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Prolugue - Why Ness Point?

Date - Leading up to 8 May 2023

By Ren Withnell

It's been a long long LONG time since I visited The Lizard Point. So long in fact I cannot honestly remember when it was.  I was staying with my friend Mike who died in 2018. I was just finishing reading Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. I recall feeling an awful long way from home so it was before my first overseas adventure on two wheels in 2005. It was before my accident (2002). I seem to recall being somewhat sad at the time and the trip was meant to be a tincture. That's probably due to a break-up so early 2002 or maybe 1998/1999?

It was before the time of this blog, it was before the time of cheap digital cameras, as such I have no digital record (or anything else) to generate even an estimate of when I was there. It could have been 1995 right through to 2002. You'll just have to take my word and accept that I have indeed been there. But I have been there, honest.

The Lizard Point is close to Land's End in Cornwall and is the UK's most southerly point of mainland UK. The most northerly point is Dunnet Head where I learned that Sharon is more famous than I. The Ardnamurchan Lighthouse is the most westerly point and we've both been there too, just last year in fact. This leaves just one place left for me to go to - Ness Point, the mainland's most easterly point.

Sharon goofing around and smiling at Dunnet head
Dunnet Head, and a regrettably happy Sharon. Pfffft.
Sharon looking out to sea at the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse
No Sharon, you won't find fame this time at Ardnamurchan.

With having (ahem) a little time off work I think now may be a good time to make the effort and visit Ness Point. While I'm south of The Manchester Ship Canal I may as well make a small detour and visit my father who lives half way between Brighton and Southampton. 

I discuss with Sharon about her coming with me. She's already using up her annual leave faster than I can eat a chocolate bar and this brings another consideration. While East Anglia has a plentiful supply of delightful cute villages, a splendid coastline, vast wide open green spaces, and much to see and do... it's not on our top ten "OMG we MUST go there" list. If she had holidays to spare then great, but she hasn't so she's saving them for other plans that are afoot. I shall be doing this alone, bravely and heroically alone. Poor poor Ren.

I am managing expectations myself, so I sympathise with Sharon. We've been to East Anglia before so I know what to expect. Don't get me wrong I do like the area, but it fundamentally lacks the hills and mountains that we both rather like. I'm also aware that Ness Point is not going to be a wild and remote beauty spot as it's right in the heart of the town of Lowestoft. No, my visit to Ness Point is a box-ticking exercise - to simply say "I've been to the most southerly, northerly, westerly and now easterly points on mainland Britain". 

Big vast towering rocky mountain in the Scottish Highlands
This is definitely NOT East Anglia

Before COVID I wouldn't normally book campsites, just Google up a few en-route and make a note in Google maps. Since that there pandemic things have changed. Some campsite are now "upmarket" and only take vans and caravans, not the scummy poor folks in tents. Some have closed altogether. Many now seem to require pre-booking. Also there's the price. By doing my research I've found one site for £12, another for £13 and the final one for £8. Most are in the £20-30 mark - pfffft!

I have a vague route planned, I have my bags packed, I have a new rear tyre fitted as the last one was full of holes, and I have everyone else organised. All I need to do now is fix the weather. It's been OK leading up to this trip but sure enough the forecast is "wet". Remember folks, I do these things so you don't have to.

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