT (well I was a fan until the last series but lets not open a nest of dragon eggs here) it amused me much to recreate the Arya scene. Having never ever watched GOT Ren is somewhat bemused but fortunately for him I did not then insist we do the whole GOT tour. If we came across a site of filming fine, if not fine. 

Montage Arya crawls out the sea on steps, Sharon recreates the scene
Beware the little ones as Shakespeare himself said "Though she be but little, she is fierce." 

We ride a little more and then take a short stroll onto Waterfoot beach. With a name like that we have to go get our own feet wet albeit while still encased in bike boots. There is always something about the sea and sand that get you feeling you are on holiday. 

By the dunes lie a towel and a bag. No one at all is in sight. I wonder if the owner is out at sea swimming but the sea is not that inviting on a cool grey day in September. I become a little morbid and begin to worry whoever their owner is has decided to go into the sea never to return. Although I like the sea it can at times leave me feeling a bit sad like just now. It is so vast, so cruel at times and so many have lost their life to it both intentionally and by accident. It has no feelings, no emotions, it just is. Sometimes inviting, sometimes threatening but always something to be respected and careful of. No one appears to claim their abandoned towel or bag so we leave them where they lay for it is getting time to go find our accommodation.  

Outcrops of land, grassy dunes and the presently calm waters of Waterfoot beach
The sea always demands your respect

The chalet is exactly as I expected it to be. It is situated on the outskirts of Belfast near Belfast Zoo. The two joined chalets are situated behind the owner's bungalow and we enter via an electric gate. The chalet is super clean, small but perfectly formed. I am very happy with it.  We even have a sea view. Ok so it is a tiny bit of sea popping out between high rises but it is the sea and we can see it from our window. 

Tonight we are the only guests so we are free to park the bikes right outside our window. I happily organise all my luggage into nice neat piles and relax. The temperature begins to drop as darkness descends and I am glad to put the heating on and snuggle into a comfy bed, even if it is rather tall and I need a running jump to get on it. It has been an excellent first day on our Northern Ireland adventure. It is good to be away again. No it is better than that, I will try again... it is very, very, very good to be away again. 

The bed is quite high in the comfortable and warm chaletIf I had blonde hair I would feel like Goldilocks with this bed. 

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