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TCX X-5 Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots Review

Review received 5 February 2023

By Bogger

Buying bike gear is a lottery. At times a very expensive and disappointing lottery. 

Today I’m specifically talking about boots. I've bought a few pairs over the biking years. These were from the likes of Frank Thomas, Alpine Stars, and Sidi etc. All purported to be waterproof, sadly none of them were. They might have been for the first couple of months but then over time they proceeded to leak at an ever increasing rate.

A pile of old worn out motorcycle boots

This situation is extremely frustrating and annoying bearing in mind the prices paid. When the last pair of boots got to the point where they were beginning to wear out and leak even more, I decided enough was enough.

Which manufacturer do I give my hard earned cash to? More importantly, the boots definitely categorically need to be fully waterproof. So the search started... How much?! Are you having a laugh? Ok, before I start to spend upwards of £400.00 lets have a think about this.

A few years back I bought a pair of Robusta 8” high Gore-Tex lined ‘patrol’ type boots. I used them for the foreign trips on the Cub and they have been utterly brilliant. They're comfy, hard wearing (they still look new) and totally waterproof. Waterproof, as in 10hrs riding for 5 days in torrential rain type waterproof. Amazing boots. 

A metal gore-tex logo on the boots

But I needed a proper bike boot for everyday commuting and rides at the weekend. Something more substantial, even though the Robusta boots are very tough. After plenty of searching on T’internet and watching reviews on Youtube, I kept coming back the the same pair - the TCX X-5 Gore-Tex motorcycle boots.

The boots seen from the front are mid calf high in plain black leather

Now I don’t buy clothes off the internet, they just don’t fit. So who are the stockists for said boots? As it happened J&S stock them so a trip out to the store at Oakmere near Northwich was arranged. I tried a few pairs of the X-5s on just to make sure the fit was right. What I could have done is selected the size then purchased them off the internet and save myself £10-£15 or so. Personally I don’t subscribe to this - do this and stores will disappear. I’d rather pay a bit extra, knowing that hopefully they will be there next year and the year after, should I want something else.

The label in the boots states TCX and size 12
Back to the boots.

At first they were a bit stiff and hard to get on and off. But after a few weeks this was no longer an issue. They are full grain leather. I think they look ok, as bike boots go. They have a zip and Velcro type of closures. Both seem to complement each other very well.

They are very comfy, they are warm enough in winter, but not too hot in summer. They are  supportive and feel really good quality. They are Gore-Tex lined and as such have NEVER leaked. I have commuted nearly every week day in them for two years now. I am both pleased and amazed that I’ve been lucky enough happen upon a pair of boots that actually perform.

As I said I’ve had them for two years. They still look very very good and in that time have not lost their shape or fit. A quick polish once a month brings them up nicely. The boots are still available and in my opinion they are worth every penny. I think I paid around £150.00.

Side view of the boots that still look like almost new

A very happy, dry footed Bogger signing off.

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Reader's Comments

Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I hope you're right about Gore-Tex and TCX. I've just purchased some TCX branded Gore-Tex boots, just gotta get 'em to the hospital, then wait 3 or 4 weeks, then pick 'em up from the hospital before I can use them.
23/02/2023 11:21:28 UTC
Bogger said :-
Why? Are they ill.

23/02/2023 17:10:56 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
I ride with a pair of TCX tour occasionally Ed, good boots, bit stiff but surprisingly comfy. They've never leaked but I still prefer my Altbergs for serious touring, they're like armoured slippers.
They (Altbergs) must be 20 plus years old and are still very good, although I've just had some stitching done that will have compromised the Gortex,......we'll see.
23/02/2023 17:14:19 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
I wasn't going to ask Bogger, you know what he's like.
23/02/2023 17:15:11 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I'm glad to see the entire political correctness movement has passed you two by...

You may or may not recall that I have the slightest, least impactful, hardly noticeable disability. I am missing 40mm of my left leg see. While this doesn't necessitate a blue badge or a specially adapted vehicle it does necessitate the adaptation of my boots see. As such I am allowed 2 pairs per annum of "alterations" provided by the wonderful yet struggling NHS. And the place where I must take my footwear? Bolton hossie. I think getting an ambulance to collect and deliver my boots to my house would be "an unwise use of already stretched resources".

I can walk without the altered left boot, however due to the nature of my deformity I find I walk in ever decreasing circles. Some might say this is entirely representative of my life.
23/02/2023 18:12:54 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
I forgot you were odd Ed.
My bad, as they say Stateside. They're a funny lot too.
Take care Odd, errr, I mean Ed.
23/02/2023 18:55:24 UTC
Snod said :-
I had some similar TCX's, maybe a model or two before this. They were absolutely brilliant, absolutely waterproof and all day comfy. A perfect fit on my awkward 8.5 sized feet too. They lasted about 4 years of hard commuting and touring use before the gear lever "pad" on the left boot was ripping away and the goretex was starting to tear in places. Still, I really rate them.

I'm currently using a pair of Daytonas (obviously I didn't buy them new) and I don't think they're as good, I find them much less comfortable.
23/02/2023 20:42:21 UTC
Bogger said :-
You can wear the TCX all day and they remain comfy. Your feet don't sweat in them either.


p.s. Ed, we're just trying to mentally toughen you up
23/02/2023 21:12:04 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Hehe! I consider myself incredibly lucky that my only problem is having to wear "odd" boots. As for being mentally tough Bogger - I'll have you know I'm mentally tough enough to look and dress the way I do (ie badly) and still be seen in public.

Well it looks like the TCX brand are getting the thumbs up so far although I'm sure someone will be here to spoil the party soon.
23/02/2023 21:49:08 UTC
nab301 said :-
I haven't come across TCX boots yet locally , one to look out for. I have been a fan of Daytona Goretex , I don't think I've ever had a pair leak but they are eye wateringly expensive and strangely a zip on my latest pair burst (2 yrs old , reduced mileage compared to previous pairs). I eventually managed to get it repaired locally although that cost €50 and the gear lever reinforcement on my previous pair (5+ yrs old) has partly detached and I'm not sure if that's possible to repair .(my Ren like glue repairs never last more than a couple of weeks although duct tape does work too..... )
Currently using an old pair of Alpine stars and struggling to remember why I stopped wearing them although it hasn't rained much here for weeks so that may be why I'm still happy with them
26/02/2023 14:03:51 UTC
said :-
Thanks for sharing your experience with the TCX X-5 Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots! It's refreshing to hear a positive review amidst the uncertainty of buying bike gear. The frustration of investing in supposedly waterproof boots only to have them leak over time is all too familiar. Your thorough assessment of the TCX boots, from their initial stiffness to their long-term performance, is invaluable for fellow riders like me in search of reliable footwear. It's reassuring to know that even after two years of daily commuting, they've maintained their quality and waterproofing. Your dedication to supporting local stores is commendable too. Overall, your review has convinced me to give these boots a try for my riding adventures!
Posted Image
05/06/2024 06:32:57 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
My TCX Tour are still going strong. Completely waterproof but still extremely stiff. They don't seem to loosen up much, but that's OK as long as you just ride in them. If I treat them to a spray of waterproofing they come up like new. Good boots.
05/06/2024 09:34:22 UTC

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