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Why Oh Why Did The Council Close That Road?

Blog Date 3 June 2019

It is not uncommon for a council to spend a small fortune enlarging a road to improve traffic flow - only to find things improve briefly then return to normal. But of course! Better flow means more people stop using smelly buses and trains and use their cars creating more traffic. Erm, well, possibly but it's more complex than that.

Then several years later the council blocks off a random road. It then narrows the new road from 2 lanes to one lane and a cycle lane that no-one uses. It then sets some traffic lights to the seemingly most inefficient settings imaginable. But of course! Everyone at the local council are just feckless overpaid tosspots out to ruin our daily commute. Erm, well, possibly but it's more complex than that.

I could explain, but this YouTube lady does a far better job than I do.

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