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Scotland In Winter 2015

Ren takes on the challenge of riding a 125cc motorcycle to Scotland. In winter. Camping. Fool.

Ren's CBf 125 against the steep snow covered mountains of Glen Nevis

Prologue - Scotland In Winter The build up to Scotland In Winter doesn't go anywhere near as well as Ren might hope.
Thinking Too Much As Ren rides north his bike takes a turn for the worse and his over-active mind starts to fret and worry. Is it all really worth it?
Hanging On In There Ren is suffering at the hand of the weather, his bike troubles, his sleeping arrangements and the wind. Will he make it?
A Better Day The weather improves, there's hope for the 125 and there's hope for a better night's rest too.
A Long Ride Ren makes the long journey south to avoid the forthcoming snows. But what does he find in Kirkby Stephen?
Epilogue - Scotland In Winter Ren contemplates the Scotland In Winter trip. Was it really worth the effort?

Reader's Comments

Claus said :-
Nothing linked to the "Thinking Too Much" bullet in "Scotland In Winter 2015"?
26/04/2016 06:27:20 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
It's working for me Claus. However I sometimes have problems with links going nowhere in Opera. If you're still struggling just copy/paste this link...

26/04/2016 07:34:17 UTC
said :-
It's good now... Please feel free to remove comments. :-)
26/04/2016 08:31:06 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I'm just happy you can read the page. I'll leave the comments on the page, it makes me feel like I've been useful today. :-)
26/04/2016 09:26:21 UTC
Garth said :-
Is that the Glen Nevis road the one that just ends in like a random car park? Its about 5 miles of totally up down left right smooth tarmac.
09/02/2017 13:32:24 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Spot on Garth! And yes what a road it is. It may be short but in those few short miles there's 100 miles of bends. I take it you know the area well?
09/02/2017 17:27:33 UTC

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