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Long Term CBF 250 Review david said :-
my cbx250 twister virbrating , sound like marbles in bottle,with high pitched whining sound like turbo .

Handguard Upgrade Ian Soady said :-
"Why is the Guzzi in paint? "

You may remember I posted a couple of pics when I bought it. Very amateurish aerosol spray job and a dreadful cut-down front mudguard. As I got the bike at a reasonable price I thought it deserved a nice professional paint job.

I was warned that the chap I selected was a little slow and now realise why......

Handguard Upgrade Ren - The Ed said :-
Sensitive? Meeeee?!?

Yes I cry myself to sleep every night worrying about how you and the other reader think of me.

The plastic is quite stiff. I'd estimate it to be akin to the plastic found on a cheap top box - not incredibly strong but sturdy enough. No, they don't flap at all.

As for the wrist watch. I went upmarket and spent almost £10 at Argos for this particular chronometer. It is 100% waterproof, keeps time acceptably well and if someone steals it then meh, pfffft. It has sat there these last 5 years with nary a grumble. The only thing is at night I have to wait for a street lamp to know the time.

Why is the Guzzi in paint?

Annie's 90th Ride Out Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers folks :)

Ian - I think the rocking horse is probably more in line with my abilities.

Handguard Upgrade Ian Soady said :-
Oooooh, sensitive!

I think they look OK actually although I would have taken off the rough edges.

They also look a bit flimsy - don't they flap about?

I also like the cheap wristwatch rather than an expensive bike-specific type. I have something similar on the Guzzi. If only my bits would come back from the painter......

Annie's 90th Ride Out Ian Soady said :-
But if that doesn't suit...... ...

Annie's 90th Ride Out Ian Soady said :-
Here's your opportunity to join the ranks of the chairmen Ren. ...

Annie's 90th Ride Out Bigdoozer said :-
well done to everyone involved.

Annie's 90th Ride Out Ren - The Ed said :-
As a young 20yr old green wanna-be roughty toughty biker I was on a rally when I first tried an outfit. It was - oddly enough - a Ural much like Phil's in the video. Luckily we were in a field. As I sped towards the ditch I leaned to turn - only to find the bike was continuing in a straight line. What's up! Why won't it turn!! Aaaaah, you actually have to steer, to physically move the 'bars rather than lean. I only just managed to avoid said ditch.

I did wonder if I could ride the combo. Then I recalled my previous experience. I'd be happy to have another go in a car park or field but I am not ready for the open road. I suspect it may take a few minutes to get the hang of things and a lot longer to master it.

Cholesterol. Who invented cholesterol and ruined the pleasure of a Full English?

Annie's 90th Ride Out CrazyFrog said :-
I remember that transport cafe very well Ian. IIRC it was demolished when they re-developed the A38 for the Toyota works access. I used to work in Derby in the mid 80's and would quite often pop in there for a breakfast. This was obviously well before any of us had ever heard of chloresterol.....

Annie's 90th Ride Out Ian Soady said :-
Yes, lovely story.

Did you get a chance to try out an outfit Ren? Can be great fun. Although not always for the passenger.

Many many years ago we were wending our way back from the frozen North with our (t)rusty Norton 16H and Watsonian Avon after a Christmas visit to my parents. As night fell we encountered freezing fog mixed with sleet just south of Derby (long before the M42 was built) so stopped briefly at a transport café to warm up.

When we came out my wife refused to get back in the coffin-like sidecar (which unlike the model above was missing its windscreen so must have been purgatory). Fortunately a friendly lorry driver strolled across and with his help I managed to persuade Electra that getting back in the chair for another hour or so was preferable to being stranded beside the A38.

I think that was where her aversion to bikes started......

Annie's 90th Ride Out CrazyFrog said :-
A very touching story. Hat's off to all concerned. :)

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Ian Soady said :-
Different certainly!

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
I think you'll find the Enfield experience quite different to the fireblade experience Stuart! Not in a bad way, I expect you'll find it refreshingly different and relaxing.

I'd love to hear how you get on.

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Stuart said :-
I ride a Honda Fireblade a 95 model, I will soon receive a small windfall from an investment and am seriously considering a 500 classic (my wife keeps looking at me in a strange way) thanks for the write up and all the additional information, I was concerned a out the vibration, thankyou all for putting my mind at rest, I'm really looking forward to the end of March when I hope to become an RE owner.

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Gerard. I'm glad it wasn't just me that found the test ride to be very vibey. I'm equally glad that for most people it seems that once the bike has settled in the vibes reduce to an acceptable level.

Great information and enjoy the Enfield!

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Gerard said :-
I recently spent a month in India, RE's are very common there of course, and it was great to see and hear them everywhere. On my return to NZ I visited the local RE motorbike shop and took a demo Classic 500 for a testride. It had only done 90kms and at 100kph the vibration was terrible, especially thru the bars. The bikeshop wasn't negotiable on price and I was worried that after a few rides I may be selling the bike due to the vibration problem. So decided to buy a used one, so I wouldn't lose so much money if I didn't like it and had to sell it. After 2 months of looking have just purchased a 2014 Classic 500cc with 8000kms. It is worlds apart from the demo, the vibration at 100kph is not nearly as bad, there is still some minor vibration thru the bars but it is very tolerable and I'm not really aware of it. The bike is a delight to ride. My other bike is a late model Harley Davidson 1584cc, despite what the detractors say it's an awesum bike to ride and very powerful, but the RE is just as much fun. Next thing to do is join the local RE club, I'm hooked.

My 2014 Classic 500

The Complexities Of Motoring Ren - The Ed said :-
Phew!! I'm glad they've found the mounting points for the earth. That said I thought they'd be at the poles because on most globes I've seen they usually are.

The Complexities Of Motoring Henrik said :-
Damm flat-earthers ,... I know better :-)

The Complexities Of Motoring Ren - The Ed said :-
There is an assumption that EVERYONE has internet access and EVERYONE has a mobile phone. I daresay the vast majority of people do but not everyone. If someone in a modern first world country finds themselves without these 2 items I can only assume they must feel like something of an unwanted pariah.

I'd best stop otherwise we'll have the flat-earthers espousing conspiracy theories...

The Complexities Of Motoring Borsuk said :-
The first time I took my car over to Spain I programmed the sat nav to avoid toll roads, unfortunately that didn't include emission zones. Imagine my surprise as I passed a sign saying I was entering the London Emission Zone or whatever it's called and had to call some number within 24 hours or get fined. Try remembering a phone number on a street sign on your own with what felt like half of London's traffic trying to herd you in the same direction as them. When I got to Dover I arrived earlier than expected and managed to get internet access and found the web site to pay. Only to find my little Suzuki is exempt in the first place. It was a nice surprise but I had been driving with visions of being stuck somewhere in France when the time limit finished and getting a string of fines for not paying.
It's as bad as these places that require you to pay street parking fees using a mobile. Becomes bloody expensive quickly if you are on International roaming.

Sympathy For The Devil Ren - The Ed said :-
I can't speak for the Kawasaki's prices but I can believe it's true. Right, scrap the bike shop idea Sharon - too much like hard work and we're not gonna get rich quick.

The Complexities Of Motoring Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Keith m. Apparently the Runcorn/Widnes bridge's tolls are collected by the same (French) company as the Dartford crossing. When I went over the Dartford Bridge there were signs EVERYWHERE threatening all kinds of doom and disaster if you didn't cough up sharp style. So much so even though I'd heard motorcycles were free to cross I still went to the website to double check.

Here at Runcorn there's a couple of signs, definitely not enough if you're from out of town. There is only one sign from either side declaring the point of no return if you wish to avoid the tolls. It's as though they want you to cross the bridge. It's as though they want to fine you. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Sympathy For The Devil Keith m said :-
When I bought my z300 the salesman said he wasn't making a penny on it. I obviously asked why are you selling it then?. He said that they had brought this bike in at £3900 and I think they retailed at the time at £4400-£4600 His boss wanted the bike moved on. So I brought it hundreds of pounds under trade with 300 miles on it.

The Complexities Of Motoring Keith m said :-
Down here in Kent we have the Dartford crossing. It too takes its tolls via cameras. If you don't pay the charge within 24hrs they send you a fine through the post. Now 140,000 to 170,000 vehicles use this crossing per day. Nice little earner that one.

Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 Ren - The Ed said :-
Whoops! I missed the "new" bit. I know a few people with YBRs and they've not had any real issues with rusting.

Putting A Motorcycle Onto The Centre Stand Caroline said :-
Thank you CrazyFrog & Sharon! I was driving myself crazy with not being able to put my Yamaha YBR 125 on the centre stand. After a few hours of trying I saw your tip of using the pillion footrest and up he went! Easy! So happy! I am a 5’4 female and was starting to doubt myself, but as everyone has been saying all along it’s all just simple physics. I just need the right place to grip as I have short arms the pillion foot rest is perfect. Now I can go to my test with one less thing to worry about! Thank you.

Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 Henrik said :-
Geuss Paul said: "purchased a Yamaha ybr NEW in 2015" so there have been no previous owner to destroy it ;-)

Also surprises me, since most people seems to be ok with their YBR

My favorite next time would be CBR250L slightly rebuild for touring

Or Versys X-300 if a very good offer appeared, generally X-300 is priced to high, compared to stepping up to a good deal on a basic CB500X, (DK-prices)

Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Paul m. There's 2 things that give a motorcycle longevity. Firstly it has to be made well, secondly it has to be cared for.

I'm not sure all other Chinese models are as well made as Sharon's Keeway although for the most part they're all improving. The YBR has a good reputation as a solid reliable bike. I daresay your son's had a very hard life before it came to you.

But yeah the Chinese bikes are so cheap you could have 2 for the price of a "brand" bike.

Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 Paul m said :-
My son purchased a Yamaha ybr new in 2015 by the time it was 12 months old it had required several repaires and the bike was embarrassing rusting. He would of been much better off buying a Chinese bike as they could not of been worse, but at least half the price

Putting A Motorcycle Onto The Centre Stand Ren - The Ed said :-
It's heartwarming to hear that Nick S. Now you've got the hang of it with practice it'll all become a lot easier. Soon you'll be throwing it on and off the stand.

Cheers :)

Putting A Motorcycle Onto The Centre Stand Nick S said :-
I have a Kawasaki ZZR1100 - a winter hack, but I really needed to lube the chain properly to keep me going, and I have *never* managed to get it on the centre stand before I came across this. I really was doing it all wrong, and I can't really believe how easy it is, now I've watched the video and thought about it. I was still a little sceptical, but as soon as I had her settled properly on the stand, and I focussed on pushing the lever down - by standing on it and doing a "1, 2, 3" bounce she went on easily.

Thanks, guys.

Muc-Off Dry P.T.F.E Chain Lube Review Kumar said :-
Seems you didnt know what dry lube are use for!

Agrius Rage SV Visor Removal Ren - The Ed said :-
I have a sneaking suspicion the LS2 and the Agrius brands are closely related Bob.

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Rod said :-
The sign in the window is German (Big Sale) so may be Austria or Germany?

Agrius Rage SV Visor Removal Bob said :-
I like LS2, the flip front with internal sun visor, about £80 and perfectly fine.

Agrius Rage SV Visor Removal Ren - The Ed said :-
When I was instructing I was taught to teach - and I agree...

"It's better to have a £50 helmet that fits perfectly than a £500 lid that doesn't fit well."

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Wi. That looks very smart with the chrome and saddle bags. Which country are you in and how much does the Enfield cost there?

Pulling Halfway Out Ren - The Ed said :-
I'd keep that wife Chris. Most men barely get away with the shed let alone having a front room to put crap in.

Agrius Rage SV Visor Removal Ian Soady said :-
There's a common myth that goes something like "if you have a cheap head buy a cheap helmet". Totally wrong. Provided it's passed the requisite tests, any helmet will protect your head way above any forces that will be applied to it. What is crucial is that it fits well and doesn't wobble about when the strap is tightened.

I like the Nitro range - open faced models for around £40 or so. Very well made (and very easy to remove the visor!).

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Wi said :-
This is my RE. I like it, pretty new, has run 1.500km right now, not fast, no problems til yet and fun to ride with this kind of an archaic motorbike, slightly modernized but very much out of the past.


Pulling Halfway Out Chris Bell said :-
It's funny,only this dinner time I said to my wife "this (the front room)is like the dead zone compared to my shed", she replied "that's because that's where you do things", music, paint, drum (10am regime everyday, silent heads fitted), people only need a bigger house to put the crap in and make room in the shed for fun lol,It is a bit like a shed in our front room anyway,luckily I get away with it.

Sympathy For The Devil Ren - The Ed said :-
The only problem with buying bangers is the people who've owned them before. I know...because I wouldn't want to buy a bike an idiot like myself had owned.

Sympathy For The Devil Bob said :-
Buy old bikes which have reached their residual value, run them for a bit then sell them for the same residual value.
Works with cars and vans too....

Sympathy For The Devil Ren - The Ed said :-
2 grand! Knowing used car dealers that's a fair old markup. So it seems the money is in the used bikes, servicing and spairs. Interesting.

Sympathy For The Devil Tom McQ said :-
As an ex-salesman, I can tell you that all the money is in the used vehicles. And without the new vehicles being sold (with small margins), there would be no profitable used bikes. I recently part-exchanged a bike and saw them sell it 3 days later for £2000 more than they gave me! And I spoke with the new owner who told me they said they couldn’t offer him any discount because they had “nothing in it”! ??????

Pulling Halfway Out Ren - The Ed said :-
That's a bummer Chris. Maybe you should sell up and move house? You can buy my shed - I mean luxurious mansion - for a very reasonable price.

Stripping The Free Engine Ren - The Ed said :-
Settle? I was but a mere light shower boy! Look you are the captain by default because you're the only one with experience at sea. I've been on a few ferries but I don't think that qualifies me as an experienced mariner.

Pulling Halfway Out Chris Bel said :-
I have to park the car out side my house 30 mph(good 2'5 cars width) main rd yet its had the mirror smashed off 3 times,cost to replace on a 17yr old car, £150 in the garage, any colour mirror casing used off ebay it's a tenner lol. A delivery lady saw the last one happen,photo'd it (obviously she stopped got her phone out and luckily the culprit was still in front of her officer)I did report it this time,had to go to the station though, it turned out to be a lady coming back from the hairdressers at the age of'''' 85, maybe she should have a trip to the opticians as she didn't see it or hear it apparently,she said she didn't know she'd hit it, at least the chav gti,er would see us ,sheesh.

Stripping The Free Engine Borsuk said :-
Not sure whether to be chuffed that you would want me as skipper or terrified that you believe we have equal levels of insanity.
Though after the ride to Settle I have to admit you have a good idea of my sanity level.

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