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The Sound Of Silence

Spain Day 3 25th May

By Sharon Parker

The weather forecast for today is grim. We however love our surroundings so decide to stay put and explore the local area. There is a monastery near by and although we are told by another camper that it is not very attractive it serves as a destination. 

We purchased some tiny packable rucksacks before this trip and they serve us well to place our waterproofs in as the sky looks ominous. The walk is uphill and our unfit bodies know it. We walk along the side of the road tucking tight in until we suddenly realise there is a footpath on the other side, dooh.

Alongside the path a vibrant red poppy grows. It make me thinks of Diane, my girls' beloved Nan whom we lost just before this trip. Her favourite flowers were poppies. We made paper poppies containing poppy and cornflower seeds to give to her friends and family for her remembrance. When ever I see a poppy now I shall think of her. 

An ornate poppey
Paper poppies in a box and the service of remembrance card from Diane's funeral
A poppy brings forth memories of a true fighter, the beautiful Diane

Monasterio de Santo Toribio de Liébana was founded around the 6th century. It is home of the holy relic the Lígnum Crucis which is reportedly the largest remaining piece of Christ's Cross. The current building is 13th century but it looks somewhat more akin to a Lancashire Cotton Mill despite its heritage. We don't go inside as we are here to walk and admire mountains rather than relics today. 

Public toilets are available and as usual are clean and well maintained. I truly appreciate Spain’s numerous free public toilets. I truly despair that in the UK we have few if any available now and the few that remain are usually vandalised and smelly.

I wander over to a information board and learn there is a hermitage just a short distance further up the road. Ren is not a big walker but agrees to walk on to see the hermitage. We pass a geologists delight. The rock face is striped with many different strata in a variety of colours and what looks like different materials. They are twisted in ways I have never seen before. As we stare in wonder and explore the folds with our hands another couple joins us and we all marvel as to the forces involved to create such folding. 

I learn later via Google that the mountains of the Picos de Europa are almost purely limestone. The limestone was caused by the compression of sediments laid beneath the ocean around 300 million years ago. Periods of uplift thrust the limestone high above sea level, fracturing and folding it due to the great stresses involved. Wow we were actually touching something that was 300 million years old. How truly awesome is that!

We arrive at the end of the road and to the Ermita de San Miguel chapel. It is only tiny, dating I believe from the 13th century and it would appear from the size it is the remains of what would have once been a larger structure. 

A small terracotta roofed building with a tall frontage where bells would have hung
Side view of the tiny chapel with the Picos mountains behind
Ermita de San Miguel set within the glorious backdrop of the Picos de Europa mountains.

From up here the vista is magnificent. Snow capped mountain peaks tower more than 2000 metres above the sheltered verdant valley floor at their base. Scattered throughout the valley are towns and villages including the capital of Liébana, Potes. From here they look like toy towns dwarfed by the sheer size of the Eastern mastiff. 

The town of Potes looks quite small in the foot of the valley between majestic verdant mountains Toy towns 

As the clouds and mists roll by my view is constantly in flux. Jagged peaks appear and then disappear in a game of hide and seek. A bird in a nearby tree bursts into enthusiastic song lending music to the scene. 

Ren continues to chat to the informative and pleasant couple whom we met on the road here but I take a moment to stand apart in awed silence contemplating the raw beauty of the Picos de Europa. For someone who can be a bit of a chatterbox I feel a strange need for silence to engulf me when confronted by mountains. Maybe it's their age, their own remoteness that brings forth this primal need for silence. In mutual respect I reflect back their silence with my own because maybe it is only through silence they can speak. How else can one contemplate the secrets and mysteries of the universe but in silence.  The birth of mountains,  the passing of millennia, the forces required to shape the landscape that lays before me all inspire wonder and wonder requires it's companion, silence.

Tough rocky mountain tops with a sprinkling of snow amidt moving mists at Picos
An ever changing vista. 

I try to imagine living here. I think I would like it, in the summer, but what would it be like here in winter when the snow no longer just resides on the peaks but travels to engulf the valley floor? I would like to see it, I would like to see these mountains in every season, I would love to watch sunsets and sunrises, I guess I am already in love with this place. I already know I would come back in a heartbeat even before I leave. 

As we walk back it begins to rain but no matter we are prepared. The rain is not heavy and stops before we we return to the campsite. We decide on a visit to Fuente Dè and it's famed cable cars. 

The rain returns again, not particularly heavy but enough to require waterproofs. I afford the opportunity whilst being a pillion to have a good look at the scenery. Well I try but the mists however have other ideas. Once at Fuenta Dè the mists still continue to obscure the views. At €17 each to ride the cable cars we decide not to bother, on a day like today ones views would be limited at best. However the public toilets are again on offer for free so time to do battle with the waterproofs.

A cable car gondola can be seen disappearing into the clouds at Fuenta De
Great views..but not today

Next we decide to have a look around Potes itself. The rain stops when we arrive in town so off comes the waterproofs. Historic Potes is a charming town. With the river Deva running through it and lying at the foot of emerald green mountains it has a picture perfect setting.

An old ornate stone bridge crosses a river cut deep between the houses and verandas in Potes
Modern houses sit with old while both look in balance and character to the rest of the town
Who could fail to be charmed by Potes. 

It is a maze of narrow cobbled streets and unique medieval buildings. Due to its strategic position Potes is known to have been occupied since the 8th century and was deemed a city in the 13th century. I really am delighted by this town. It is not all Medieval of course but the new has blended well with the old and nothing jars my senses. 

An ornate and detailed carved stone doorway and hefty wooden door in Potes
A wooden carved and turned doorway and door all painted black at Potes
ancient thin bricks and terracotta clay roof tiles form the character of Potes
Ancient architecture abounds 

On return to the campsite we chat before bedtime to a couple of fellow campers. He is Irish, she Italian. They are both young, attractive and in love. They make me smile as I recall those exuberant days of my own youth. Although I may have lost some of their energy I hope I still have retained my zest for life because after all I have certainly felt very much alive the last few days.

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Reader's Comments

Ian Soady said :-
Another lovely tale Sharon, and nice to know there's someone else in the world who appreciates strata!

On the trip to the USA I mentioned in another post we were absolutely blown away by some of the rock formations we saw.

09/07/2018 09:39:01 UTC

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