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What An Easter Weekend

Blog Date 23 Apr 2019

This weekend was Easter weekend. This weekend was a very warm and dry weekend. How often can you write that!! 

Because of the long weekend I decided it would be a good weekend to go and see my father down there in that there SouthLand. He lives a few miles from some quaint little village called "Brighton" and they now have metalled lanes down there making travel that much simpler. There are plans for telephony services and electricity in the near future but only for the wealthy (that'll be all of them then...).

A house on the Shoreline near Worthing, in a 1920's architectural style
Architecture has reached the 1920s on the Sussex coast now.

So we have perfect weather for a pleasant ride. Except. Well. Erm. We're taking the car. Yes, yes yes, I know, I'm sorry but I have a list of prepared excuses. Firstly this car is new to me so this is a test ride, a shakedown. Secondly we have done this trip many times before so we'll not see anything new. Thirdly Sharon has tennis elbow so she needs to rest her arm in anticipation of our forthcoming Scotland trip - on motorcycles. Fourthly it's motorway work so not exactly motorcycle nirvana. I could go on... and on... and on.

Sharon's approaching her motorcycle parked outside the shed
Put it back in the shed sweetie, you won't be needing it.

While it was rather distressing seeing motorcyclists enjoying the sun I have another confession to make. Yeah, erm, air-con is very nice when it's hot isn't it. Sorry.

My dear BAT readers, why do you torment me? Your images of sun drenched and deserted country lanes causes my heart to break. Here in the grimy north west as well as in the underdeveloped south it has been busy and bustling. The M56 towards Chester and thence North Wales was already jammed up at 1015 on Good Friday. Wales is a beautiful place for sure but by god it must have been bursting at the seems.

Our trip to my father's was "eventful". One downside of cars is that Sharon and I can talk to each other. Because we can talk to each other we can disagree. As such we had a falling out. Fear not we have resolved our differences. Sharon simply stared at me with those "I'm gonna kill you" eyes at which point I immediately crumbled, apologised and agreed with her opinion. 

Sharon is giving Ren and the camera a dirty cruel look
I stand more chance of winning an argument with a brick wall. Sorry sweetie, yes sweetie, no you're right sweetie.

There is an upside too with being in the car for 3 days. By golly did we appreciate getting back on the bikes!! On the bank holiday Monday we met up and took a simple ride around the area. For some reason Sharon had got the bit between her teeth and was in dire need of carving some bends. As such I lead her down every bendy road in the area. Mix in a few glasses of pop in country pubs, a splash of ice cream in Southport and a brew in St Helens and we can rack that up to "a good day".

Road signs showing steep road and sharp bends on a countryside lane in Lancashire
These signs mean fun on motorcycles and a pain in the derriere in the car.

I'd love to hear about your Easter weekend. But. On the proviso that you don't wind me up by telling my how quiet the roads are where you live. Swines!

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Reader's Comments

Bob said :-
Hardknot Pass in the Vitara. 1 in 3 grades and blind summits followed by hairpin bends - at one point I ended up putting it into low ratio gear so that I could use the engine in descent mode because the brakes were beginning to stink.
It'll be good to be out on the KLX when I get back.
24/04/2019 05:58:05 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
It's a helluva road that Hardknott innit. Scared the poop outta me, I'm glad I was on the 125. You still away... anywhere nice?
24/04/2019 08:19:57 UTC
Rod said :-
I took a trip to the Peak District on my longest ride over Easter, and the roads were not that busy.
The wife came out as pillion twice over the weekend, and the BM has the approval of she who must be obeyed, so it looks like the BM is a keeper.
24/04/2019 09:15:25 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
I'd imagine that BM is akin to a luxurious Chesterfield chair Rod, so yeah the boss lady ought to be happy. Sharon still likes to hop onto the back of my bike from time to time but she doesn't rate the 500's comfort too much.
25/04/2019 08:40:23 UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Hardknott / Wrynose? Many many years ago I went over there on what must have been one of the most unlikely bitsas ever - a Norton 500 single engine and gearbox in a Royal Enfield rolling chassis, fully loaded with pillion and camping gear (which shows how long ago it was).

There were 2 problems: first the weight distribution was all wrong so it kept performing involuntary wheelies on the way up; the second only came to light on the descent. Whoever had built it hadn't checked clearance between the front down tube and the front tyre. When I braked hard for one of the downhill bends, the wheel jammed between the frame and exhaust - fortunately I was able to keep it all upright. The remainder of the descent was very sedate.

I do seem to remember that it was the last time my wife rode pillion.....

On our return home I wasted no time in sourcing the proper running gear for the Norton.
25/04/2019 11:26:41 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Note to self. If I ever Want to put Sharon off motorcycling take her to the Hardknott.
26/04/2019 04:30:34 UTC

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