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Battle Of The Exhaust - Day 5

Wahooo! The flexible exhaust tubing has arrived. Cooooooooool. Until I get some time to fit it onto the 125 I’ll not know if it will fulfil my requirements, but it certainly looks like it will. The only concern is that the inside diameter is 30mm and my pipes are 28 or so mm. That’s a 1mm gap all round.

Amazing flexible tubing that I'll be using for the exhaust pipe

The first hope is that because it’s a coil, it can be “tightened” to reduce the diameter, but only a small amount. Maybe with a twist it will reduce to say 29mm. Logic dictates that a jubilee clip will take up the rest of the slack, but I’m not so sure. It’s fairly tough stuff this. Otherwise I’ll have to find an appropriate exhaust clamp, that should put enough pressure on to form a good seal. There’s also the option of using a bit of computer case metal to form some sort of shim, but that’s a bit dodgy.

>the ends show how it's made like a coil

I’m hoping to get that bit done this weekend. It all depends on whether I get any time to do it or not. If I do get it done then I’m going to leave the bike ticking over for a good while, then start to re-assemble everything. There’s the engine bolts to put in, chain to replace, brake linkage, gearshift and all that. Maybe, just maybe, possibly, it’ll be ready to use.

All I’m worried about now after all this work so far is have I put the motor back together right. Is there a nut or bolt I’ve not tightened or overtightened…is the camchain right or a tooth out…will the cylinder head gasket hold out ok…have I blocked an oilway…? That’s why I’m loathed to spend ages completing the job only for the motor to do something stupid.

Wish me luck…

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Home Repair And RestorationThe Battle Of The Exhaust... - By Ren Withnell

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