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Big Trips On A Small Bike

Forward By Ren Withnell

Mark Noel got in touch via email complimenting BAT on encouraging adventures on small motorcycles and not sneering at them. We exchanged a few emails whereby I ecouraged Mark to share some of his own experiences. So here we are! Thanks to Mark and if anyone else feels like sharing you can find me on

A small tent in a field with Mark's Suzuki GN125 parked next to it

Big Trips On A Small Bike: Part 1 Mark has quite an exotic history of powered 2 wheeled velocipedes when a humble 125 crosses his path. Reluctantly he takes it for a little spin to see what it's like.
Big Trips On A Small Bike: Part 2 Mark rather enjoyed his Highland trip on the Suzuki 125, so why not go just a little bit further this time? Maybe dip a toe into Europe?
Big Trips On A Small Bike: Part 3 After a 4 year rest (blimey) Mark decides the GN125 could do with another ride out. But where to go? North. Way North. Way way way North.

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