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Quechua Clic Hiking Lamp Review

Review Date 15 August 2017

By Pocketpete


When preparing for my Lake District camp with Ren I gathered items from his comprehensive camping list and picked up a head torch from decathlon. £12.99 I paid for it but it is listed at £14.99. 

The lamp is a small square light on a strap to put around your head

Ren seemed interested in it as its rechargeable via a USB lead. This can be a micro USB(Adapter included) or standard USB port. He has a suitable charger under his bike seat, so if it runs out of charge whilst on holiday it can be topped up straight away.

It's bright and simple to use. The light comes with a removable back plate so it can be fitted to either the headband or clipped to the side of a tent pole. You can buy the units without the charger which are cheaper and up to 5 can be charged by the one charger at the same time by clicking them together. These can then be placed around the tent to light it up. 

A charge seems to last quite a long time, up to 20 hours on the lower setting. It has a red setting to preserve night vision which lasts 40hours.

Might be just the thing for a camping trip. Worked fine for me when I could find it in the tent - lesson learnt - take it with you when leaving the tent and coming back in the dark.

We're always looking for simple reviews of natty camping kit like this for Bikes And Travels. If you have one drop Ren a line, ren@bikesandtravels.com

Reader's Comments

Ren - The Ed said :-
The main thing that appeals to me with this torch is the fact that it's USB rechargeable. Currently I use a regular torch with regular rechargeable batteries. I don't have nor can I find a battery charger for AA batteries that will attach to my motorcycle for charging.
24/08/2017 09:39:17 UTC
Borsuk said :-
I've had a usb AA charger for years. Ebay have them from £1.50ish from China to a fiver for a 4 battery job includiNg 2AA and 2 AAA batteries, GP Recyko+
25/08/2017 06:26:48 UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Well you've done far better than I did Borsuk.
25/08/2017 09:35:58 UTC

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