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The Ferry Home

By Ren Withnell

After yesterday's scorching sunshine I find it's a relief for the skies to be grey and the air temperature to be much more comfortable. The cooler air is a positive, the dark, imposing, threatening thunderheads feel considerably negative.

Sharon is strapping things to the Z250SL at Cabo Mayor campsite on a dull day
It's a little cooler as we pack up this morning.

We have to be off the site by 1100. Our ferry departs around tea time. Luckily we can arrive at the port anytime after 1200. I briefly flirt with the idea of having a ride around Santander then I remember it's a big horrible nasty busy bustling traffic filled sprawling city. We will be riding straight to the port and no more.

We decamp slowly and depart at precisely 1100. We are presently to the north of the port, all I need to do is keep the sea on my left hand side and Bob's my dad's brother, easy peasy, job's a good 'un and everything will be tickety-boo.


Firstly it's a lot further away than I recall. I thought it was perhaps 5 minutes, you know, maybe a mile or 2 away? 7 km isn't actually that far but when I'm not expecting it I find myself disorientated. Which does not help when we arrive at the port.

I can see the port and signs for the port. A sign points me inland away from the port. OK, one way systems, I figure it will route me around the block. Erm, errr, nope. I have moment's panic then recall I have 3 hours to sort this out. That, now that is a calming thought, this 4 by 4 coming towards me is not a calming thought though.

After looping around the busting hubbub of the retail centre of Santander a couple of times we finally turn into the port. I take in a long, deep breath of relief. 

I have enjoyed this trip immensely and in so many ways, I don't want to go home. Never the less I am relieved to know that Sharon and I and both our motorcycles are here, on time, alive, well, healthy and complete. I would do it all again in a heartbeat yet I feel the weight of responsibility slipping off my shoulders. I still don't want to go home.

After a little initial confusion we join the queue of cars and bikes. If anyone tells you that all bikers are super friendly helpful angels they are delusional. They, we, are just normal people, the difference is we share a common interest which makes it much easier to strike up a conversation with random riders, that is all. 

We get talking to the random riders. Tony and Ted have been travelling and touring around much as we have, although I suspect they've done a fair few more miles than we have. They've had a good trip and they're both full of enthusiasm, looking forwards to new adventures while recalling tales from this one. 

sharon is in the queue for the ferry with all the other bikers at Santander
I didn't think you'd be so happy to be going home sweetie?

Sharon and I plan to take some food on the ferry with us - thus saving on the expensive ferry food. We bravely leave our kit with Tony and Ted and walk off the terminal (this is permissible and entry is regained with our boarding tickets). There is however a spanner in the works with our cunning and devious plan. It's Sunday.

Unlike good 'ole Blighty Spain is still rather religious and not completely overwhelmed by capitalist consumerism. As such the town centre is bustling with people presumably visiting the various cafes and restaurants that are open, but not the food shops which are closed. 

There is a shop, a large supermarket chain, with it's door open. Within however everything is closed save for a small patisserie counter in the foyer. I suppose Spain will have it's own rules as to which places can open and this will be some kind of workaround. We make do with a handful of doughnuts and some kind of pasty each.

Back at the terminal the conversation turns to my 125 and alternatives to the typical big bikes most folks tour on. Tony tells me about this crazy nutter he knows that likes to do ridiculous miles on odd machines, things like an Iron Butt challenge on some weird far eastern scooter. This sounds familiar. This sounds like Stephen Cooper of 1,000 miles in 24 hours on a scooter fame (Spanish Butt). Turns out we both know Stephen. Well I mean it'll be unlikely that there's 2 crazy long distance scooter riders wouldn't it?

We are joined by the ex military riders we'd met on the outbound ferry almost 2 weeks ago. You know how we've been dodging rain? Well they headed south and to the coast and they've been utterly drenched. One of the chaps shows me a video on his phone of huge hailstones crashing down. They've had it rough, it seems we've been incredibly lucky. 

Does this mean Sharon is no longer cursed as the goddess of rain? That thought has crossed my mind but no, no I think I'm wrong. I think Sharon's curse has grown such that everyone around her gets a real soaking now. So if anyone reads that Sharon is heading your way be sure to pack waterproofs.

Just to be sure her curse brings a drizzly shower as we're herded onto the boat. We grab our supplies and toiletries then soon we're in our cabin. This one is inside and has no window but otherwise is perfectly spacious, comfortable, clean and pleasant. It's time to settle in and wait for the next 26 hours to pass.

The car deck of The Baie De Seine and the sea as we sail from Spain
Adios Espana! Hope to be back soon.

This crossing goes a little quicker. 

We spend time with Tony and Ted. Tony likes to make things like racks and hand guards, just like me. Unlike me he seems to do a proper, neat, smart and professional job. They tease each other, they talk of places and rides and dreams and bikes. This feels familiar, it's a biker thing.

We spend time with the ex servicemen playing cards. My god if I thought Tony and Ted teased each other these make them look amateur. They're all older than I, close to or retirement age at a guess. They look their age but bicker and jibe and poke fun and laugh just like 19 year olds having a night on the tiles. 

They're joined by a mature lady travelling solo in a campervan. Sure enough just like 19 year olds one of them is soon sniffing around, being charming and getting the drinks in. Men don't ever grow up and mature, their childhood toys just change into real cars and bikes. It's delightful.

We sleep. I wander. We shower. We sleep. Eventually we pack away our things and head back to the bikes and prepare to disembark.

There's an hour's ride back to my Dad's place. There's a day's ride to see us back home. And that is it. Game over. Job done. Back to reality. All that's left for me to do is spend the next 2 months writing all this up for the BAT readers. Jeeeez, I hope they appreciate it.

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Reader's Comments

Paul S said :-
Hi Ten and Sharon. Just to let you know, I appreciate it. Keep up the good work. :-)
18/08/2018 06:37:36 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Paul S. It's good to know someone's reading all this :-)
20/08/2018 06:27:33 UTC
CrazyFrog said :-
I admire you both for your spirit and determination to suffer these awful trips just so you can write them up for your devoted readership. It's a tough life, but somebody has to do it I suppose....
20/08/2018 12:45:56 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Yes indeed CrazyFrog. The whole point of these trips is Sharon and I endure, suffer and struggle our way through them just so you, our dear and dedicated readers, can stay safe and well at home. You can vicariously take the same harrowing journey by reading the blog while never being at risk of having to actually venture out yourselves.

It is indeed a tough life, but if we did not do this then some other poor soul would have to.
20/08/2018 01:21:42 UTC
Upt'North said :-
"All that's left for me to do is spend the next 2 months writing all this up for the BAT readers. Jeeeez, I hope they appreciate it".
You can be assured I found it delightful, and Madame Moisture's contributions even more so. I will go back through the dribble again and check out some of the routes.
I have ridden the Potes road from the coast and on into Portugal previously but it was all too rushed to get somewhere we weren't when it was probably just as good where we were already. The weather was lousy in Northern Spain and visibility on the tops of about 10 feet.
I think I'll post a piccie, it'll warm me up. I think it might be in the same place as one of your piccies?
Thanks again, there's nothing as good as planning a bike ride even if bugs do kill em off.
Posted Image
03/08/2020 06:27:21 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
"Madame Moisture"!!! HAHA That'll be another cuppa tea coming out of my nose gosh darn it.

Them mountains look familiar but I can't place the bridge specifically. Any clues?

03/08/2020 08:34:43 UTC
Upt'North said :-
After extensive research (30 seconds on googlies) I'm almost nearly almost certain in a slightly doubtful way that it is looking West towards Riano on the N621. Probably about 25 miles south of Potes. The sun came out once we popped over the tops and headed south.
03/08/2020 11:07:06 UTC
Upt'North said :-
Just had a thought our Ed, I looked at the bike and thought the pipes are looking a little dirty after a shortish ride, then I remembered we'd ridden here from Amsterdam!
Please excuse my dirty pipe, and don't lick it.

03/08/2020 11:13:44 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Follow the link below to see Google Map's view of the same spot. Yes we passed along that magnificent and majestic road, that's a ways before the famous deer statue. I shall leave your pipe unlicked seeing as you asked so nicely. It's not galvanised anyhow.,-4.9972146,3a,75y,264.91h,79.88t/data=!...
04/08/2020 02:57:00 UTC
Upt'North said :-
In which case, said deer statue was probably hidden by the said mist/fog/rain/steamed up visor/rain running down inside of visor........infact Er'Indoors was probably soaked when I took that photo of er.
04/08/2020 05:39:06 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
While you have your own smashing piccies we were lucky and had a delightful ride. What a road!
Posted Image
04/08/2020 06:23:51 UTC

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