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No News Is Good News

By Ren Withnell

Today should be an easy day, mind you yesterday should have been easy too so you never know. I am lying awake in the tent with light rain pattering against the material at 0630 and I'm considering our options. The ferry departs at 2300 this evening, we need to be in Harwich at 2130 at the latest, we are approximately 110 miles from the ferry port and to be honest I think I'll have to drag this journey out otherwise we're going to be in Harwich by lunchtime with 9 hours to kill. I like having plenty of leeway in case of problems but 9 hours is probably too much.

Sharon is loading her bike with all her gear at the anglian hotel campsiteLoad up and hit the road. Where does everything go again?

After a light breakfast in the cafe we depart. First stop Tesco Kings Lynn for supplies. Next I accidentally stumble upon Thetford Priory where we stop and relax in the pleasant surroundings while eating our triangle sandwiches. Quite unlike my usually frantic self we are so at ease we nod off briefly in the warm dry sun. Tesco at Bury St Edmonds is visited for a toilet break and a splash of petrol. We make a brief stop at Travelodge Capel St Mary in preparation of our return in 2 weeks. Like most Travelodges it is a plain building in mundane surroundings, we don't care as they're cheap (if you book early), warm and clean. It is barely 1600 and Harwich is only 30 miles away. 

Ren takes a selfie as sharon rests her head on his chest at thetford abbey ruins
Just chillin dude, which is most unlike me.

I'd like to tell you about awesome roads, majestic landscapes and mind blowing architecture. Nope, nothing to report. I'd like to inform you of a great personal epiphany I have while riding. Nope, nothing to report. This is transport, this is moving myself, my luggage and my motorcycle through the land. What I am glad to inform you of is that inside I am quite calm and in a good mood and that Sharon, while being a little too careful on the car parks, is keeping her bike shiny side up just fine.

A concrete channel runs through the Tesco car park, looking rather industrial and dullIt's not all stunning architecture, beautiful sunsets and remote locations this travel business. Most of it is like this.

Finding the port is simplicity itself, we practically fall into it as we follow the signs for Harwich. We kill an hour and a half in the nearby Brewer's Fayre pub by having a meal very slowly. We make our way to the port at 1900 thinking we'll be the first there yet even at this early hour the lines of cars are forming along with a healthy sprinkling of bikers. We join the queue and begin the process of waiting.

Sharon's face is screwed up with laughter at the queue for the ferrySharon is laughing AT me not WITH me. She does that when I'm naked and I don't know why.

Sharon is terrified of boarding the ferry. She's heard tales of how slippery the metal ramps can be and after yesterday's disaster she's hyper vigilant. I agree they rather concern myself too, they need to be treated with respect when they're wet. Oddly enough what sets her heart racing is the tight spiral ramp we must ride down to reach the boarding point, she's so pleased to be off this safely she barely notices she's just ridden onto the ferry. I strap the bikes down, the straps never feel tight or secure enough but then I don't want to break the side stands either by over-doing them. 

Our cabin is the cheapest we can get but at least we do have a cabin, Sharon insisted on that. While it is a little small with 2 single bunk beds it is clean with a shower and toilet. We are both showered and changed before the boat has even left port so I go topside and wave goodbye to Blighty. I wonder what's going to happen? I wonder what The Netherlands will be like? I wonder if I'll be able to find a motorcycle shop if either of us breaks something else. Oh god...what if my bike breaks down? STOP IT! Stop worrying. There are a million things that can go wrong so just take each moment as it comes. 

Harwich port in the fading light as seen from the shipBye Bye Blighty, we'll be back soon.

The cabin is comfortable and after being reassured by the customer service desk that some kind of message will surely awaken us in time to get off the ferry before it comes back to England I retire to bed. With the odd shake from the massive ferry engines and just the slightest hint of rolling on the oceans I soon fall asleep. 

I usually try to write more but there really is little to report. Do not assume this was a boring or bad day for us though. The riding was easy, the little rain we had was very light, we are both happy and healthy and we are both on this boat to The Hook Of Holland. No news is good news so today has been a successful day.

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