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Gear Selections in Compiègne

Day 5 Tuesday 3 June

By Bogger

We had a slow start to the day as we were staying at the site that night as well. Pete was really rough, I wonder why? Jason as usual was the last to rise. We had a light shower of rain for about ten minutes which gave way to blue skies. 

All the bikes were running well, discounting Ironsides' bike which was having major issues selecting gears. I offered to do a full strip just to see what was going on, he politely declined my offer. I had by now changed his name from Ironsides to Lowsides to his new name Michael Flattley. His feet needed to move quicker than Flattley's to try and change gear on the death trap.
I got the death stare and gave him a bit of peace for a minute or two before he punched me. I managed to procure a slab of plastic to put underneath the centre stands. Pete's clown bike had been clattering on and off all the journey and I needed to sort it for him. There was a dent in the bottom chain guard so I removed it and with the aid of a stout stick and my tyre lever got it back into shape.

I also adjusted and lubed the chain for him. I think I still feel guilty about leaving him in France a few years ago and need to make it up to him. I adjusted my chain as well, it was new and had stretched a little. I had made a home-made Scottoiler which was working just fine. 

We had a walk around the campsite, it's massive and really well kept. We had a soft drink from one of the bars and just after lunch we mounted the bikes again and made for the Armistice site about 14 miles away. This is the location where the WW1 German surrender was signed in the railway carriage.

The museum there was open so we spent an hour or two looking around. It had rained whilst on the way there so we had donned our waterproofs for the first time. It stopped raining just as we got there, which was just as well as we were sweltering with all the kit on. 

Once inside the museum it poured down but abated for the ride back to camp. We picked up some provisions on the way so we could make chilli con carne with chips. It rained whilst cooking as we listened to Marillion on one of the phones. We fed the camp ducks again. I don't mean the ducks were camp, I mean... ahhhh you know what I mean.

Dark brown duck in the grass with 5 tiny ducklings nearby

Total mileage for the day 29 miles and Ironsides/Flattley managed to select the correct gear once, maybe. Result - I'm sure I heard his clutch, or what's left of it, give a cheer.

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Reader's Comments

Upt'North said :-
I'm curious, did the slide cause the issues with the gear change?
26/05/2020 11:19:57 UTC
Bogger said :-
Nah. It was an internal problem he'd had for a couple of weeks prior to the trip. Petes quite a competent mechanic, but before the trip it wasn't too bad.
He didn't want to strip it before the off just in case he could not repair it in time and miss the holiday.
Each day it was getting progressively harder to select a gear. Made all the worse by our constant p*** taking. He sorted it once he got home.

27/05/2020 06:44:59 UTC

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Home Travel StoriesD-Day And A Bit of Belgium

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