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Blog date May 2016

I have a big obstacle when it comes to buying a new bike, ok more than one obstacle but the biggest problem is my current bike. I love my Keeway - Zen, my little trusty Chinese man, my first ever bike love. He still rides like a dream and he has got bags of personality. Yes I put a person's feelings and emotions onto my bikes. They have moods and well, they become important to me.

So if I am considering a new bike it would be logical to think of selling Zen...BUT I CAN NOT SELL ZEN. I can not part with my baby. So If I can not sell Zen then I need to work out if I can afford the total extravagance of owning two bikes and if I can even justify such wanton folly to myself. I am usually very careful with my money. I am not known to be greedy in the possessions department. So two bikes really does not sit well with my usual mind set. I mean two bikes come on...that is greed surely...two bikes are for people with lots of spare cash. I might have two wombs (yes we have known each other long enough now reader to learn such details about me :-) ) - but two bikes??? Surely not.

But if we want to justify something to ourselves we usually can, thus began my own justification programme.

1) With 20k miles on the clock Zen would be worth very little in actual monetary value. His value to me would be far greater than any trade in price.

2) Zen is already booked onto the ferry to go to the Netherlands this year. The Keeway is also covered for breakdown abroad etc. 

3) I have bought two new tyres and a new chain and sprocket to put on Zen prior to the Netherlands trip.

4) Zen is still running well with no major problems.

5) The Keeway can be my winter bike. He has already been through two harsh winters . The new bike if I get one could then be better preserved.

6) The 125cc gives me what I want most of the time. However for longer trips requiring the motorway to save time, more power is required. 

7) The current deal on the Kawasaki 250 SL is a very good deal. I may end up paying more in future for the same bike if I wait.

8) Life can be short - I might not have forever to experience more of life and more horsepower.

I did put myself through the mill over the decision as usual. As you can see I required vast amounts of thinking and self justification. Urghhh why do I do this to myself ... enough already ... just decide Sharon ...

Ok decision is made I am buying a new bike ... YIKES !!

Sharon rubs her head in concern over her big decisionOhhh...my head hurts!

Reader's Comments

Tony said :-
Go for it!!

What's that old saying ? The ideal number of bikes is N+1 where N is the number you have already :)

Having made the move to a bigger bike myself I know you will not regret it. Space and family and a deposit meant I had to let my littl'un go but in all honesty I would not go back now.

Enjoy !!

28/5/2016 11:17:19 AM UTC
Henrik said :-
1) true that !
2) true as well !
3) to justify such expenses, now you need to keep it many many years !
4) good to hear !
5) very very good reason !
6) true, new and longer distances, and keeping up with 500CC-Ren
7) maybe, now is now, then is then,...
8) Yes, short for sure,..

Arguing with someone understanding is so nice

Who could be more qualified than one self :-)

Tony is right, N+1, for me N is 3
28/5/2016 12:18:43 PM UTC
Monk said :-
I know that feeling...only too well after my recent escapade in the next bike debacle...please see elsewhere for further details...oh, ok I'll put a pic of the new bike here too...

29/5/2016 11:41:02 PM UTC
Sharon said :-
Cheers Tony,

I like your thinking ... thanks for the extra justification ;-)
31/5/2016 7:09:11 PM UTC

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