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Do I Have Room In My Heart For Two Bikes?

Blog date  July 2016

When I bought the Kawasaki I could not bear to part with my Keeway. He was my first love, the one I trusted and relied on to make me smile.

The first few rides on the Kawasaki were nervous affairs and I was glad to get back on the Keeway as soon as I could. He was my bike of choice to go around the Netherlands on. Zen behaved like a true gent and put up with me throwing him on the floor once again. He bore no grudges but shrugged off his new scratches and rode on. My trusty steed, my best buddy.  

I enjoyed riding him so much that once back home I had no inclination to ride the Kawasaki. In truth I didn't want to to get on her at all. But I didn't want my new expensive toy getting a flat battery so rather reluctantly I got on Envy and took her for a weekend of adventure to Wales and the Lakes and I began to fall in love with her too. 

Oh dear I enjoyed riding her so much that the next weekend I was due to ride the Keeway to Ren's for repairs on his horn and guess what..? Yes that is right...now I wanted to ride the Kawasaki and not Zen. This actually made me feel guilty like I had betrayed him in a way for having such thoughts. But as I patted Envy and locked her up that night I knew that she was what I wanted to ride the next day. 

At least that was how I felt until I was back on Zen and riding him and then I was like, oh my god I love this bike! He is such a pleasure to ride. So easy to ride. I know him so well and he is still so much fun. There in that ride came a simple and beautiful realisation. I could keep two bikes and enjoy them both. I do not have to prefer one to the other. There is room enough in my heart for both of them. Zen is easy to ride and still a hell of a lot of fun and will always be my choice if I plan a day down muddy tracks and bimbling around. I do not have to worry about uneven surfaces and where to park up with him. Envy is a new challenge that pushes new boundaries for me and will always be my choice if I need to use motorways or feel like a bit of a blast and playing with curves. So they both have their place in my life. 

Owning two bikes did not come easy to me, I had to justify the expense to myself and the sheer indulgence. Then I had to do battle with guilty thoughts of preferring one bike over another. It has taken me several rides to finally feel at ease with my choice to enjoy dual bike ownership. It does not have to be double trouble it can instead be twice as much fun.

Sharon poses evocatively stood next to her KeewayTwo bikes =  twice as much to smile about at last.


Reader's Comments

Mark said :-
I have Two As Well Yamaha And Honda Msx [Aka Grom]
And Enjoy The Choice.

1/8/2016 11:31:54 PM UTC
Mark said :-
And The Grom!!!

Honda Msx [Grom]
1/8/2016 11:33:44 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
The correct number of motorcycles a motorcyclist should own has a formula thus...

N = N + 1

Where N is the number of bikes the motorcyclist already owns.
2/8/2016 8:25:17 AM UTC
Monk said :-
Sometimes though... two is not enough!An off roader...maybe?
2/8/2016 6:19:45 PM UTC
Doug said :-
I keep wavering about what is the right number of bikes, and seem to settle on 3 - a tiddler for economical commuting and touring, something that can handle motorways comfortably two-up with luggage, and something in between that can keep up with modern traffic that's still cheap to run. Then again, a track bike and something for green laning would be handy...
2/8/2016 7:29:15 PM UTC
Sharon said :-
Mark - Two lovely bikes you have there and yes you are right it is wonderful to have a choice...how spoilt we are :-D. I did consider the grom myself before I bought the Keeway. On reflection I believe I made the right choice buying the Keeway when it was my one and only bike. However I think the Honda MSX look like a great funky second bikes to own.

Monk - Haa don't tempt me. Seriously thought right now 2 is enough for me to handle. How I will feel in the future though ... who knows?

Doug - Yes 3 seems a good number for yourself. And the reasons behind each ones are excellent. I have no plans to ever take a pillion. Ren spent about 2 seconds on the back of my bike once and aged 10 years in the process, so I think one up is the way for me to go.
2/8/2016 10:10:07 PM UTC
Doug said :-
Since the good lady wife is taking her CBT next week and we've not done any 2-up motorway munching with luggage for quite some years (we now stick to the car for that), I'm finding it hard to justify more than two now. I might chop the Enfield in for a 250, as although it gets me A to B, it does seem to be more as a favour, than by design...


Just the two :-)
3/8/2016 11:30:14 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I rather like the Enfields Doug. You're right though a 250 will do everything you want, just ask Sharon she's loving her new Kwakker 250. There's some good choices out there now in the 250 range, a few years back there was next to nothing.

Watch out for the Mrs Doug getting a bike. It can be rather embarrassing asking her to wait for you at the next junction as it turns out she's faster than you...
3/8/2016 5:38:31 PM UTC
Sharon said :-
OOOooo good luck to your wife on her CBT Doug, pass on my best wishes. Hopefully another lady biker out on the roads soon. Do let us know how she get on and what bike she get etc etc. Love new biker adventures :-). Hope you have a big garage because if she gets the bug she will be adding her own collection of bikes soon enough.
3/8/2016 7:04:59 PM UTC

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