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D-Day And A Bit of Belgium

Bogger and friends take on the Normandy Beaches during the D-Day celebrations. They're riding a hotchpotch of maladjusted small capacity machines that provide challenges and humour in between appreciating and remembering what happend back on 6th June 1944. 

Large modern landing craft on the Normandy beaches remembering the D-Day landings

To French France and Guines Perfect planning prevents pee poor performance. Someone should have told these chaps. Throw in some Alchemy and carnage and come up with gold, comedy gold.
Easily Into Belgium Not too much malarkey today, the lads manage to sidle their way into Belgium with minimum shenanigans. There's a moment for reflection betwixt the brews 'n' beers.
Ypres, Museums, Memorials And Muppetry Bogger and co are mixing a heady brew of malarkey and educational museum visits. Hasn't Ypres already suffered enough?
A Crash And Other Antics Bogger and pals have reached the age of maturity and yet maturity seems to have escaped them. More high jinks from those who ought to know better.
Gear Selections in Compi├Ęgne It's a lazy day in Northern France for Bogger and pals. Only a short exploratory ride, mostly spent in search of Ironside's elusive gears.
Rain, Misery, Laughter and Puppetry It's not the best start to Bogger and pals' day. And yet a bunch of middle aged men clearly demonstrate they haven't grown up at all.

Reader's Comments

Upt'North said :-
I hope that ferry crossing was cheap, I can't even see where the cinema is.
That ramp looks a bit iffy too for a Bog Seat Honda.
29/04/2020 01:33:27 UTC

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