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Upcycled Oil Dispenser

Blog Date 29 July 2019

One of the latest things personkind is doing to destroy the planet is using too much plastic that we throw away and ends up in the oceans. Being edumificated BAT readers you know the score and of course you're doing your bit.

Hand soap dispensers then. Why? The actual product, soap, used to (and still does if you look) come in a block. For the purpose of transportation it is convenient to wrap this block (or even better several blocks) in a very thin plastic sheet (or even better waxy paper). As such you could (and still can) buy mostly the thing you want, soap, with minimal wrapping to dispose of.

That's old hat. Today you require a trendy plastic bottle (or two if you add moisturiser) on a twee pretentious plastic tray. The benefit is you don't end up with skanky soap covered in hairs and unsightly bubbles and bits of soap on your kitchen or bathroom sink.

2 trendy plastic bottles on a plastic base with soap and moisturiser in them
Very pretty, until it's in landfill or the sea. 

Get over yourselves will you? 

I had the unfortunate situation of requiring soap a while back, and within the shop I found myself there was no "proper" soap, I ended up with a hand soap gel thing type dispenser. It was a one off. 

Now my hand soap dispenser is empty I was about to bin it when I had a thought. "You know what Ren, that'll make a great oil dispenser." I rinsed out the last of the soap gel, shook out the water and filled it with used engine oil. Voila - one hand oil can or dispenser. 

A used hand soap gel dispenser bottle now filled with oil to be used as an oil can.
I think it looks much smarter filled with oil.

There are 2 benefits over the old type of oil can. First off it was "free" so to speak. Secondly I can see how much is left in there. The downside? Erm, yeah, the long nozzle on traditional oil cans that allows you to get into awkward corners is missing. I wonder if I could glue on some old pipe?

"But Ren!" I hear you cry "What about the skanky mess old school soap leaves on the sink?" Fear not dear reader, I have solved that issue too. 

You'll need a piece of ply, a saw, an angle grinder and about 10 minutes. Cut the ply to size, round off the edges with the angle grinder then used the grinder to give the ply a slight dish shape to stop the soap from wandering off. Waste not want not.

A small piece of ply being used as a soap dish.
Plywood soap dish. Works a treat. Thank me later. 

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Reader's Comments

Pocketpete said :-
Love the soap dish patent pending obviously
29/07/2019 07:58:51 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I'm not entirely sure I can patent a bit of ply that's been savaged with an angle grinder. I'll just have to accept I'm a trend setter and ecological genius. I can make one for you and you can give it to Paula for Christmas if you like? She'll be thrilled.
30/07/2019 09:06:12 UTC
Pocketpete said :-
Sounds great but what will I do with the gold and ruby art deco earrings I bought her.

30/07/2019 09:16:08 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Keep them for next year.
30/07/2019 09:44:48 UTC
Bill said :-
Ren, isn't waste oil just going to make your hands dirtier? Not to mention drips onto your Italian marble sink or even on the hand woven antique Persion bath mat.You would of been better refilling it with the cheapest dishwasher soap but watered down of course so it goes further.
30/07/2019 02:45:26 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I don't recall you coming to my house Bill? The maid will clean the Italian marble sink, she's here most days so it ought not to stain. As for the bath mat will if it ever gets dirty I'll just replace it, they're only £2,300 at the moment, the prices are down. Dishwasher soap? You know I don't have a dishwasher Bill, tut. What would be the point, what would the scullery boy do if he wasn't washing up?

I just can't believe how wasteful some people are.
30/07/2019 03:20:09 UTC
Bill said :-
Sorry Ren my maid misinformed the butler who passed the wrong name to me, apparently it called "washing up liquid" that poor people who hand wash dishes use.Of course something we do not use as we only use silverware, not that common pottery which I believe is popular oop north.

Cleaner spray bottles are great for WD40 which is cheaper in container than aerosol.
Plastic milk container make good oil drain catch with side cut out then remove cap to pour into a larger waste oil drum for emptying at recycle centre.
30/07/2019 08:29:25 UTC
Borsuk said :-
I find this type of barbecue / chilli sauce bottle does well for lubing a chain or spot applications of oil, they seal well and you can alter the flow to an extent.
The way the boy ploughs through the stuff I will have an infinite supply of them.

Posted Image
30/07/2019 10:50:14 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I'm glad to hear you are maintaining good standards Bill. One tried pottery once and it rather spoilt the taste of the swan we were eating. Tell me, is your silverware gold plated? One's is although one is finding with the antique items some of the gold has worn away now.

Good call on the squirty bottles. For oil drain I have used an old oil bottle/container with the side cut out, I think that's what we have at Sharon's presently. I happened across a proper oil can a few years back so I is no posh innit. Borsuk - my condiments are usually served in a tureen dish, maybe I need to ask the chef?
31/07/2019 09:02:09 UTC

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