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Easy Onto Mull

By Andy Gray

Day 5: Port Ban to Fidden Farm campsite, Isle of Mull (111 miles)

A rough night with strong winds & rain, it stopped early in the morning and the wind dried the tent. Plenty of time today so didn’t rush and left the camp at 09:45.

Hazy blue skies, darker clouds, sun and the calm waters off West Scotland

Managed to get to Lochgilphead on my remaining fuel just as the heavens opened. I had been expecting it as you could see it following me up Loch Gilp from the south.

Put on the waterproof oversuit before setting off towards Oban. Stopped for an expensive tea at a viewpoint along the way. As I knew I’d missed the next ferry, I had plenty of time to explore down one of the headlands. Ended up at Easedale which used to be the centre of the British slate industry. One of the nearby islands was quarried to depth of 250 feet leaving just the rim of the island, it eventually washed away leaving no trace.

A row of small cottages painted white at the town of Ellenabeich
Round fat mountains and hills in changeable weather riding through The Highlands

Headed back to Oban and managed to get on the next ferry to the Isle of Mull at 14:00 which was handy as the next was at 16:50. The cost of this one was £10.60 for the 50 minute crossing.

Slightly bumpy crossing due to the strong winds. Arrived in Craignure to be greeted by more single track roads. These worked their way through pine forests, gradually getting higher and going between the highest hills/mountains on southern Mull. There were heavy showers on & off but it looked spectacular. The road finally dropped back to sea level and went by the side of Loch Scridain. This was when we hit a traffic jam of highland cattle which took a while to clear as they weren’t even worried about a double decker bus.

On the rugged moors and mountains of Scotland we can make out a rainbow disappearing into a valley
Bleak grey skies, hardy moors and 2 small lonesome lochs
Woolly longhorn cattle nonchalantly block the narrow road on Mull

The 35 mile journey to Fionnphort took quite a while as I had to stop to take photos. Got my first glimpse of the island of Iona where I’m planning to visit tomorrow.

Headed the 1.6 miles to the campsite at Fidden Farm. This is a huge place but only with basic facilities, you’re camping in fields next to the sea along with the sheep.

A rainbow drops into the field with campervans and tents by the shoreline at the campsite

Once everything was set up between the showers, I decided to walk back to the pub to get dinner. Seemed a lot longer than when I rode! Got to the pub to be greeted by a sign on the door saying no food tonight. Good job I’ve got a supply of camping meals back in my panniers.

In darkening skies we can make out Andy's tent, motorcycle and the rugged shoreline at the campsite

No phone signal anywhere round here & dodgy internet in the pub.

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Reader's Comments

Upt'North said :-
Andy, you must really have p....d off the weather gods. I do like Mull, quiet and remote but easy to ride too. We went over from Lochaline in the North and were treated to good weather and sea eagles overhead.
Looking forward to hear about Iona as we've never been.
Opportune moment to talk about single track roads, particularly, why do car drivers think there's room for a bike and a car when there clearly isn't. Then when you do have to stop because they've driven straight past the passing place there always seems to be a 2 ft drop where you want to put your foot.
Keep the tales coming.
27/12/2019 12:14:33 UTC
ROD said :-
Upt, The car drivers can't understand why we do not select reverse to get out of their way!
At my size there always seems to be a 2ft drop where I want to put my foot.

Andy, I am enjoying the pics. I really must get up to Scotland next year.
27/12/2019 03:57:55 UTC
Andy Gray said :-
I thought the weather wasn’t too bad, it was mainly showers which I can handle.

That’s why you need a big bike and to be a fat so and so - more road presence ;) Multiple bright lights also helps as they can’t work out how big/small you are. I didn’t experience any problems.
29/12/2019 09:11:01 UTC

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