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Ride Date - 15 September 2020

By Sharon Parker

So I have an unusual problem. I have space, too much space. This is an unfamiliar feeling to me. I live in an over populated town within a tiny house, space is not my normal. Nor is it normal to find myself while packing for a trip away to discover I haven't enough stuff to fill all my Kreiga luggage. With no tent or sleeping bag and other camping equipment my bags are feeling deflated. I want to test Tour-A-Plank so I would like full luggage on the bike.
I have no choice then but to bring 3 jumpers instead of one, extras of everything is needed, even room for a casual coat and well err... books. The kitchen sink however remains behind - just. What a strange world of emptiness I have encountered.

I load up Envy. Tour-A-Plank takes all 4 bags, therefore 80 litres, with ease. I am not at ease. It's been a long time since I rode with a full load, probably a year ago. I am also fully aware not only have I not ridden with a load for a while I haven't ridden much in any manner this year. I'm bike unfit, I'm also unfit in general and today will be a long day. 

I climb upon my bike and wobble out of my road with some trepidation. I settle down soon enough on the familiar ride to Ren's abode.  

The stuffed toy Batty is a white bat and affixed to the back of the luggage on Sharon's Z250SL
Batty is secured and ready to ride while Tour-A-Plank takes the strain.

Once at Ren's I refuel with tea and then we refuel the bikes and set off on our adventure. The weather is extremely pleasant for the time of year and Envy hums contentedly as we leave the congestion of our home towns and find the space that has been lacking for far too long. 

After such a long time in lockdown and very little travel since even the A6 is a delight to ride, especially when the hills appear. I don't know why a lump of rock that rises out of the ground always make me smile but it does. I do feel myself begin to unwind a little but not the sudden release I have felt on previous trips once I encounter my first open space. With all that has gone on in my life of late I'm pretty tightly coiled. I think I'll need more time on the road to loosen up this time.

Although I am enjoying the ride my arm and neck twinge painfully as the day draws on and I am glad we decided to break the journey to the ferry with a break in Carlisle. I'm tired by the time we reach the Travelodge and therefore happy to know we can just grab the bags off the bikes and be straight into our room for the night.

Tour-A-Plank has preformed perfectly and the luggage stayed in place with no sliding around.  The bags are easy to remove once at the hotel. 

I jump on the back of Ren's bike to go into town for supplies and on returning the sun gives us a glorious display as it says goodbye to another day. Life can be cruel and hard, unfair and all manner of terrible things and then you turn your head and you can see beauty still resides all around you.  

The setting sun turns the whole sky a resplendent orange contrasting with the grey of the clouds and the distant mountains. The pylons, though not normally an attractive feature - more often a blot on the landscape, somehow enhance the otherworldly feel. It gives me an eerie apocalyptic feeling but fortunately despite a most strange and unreal world at the moment due to Covid-19 it just heralds the end of a day and not the world. 

Orange skies with black clouds, electricity pylons outlined against the dramatic skiesApocalypse Carlisle style 

The bed as always in a Travelodge is nice and comfortable. It feels really good to be travelling again, it also feels good to end the day warm and snuggly. 

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Reader's Comments

Upt'North said :-
Sharon, I'm glad your load was a little lighter, well it wasn't really was it.
How many jumpers!?!
I'm glad to see Ren's ear reduction surgery went well. They're still a bit pink.
08/10/2020 13:05:27 UTC
ROD said :-
I don't know why a lump of rock that rises out of the ground always make me smile but it does.

You are not alone Sharon, I also love those lumps of rock.
Throw in a few massive puddles its even better!
08/10/2020 18:09:15 UTC
Bogger said :-
Sharon, never send yourself on a guilt trip for having too much space. Been there, done that, then cursed when I've been unable to fit supplies onto the bike on my travels.

09/10/2020 08:26:43 UTC

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