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Change The Oil And Filter

By Ren Withnell

Time. I have time. I have a whole afternoon to change the oil so I have time. I can take my time. The only fly in this ointment is a light mizzle which means I'll have to spread my working jacket on the floor to lie upon when I undo the sump nut.

Oil - check. Oil Filter - check. Shiny new sump nut washer that came with the oil filter even though I didn't ask for it - check. 12mm spanner - check. Oil filter removal tool given to me by Pocketpete - check. Lots of rags - check. Used oil pan - check. Cup of tea - check.

With the motor still hot from my ride the oil veritably gushes out. Be warned, the CB500X's centre stand (if fitted) gets in the way of the used oil pan so I've used an old bit of metal to direct the rather powerful flow into the pan. There's a little splashage but nothing serious.

stock photo of a massive oil fire on a rig with ships trying to put it out
Just a little splash, I'll have it cleaned right up.

This is where having time is good. The oil filter at the front of the engine is covered in crud as well as the surrounding engine case. Not wishing to accidentally get muck into the engine I spend 20 minutes with a toothbrush, some paraffin and the hose pipe washing and scrubbing until everything is rather clean. I'm sure a good mechanic would give the area a wipe down but they wouldn't have time to really get in there properly.

The engine cases are clean around the old oil filter to ensure no ingress of dirt
That's better. I can see what's what now.

I'm glad Pocketpete gave me the filter removal tool, the filter is quite tight. With a slurp of fresh engine oil spread around the new filter I screw it on as tight as my weedy little hands can manage. I was taught to only put oil filters on by hand. If you have very weak arms then it could be argued the filter removal tool could be used for tightening too. If you have incredibly strong arms don't overdo it. 

The oil filter removal tool covers the end of the old filter and helps get it undone
Thanks Pocketpete, nice and easy.

I replace the sump nut along with it's new washer a proceed to fill the engine. Why oh why oh why are Honda incapable of putting their oil filling holes in sensible places? While the CB500X is not the worst I've come across it's at a jaunty angle rather than sensibly at the top. Is it me? Sharon's kwakker is no better yet her supposedly cheap and rubbish chinese Keeway has it perfectly located.'s not rocket science.

A shiny new washer for the sump nut
Shiny washer
The filler cap is circled in red and there's a green circle where Ren thinks it should be
Why put the filler here (in red) rather than on top (in green)?

Fill with oil, run the motor for 2 minutes, switch it off for 5 minutes then top up. Job done. Be sure to check it again after a long run then leaving it overnight. 

That's the oil and filter changed. Hmmmmm, what next I wonder.

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Reader's Comments

Pocketpete said :-
Glad it came in handy. Seems the remove the filter easy enough. I've got another come free with the honda filter off ebay only £ 12.99 inc delivery. Seems well made.

I've got my pads and oil ready for my 8000k service and the washer. Very excited.

Does look like they service bikes at all here in montenegro lol
08/09/2017 08:46:01 UTC
Pocketpete said :-
Seems a common theme abroad in the med. No bike care and attention at all lol.
Should see the state of bikes here in santorini
10/09/2017 09:37:26 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
So Pocketepete - hows about we set up a workshop somewhere warm, dry and sunny. We can actually service all these dodgy bikes!
10/09/2017 10:38:54 UTC

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