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Parking Pains

Blog Date - 14 April 2011

You'd think parking a bike is never an issue.  It takes up considerably less space than a car and can be maneuvered into the tightest of space.  Not always.  I've been working on a 3 day contract for over 6 months now, and using the bike to travel there.  This place, being a workshop, has a car park that gets covered in things like screws, slivers of metal and other nasty puncture-inducing items.  Closer to the entrance of the parking and away from the bins, it's OK, not perfect but acceptable. 

Of course the boss-man has now decided that this favorable part of the car park needs to be used for customer parking and some displays.  All the staff now have to park closer to the bins.  Hmmmmm.  He's also insisted this morning the bikes should be parked in the worst place possible, right next to the bins on a dirty patch of gravel.  I said no thanks, I don't need more punctures.  He's promised to sweep the area, but I can't see how you can sweep gravel placed upon dirt that is embedded with several years worth of old nails.  It's just not going to happen.

I'm not normally very partisan or come the revolution, but this gripes me a bit.  Currently the bike is locked to a railing at the entrance to the parking area, rather than putting it where the boss wants it.  I wonder how this will all be resolved?

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