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Still No Deal

Blog Date - 28 October 2013

The new Honda CB 500 X is £5,100. A certain Honda dealer is selling their ex-demonstrator CB 500 X for £4,600. Fair enough. I want the 3 year Honda warranty which is on offer for £200 bringing the total to £4,800. The shop has offered £600 trade in for my old Fazer. Disappointing but not entirely unexpected. They want £4,200 and my old Fazer in exchange for their ex-demo bike. I offered them £4,000 plus my Fazer. I was turned down.

It was suggested I ought to sell the Fazer myself, I'd get more. Indeed I would. So...they want £4,800 for the CB 500 X and 3 years warranty. I offered them £4,600 for cash, no exchange, just a straight deal. Still no deal. 

Is it me? I know times are hard but whatever happened to good old fashioned negotiating? Come one me half way. I bid them £200 below their asking price, there was no "Hows about £100?" A free service? Maybe a great discount on a new helmet? Nothing. 

I'm in a good position. My apparently worthless Fazer is still reliable, powerful, good to ride and fully roadworthy. My pennies are safe in a bank (hopefully!). I like the CB 500 a lot but I'm not desperate to own one right now no matter what. I can walk away and wait. I can wait until the winter when times will be hard at the dealers and they'll be more willing to deal. I can wait and buy a mint second hand one next year. So that's exactly what I've done. I've walked away. They've got my number.

honda cb 500 x at the nec 2012
Maybe a discount on some luggage or a free centrestand? COME ON!

Reader's Comments

Drew Ledson said :-
I think that is incredibly mean! There is a very generous mark up on new bikes. I wouldn't buy without incentive.
1/1/2000 12:00:00 AM UTC
Tom McQ said :-
Your Fazer won't be worth anything less in January, but all the dealerships will have high targets for January. Better to go on Friday 31st when they'll do ANYTHING to bag that extra sale.

Go on Ren, SPEND!! :-D
1/1/2000 12:00:00 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Tom...that's my plan! Maybe December when the salesman is stony broke or like you said January 31st.

I know the internet has brought around a change. This dealer's price HAS to be low otherwise I can easily find a cheaper model online elsewhere in the UK, even abroad. I know the days of 500 quid discounts are long gone because they can't artificially "up" the screen price.

I just want to feel like I've struck a deal, a bargain, like I'm getting that little extra, like I'm special. I don't want to be sat in the pub one day listening to how some guy got the same bike with 1 years free servicing and a Alpinestars jacket thrown in when I paid the asking price.

I've also been asked by Drew via FB about purchasing another bike from another manufacturer. Well, when one of those marques bring out a good machine for a good price that ALSO does 80mpg like the CB 500 range then I'll take my business elsewhere. I like Honda's but there's a whole lorra other good stuff out there.

Might take that MT09 out for a test ride, but I know there's no deals on them right now too. I know 'cos I've asked already.
1/1/2000 12:00:00 AM UTC

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