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Ganesh To Gary

Rev. Mick! is on a mission. That appears to be the reasonable excuse for a trip to The Outer Hebrides at least. A journey doesn't actually need a reason but it helps. We'll follow him and his pal's expedition on sensibly proportioned vehicles. 

A Honda Innova with some basic small luggage besides a lighthouse

Holy Water On Departure It's Rev. Mick!'s day of departure, in spite of his wife's misgivings. He's crossing Ireland and he's already lost in his own country.
Countryside, Culture And Carlingford Lough Rev. Mick! is finding a ferry and fascinating sights as he makes his way northbound towards Belfast. A good day all in all but there may be just one small hiccup ahead.
Police, Passages, Pals, and Pints Rev. Mick! is escorted by the police, hangs out with Scooter types and catches TWO ferries. It seems he can't have an "ordinary" day.

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Home Travel Stories

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