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CBF125 At 80,000 Miles

Blog Date - Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Well it's still going. It feels fine, it starts fine, it runs fine. It does have it's rattly days and I think to myself "not long now old girl" but then the next day all is calm and it sounds just like a little sewing machine. Machines aren't supposed to have feelings yet I can't help but feel (sic) that they do. 

I'm struggling to find things to say about this bike that I've not already said. After some 6 coming on for 7 years of ownership it has been featured so many times on this blog I reckon regular readers will know it almost as well as I do too. So I'll keep this short. 

Let's see what the next 10,000 miles bring.

The speedometer clock on the CBF125 is showing over 80,000 milles on the counter

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Reader's Comments

Pocketpete said :-
At some point you will have to face it may be not worth repairing it.

Do you have a plan for its eventual demise or is the plan to rebuild it and keep it until it becomes a classic.

The other question is what is it worth with this mileage and have you seen one with higher mileage.
26/2/2019 7:41:54 PM UTC
Snod said :-
Great stuff, almost time for it to see some Alps..?
26/2/2019 7:59:14 PM UTC
Henrik said :-
Now you simply GOT to reach 100K :-)

I took the Innova for its last trip last sunday, the garbadge-container on the public recycle station

Very low millage, and lots of new parts, but I am somewhere in life where I dont whant to consume peoples lack of respect when they give me a shameless low bid as they hope I am in financial troubles and need to eat from their hand, Or they dont show up on apointment, so its directly to the container nowadays :-)

Same with my Corsa 2009 ,.. it whent away last wednesday for destruction

Next up KLE500, still not sure,..
26/2/2019 8:14:14 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Pocketpete. I'll run it till it makes no more sense to run it. When it dies it dies I guess. There is the notion of replacing the motor and whatnot but it is getting to the stage where the frame is rusting and those kind of issues. Also maybe one day I may actually like to ride something different! I've not personally seen a CBF125 with such high mileage but I'm sure there'll be one in India or Thailand with 156,000 miles on it no doubt.

Snod. I'm not entirely sure the old girl is ready for a big trip any more. She drinks a bit of oil so unless I can dawdle down to the Alps and back over a 6 week period a 1,000 mile blast to the Alps would likely see it run dry.

Henrik. 100k is still 20k away! That's more than most motorcycles cover in a lifetime so I still think the 100k mark is a long long way away. At least 2 years riding, at least. As for scrapping bikes? As far as I'm concerned if it runs it's worth something to someone.
27/2/2019 9:24:45 AM UTC
Steve B said :-
Impressive mileage Ren. Have you thought about sharing your thoughts with Honda?
Maybe they would do you a deal on anew one?
27/2/2019 10:25:34 AM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Henrik, it's a real shame to destroy something that still has life in it. Don't you have freecycle* / freegle in your neck of the woods? Or even let it go on ebay for what it'll fetch?

Not everybody has the cash for new shiny bikes - I know for most of my life I didn't - so why not let someone else benefit?

*Yes you do although maybe not near you.....
27/2/2019 11:03:30 AM UTC
Marv said :-
80,000 miles is a great achievement! Shows they can cover big mileage, if you take good care of them. My CBF125 has done a mere 17,000 miles, don't think I'll be catching you up anytime soon :o)
28/2/2019 8:27:08 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Marv. Just keep on riding and enjoying the bike. I'm still loving mine even after all the miles :-)
28/2/2019 9:20:25 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Oh Steve B I once told my local Honda dealer about the CBF when it was coming up to 70k. They kinda shrugged, apparently a 'Blade owner got a free service when his 'blade reached the 100k mark.

If I knew someone at Honda UK to tell them then I guess I would, dunno what they'd make of it.
28/2/2019 9:37:41 PM UTC
Upt'North said :-
Ed, I suspect their total interest would be to direct you to your nearest dealer to spend lots of dosh on a new shiny one. No manufacturer wants us to use their vehicles only to buy them on manufacturer controlled finance, park them up for three years and then repeat the process.
28/2/2019 11:38:03 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Yes indeed Upt'North. As a business there's little benefit for them knowing one of their blasted 125s has lasted this long and done this many miles. It's like the ever-lasting light bulb, it's bad for business.

Buuuuut. While fat wealthy Western motorcyclists should be interested in buying the next fashion icon or status symbol there are a few out there whom also seek reliable transport. Remember it's likely Honda's largest business is NOT fat wealthy Westerners but lower income commuters in developing markets like India and The Orient. These buyers want to know their bike is going to get them to work and back with the least fuss for as long as possible.

Buuuuut. Does an image of a fat wealthy Westerner having achieved what is to them probably quite normal mileage bring them any marketing kudos? It would be fascinating to understand where, why, how and what their business goals are worldwide.
1/3/2019 7:58:55 AM UTC
Christopher said :-
Thanks for the update on the CBF125. Onwards to 100,000 next then. The (vast) majority of fellow riders i speak to are under the (false) assumption that all 125's have a service life of no more than 20,000 miles. Indeed, there are two dealers i am aware of that now have policy of not taking a used bike in part/ex with over 20,000 on the clock!!, frankly, farcical. Honda U.K would not be in the least bit interested. As mentioned in the comments above,its all about selling new bikes,along with the fake illusion/image created via the bike press. My own CBF125 has a 'mere' 36,000 on the clock, and running like the proverbial Swiss watch!, Some way to go yet to the 100,000!, but with 9000 miles a year, i am getting there!.

I like your term 'fat, wealthy Western motorcyclists' (nice to know the term 'motorcyclist' is still in use ...as opposed to 'bikers', not a term i use, it has, i feel, certain 'connotations' and imported from the U.S in the 90's). Anyway...back to the 'fat, wealthy, Western motorcyclists' I think what you actually refer to Ren, is more in line with the 'reality' here in 21st century U.K, which reads, (and this is not tarring absolutely everyone with the same brush), 'Fat, Wealthy (only in their dreams,read carrying large debts!) unhappy,seeking constant attention/approval, and thus constantly changing bikes,in the (false) hope it will bring them happiness.....It plays perfectly into the hands of the banks/dealers/debt recovery agency's. Everyone though (ultimately) has 'Free Will', and thus chooses to remain in the illusion...or 'wake up and smell the coffee' as our cousins across the pond say!.
1/3/2019 5:58:01 PM UTC
Pocketpete said :-
Omg I'm a fat wealthy motorcyclist...

I do seek constant attention and approval and have changed bike many times sometimes to bring me happiness.

But I think I'm ok with it as I dont have large debts.

Phew that's ok then I'm safe to have a test ride on the 650 interceptor.
1/3/2019 9:28:49 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Ahhhh the treadmill of consumerism is safe. A new motorcycle will not bring you eternal happiness Pocketpete or bless you with a life of peace and tranquillity. You'll still be the same chap but with a few quid less in the bank and an Interceptor 650. However regular readers will know I always have a bright and cheery outlook on life and find positives in everything, it's in my nature. I shall be looking forward to "having a go" and learning how to service it :-)
1/3/2019 11:23:32 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-
If Pocketpete does get an Interceptor can I come and watch you servicing it, I intend to have mine for a long time after the warranty expires.
I can supply fry up items in abundance if required. Learn at the foot of the Master as they say.
Just managed to get some add-ons for my Himalayan by getting them on Amazon India and sent to a colleagues house for him to bring to the boat. This job is beginning to have some good points.
2/3/2019 10:05:08 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Whoa whoa whoa!! I am NOT the master. I've never been inside an Enfield of any kind so essentially I'll be fumbling in the dark like anyone else. Come on, you've seen my bodges, really...
2/3/2019 3:31:47 PM UTC
Pocketpete said :-
Yes I was thinking about the 650 tappets. What sort are they...
Are they easy to adjust.

New bike not much technical stuff out there on the bike. Lots of test rides and videos but not any detail on the tappets or service items or even insurance details my insurance company wont offer a policy on it yet they have no value. The dealer sent offering any finance pcp as they are unsure of future values.
2/3/2019 4:51:57 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-
I was quoted 346 pounds TPF&P from Bikesure for my Interceptor.
You have to remember I am not UK resident and have only held my full license since August and have only 2 years NCB so you should be able to get a much better deal, even fully comp.
You can download the owners manual from RE`s website as well as various others, gives you the service intervals, tappet checks at every 6000 miles.
2/3/2019 6:02:22 PM UTC
Borsuk said :-
I meant Master of the Art of Bodge Ren.
2/3/2019 6:05:23 PM UTC
pocketpete said :-
I've had a look at the service owners manual seems fairly straight forward but of course it gives no information on what sort of tappets or clearance the bikes has. My insurer is RCIB they are pretty hopeless I will be changing next year.
2/3/2019 6:59:06 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
IF... If... if I remember correctly this image is from the Manchester Bike Show 2018 and I seem to recall this is a cutaway from the new 650 engine. If I am correct it is a simple screw and locknut affair for the tappet setting.

3/3/2019 8:47:09 AM UTC
Spa said :-
Dear Ren

My little cbf has about 42k km (26k mi) and I did a ride from Belgium to Portugal just a few months back.
My question is: what do you do for comfort on the bike? I am quite tall (around 6') and on long rides there is some discomfort around the shoulders and back. Thank you for any tips; may our cbf's live a long life.

10/6/2019 11:54:43 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Spa. Compared to you I am a shorty at 5 feet 8 inches. I've only changed the seat on mine, there is another extra 1 inch of foam on there. That might help straighten your legs a little. You could also try bar risers but be careful not to stretch the cables and wires. Moving the bars back and fore may help.

We are all physically unique and what will work for me might not work for you. Experiment is the only thing I can suggest.

I think there's a lot of other aspects, how fit are you, are you relaxed when riding, are you riding for too long, do you fidget. There's probably enough here to warrant a whole article! Best get writing :)
11/6/2019 9:35:35 AM UTC

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