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The Pant Fridge

Post received 11 March 2020

By Bogger

A pair of underpants stuck on a regular old fridge

The Pant Fridge. The what? Bogger what on earth are you talking about? Please let me explain. I’ll try to be brief. No pun intended.

A few years ago five of us were on a Honda C90 jaunt to France and the Dordogne area in particular. This was via Brittany with more or less a straight line South. Anyway, the pant Fridge.

The weather was absolutely glorious. Baking hot every day. This was causing a bit of a problem in keeping things cool (mainly beer) and fresh food. We’d buy food/drink in the morning and by late afternoon some of it was inedible, as it had ‘gone off’.

One of the group had a brainwave. Lets make a ‘fridge/cooler using the evaporation method?? I’d never heard of it to be honest.

So a small pannier was removed from a bike, laid on its side and half filled with water. Items to be kept cool were then placed in the water. Can I just say at this point not all foods are suitable, cake being a good example as it gets wet.

A pan with water and a pair of underpants cooling a bottle of milk
MK1 pant fridge, to test the methodology before the panniers were utilised. Image taken on a campsite in Brittany

Righty ho, pannier half full, lob in the stuff to keep cool, beer, milk, plus other stuff in Tupperware type sealed boxes etc. These items then need to be covered with a tea towel or cloth or such like. The cloth needs to be wet and also in contact with the water in the pannier.

None of us could find a suitable cloth. However Jason did. He got a pair of his pants, as in underpants not the long trouser variety and promptly used those. Hence the ‘Pant fridge’. It worked brilliantly and on every subsequent trip we have utilised the pant fridge technology to great effect.

There is still a debate amongst us as to whether the pants were actually clean ones or he was killing two birds with one stone, both washing them and keeping things cool.


cans of beer in socks soaking and cooling in a pan of water
The beer coolder sock version
An aluminium motorcycle pannier filled with water and food for cooling
The Pannier version.

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Reader's Comments

Upt'North said :-
Bogger, you're obviously a genius, a legend no doubt.
BUT....why not buy the food in the afternoon, is it me.
16/03/2020 09:27:58 UTC
ROD said :-
Upt, They have their list of priorities. First spend the days money on beer and then the remainder on fuel.
If they get these priorities wrong those thirsty C90s may use up all of the beer money!
16/03/2020 02:32:53 UTC
Bogger said :-
Fair comment U'pt. However it was just so hot all the time and the Pant fridge obviously works at any hour.

Stuff was going off overnight as well. But not once we had the Pant fridge in operation.

The system works so well you can buy food one day and it's still fresh the next. So indeed, food can be bought ant any time of day.

Just wish I'd come up with the idea??

16/03/2020 08:20:35 UTC
Upt'North said :-
Hot all the time sounds good.
Summer must come soon. Feels like at midday today = - 1c!
16/03/2020 09:25:55 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Summer Upt'? But you won't be allowed out even if summer does come.
17/03/2020 12:30:21 UTC
Andy said :-
Surely the correct term for this is a "Cool Box-er" ;)
17/03/2020 05:40:16 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Andy - urgh. Very good, clever.
18/03/2020 07:12:52 UTC

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