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Blobby's Field

Trip Date 7 - 9 August 2020

By Bogger

Last weekend was a weekend away with the lads to Rhayader in mid Wales. We've been camping there for about 13 yrs now. As many as 40 of us on C90s and other small machines.

This trip was a spur of the moment decision. We were all fed up of the dreaded "C" word. Eleven of us turned up mainly on Honda Cubs and most of us were tent camping.

The Honda Cub 125 and Bogger's tent in a pleasant field in Wales
C90 honda with a full load of bags, boxes and bungees

We arrived in dribs and drabs on Friday afternoon. The furthest travelled was from the Isle of Wight. The rest of us scattered from all over the country. On the Friday there was much p*** taking and a fair bit of drinking. Nothing too daft, just letting our receding hairlines down a tad. 

The campers arrive on motorcycles, scooters vans and campers
A dog bowl with a flannel over something, food probably
Dog bowl flannel fridge.

For years we had camped at the local council run campsite but this had been sold a couple of years back to the Caravan and Camping club, so not for us this time. However, over the years we've got to know some of the locals. One of them kept offering his "field" for us to camp in. We never took him up on the offer, we imagined it as some rough old patch of ground not really suitable.

Any road up, we needed a place to camp so myself and a mate had contacted Blobby. Err, that's the name we all knew him by. This was because the first time we bumped into him in Rhayader, years back, he was wearing a Mr Blobby t-shirt, hence Mr Blobby. I don't know how but we managed to get his phone number and arranged for us to stay. When we got there we were gobsmacked at how beautiful our new camping field was, on his farm. He's a top, top bloke, really nice.

A gentle small river runs at the edge of the field and a tree covered hill behind
The gentle river with the camping field and trees looking calm and pretty
Our camping spot

On the Saturday we decided on a quick ride out. Just a mere 125 miles in fantastic  scenery. Taking in the likes of Tylwch, Llanidloes, Corris, Machynlleth, Tywyn, Aberystwyth and back across the Elan Valley to Rhayader. A cracking run out with local knowledge from the Welsh lads. Even better there were no breakdowns or punctures. One lad did wonder why his fuel consumption on his Cub was so bad. He'd ridden with the choke half on for 35 miles.

Various scooters and a variety of Honda Cubs parked up as the riders chat
The various machines are parked and the riders chat under the vast shale hillside in wales
Looking along a Welsh valley with scree covered hillside and the road winding off into the distance

Saturday night was similar to Friday just with extra insults, jokes and slagging everyone else's bike off for being the slowest. Proper funny banter. The funniest line of the night was Black Country Pete commenting on an absent friend. 
"Jacko. He's never on his bike. He's a menace. He's always sliding down the road on his arse causing carnage. In fact he's kissed more tarmac than the Pope". We nearly wet ourselves laughing.

Unfortunately Sunday morning came round all too quick. The weather had been kind Friday and Saturday. On Sunday we managed to pack away in the dry, but our tents were wet from the overnight rain. It also poured down for most of my 120 miles home. It was an excellent weekend and we are busily planning the next.
The C125 Cub I loaded up for the weekend returned me 158mpg. Not too shabby.

A quick foot note.

The trip had been planned for the previous weekend but with the Welsh lockdown that had been extended, we pushed our trip back. One of the lads I had contacted about the original date never replied. So I assumed he wasn't interested in going. By the way he's Romanian.

So obviously what happened? He turned up a week early at the farm, unannounced. 
Mrs Blobby says to Mr Blobby "A bike's just gone past the house and into the field". "Nah can't be they're coming next week."
Mrs Blobby goes out of the farmhouse and into the field and comes back a little perplexed. "I can't understand a word he's saying. You'll have to go and sort it out".

Now you need to bear in mind that Our Romanian chum's first language is not English and his grasp of our Televisual heritage (aka Mr Blobby and the like) is completely lost on him. He has no idea.

Our Romanian pal thinks the Farmer is actually called Mr Blobby and addressed him as such when trying to explain why he was there. Alan, the farmer, just shook his head when he recalled the tale to us, laughing as he did so. We thought it was really funny. Another three turned up (all Romanian) and he let them all stay the weekend. Good old Blobby. It was a good job the lockdown had just ended.


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Reader's Comments

Upt'North said :-
A nice mix of Tiddlers Bogger.
Sunshine in Wales, that'll be it for this year then. It'll be back to grey Wales for at least the next three seasons, Wales has it's own insipid grey don't you think. An especially depressing grey a bit like one might find in Oldham.
What is it with you and the Eastern Block Bogger, people trafficking?
Your secrets safe with us. At least we know where all the Honda Bog Seats come from, personally delivered from the previous communist states.

19/08/2020 09:29:19 UTC
Bogger said :-
Foreigners. I'm like sugar to them. By the way Wales is much nicer than Oldham, I used to work there. Frankly it was a depressing place.

19/08/2020 11:27:36 UTC
nab301 said :-
Looks good and sounds like you had a great weekend , thankfully you didn't post up the skinny dipping photos...
19/08/2020 18:38:15 UTC

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