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CBF 125 Owners Manual...Yikes! said :-

Repair And Restoration Ian Soady said :-
Yes, I found them useful for my SLR650. Bob (once of this parish although he seems to have disappeared) posted some interesting stuff there. I have a vague feeling he's returned to the Honda singles after dalliances with various other marques.

Repair And Restoration CrazyFrog said :-
Alfred, you could try asking your question on the Honda Trail Bike forum. They have a section for Dominator riders. ...

Repair And Restoration Ren - The Ed said :-
That's a fair old ask Alfred! You'd need access to the wiring diagrams for each year to see if there were any upgrades or alterations made. I daresay my first port of call would usually be Haynes manuals but I've checked their website and I don't see one listed for the Dommie.

Then I was going to suggest an owner's forum but I'm not doing very well there either. will show you the fiche diagram for each wiring harness for each year. A cursory look suggests the harnesses LOOK the same but that is not guarantee they ARE the same.

Good luck with the work Alfred.

France Is Slowing Down, So Are We. Ren - The Ed said :-
So what you're saying is the 60 to 50 epidemic is councils trying to save money? I would be interested if anyone can provide any certainty to this - it's not that I don't believe your sincerity, I'd just like to be sure either way. It certainly sounds feasible with the way council budgets are.

Repair And Restoration Alfred said :-
I have a dominator nx650 1997 and I have a 1993 model wiring harness want to know wether it will work without any electrical problems.

France Is Slowing Down, So Are We. CrazyFrog said :-
Yes, I'd heard that too Doug. I heard that if the speed limit is over 50 then the road has to be resurfaced properly with tarmac and then rolled, whereas if it's 50 or under they can do the scrape, spray, and gravel scater thing which is of course much cheaper. This may just be an urban myth, but it has the ring of truth as far as I'm concerned.

France Is Slowing Down, So Are We. Doug said :-
Not sure where I heard/read it, but I understand that roads that are NSL have to be maintained to a certain standard. Dropping the speed limit on these roads allows the councils to get away with not having to maintain said standard (yes, I'm looking at you, Northamptonshire County Council, you incompetent bunch of trough gobblers - where's our £1.4bn?) So many roads in my area are a 50 instead of the previous 60. then again, they don't need to lower the speed limit to get people to drive slower, the potholes do that job.

France Is Slowing Down, So Are We. Ren - The Ed said :-
You as an accident investigator would not receive the full 1.5 million pounds Tom. The accident investigation after my little bump was carried out by a trained police officer as such the typical accident investigator will be on an police officer's wage.

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Ren - The Ed said :-
Eeeehh by 'eck. It's all gone black and white and grainy like an old movie. I can see Henrik in his knee length shorts, collarless shirt and a cloth cap. I suppose that's a bit British, I don't know what the Danes were like back in't day.

France Is Slowing Down, So Are We. Tom McQ said :-
It's probably a mix of things including saving lives and cutting down on spending. After all, there's a LOT of money goes into repairing and rebuilding a broken biker/driver. It's not just the ambulances, helicopters and hospitals, it's the police, fire brigade and highways department (replacing damaged roads and street furniture).

On top of that, the Police reckon it costs between 1.5 and 2 million quid to fully investigate a fatal road accident!! Jeez, I wanna be an investigator!

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Henrik said :-
What a beauty, NSU Quickly was the first motorised two-wheeler I rode, 6-7 years old, in a friends garden, hes father was full of BS, every time we passed him he shouted "that moped is far to big for you", but I knew better, even when I ended hanging on a fence, thanks for reminding me about the days where it all started, that NSU realy got me hooked,...

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Ian Soady said :-
As bought......

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Ian Soady said :-
The problem is I have yet to find a way of taking the bike(s) with us short of buying a Transit....

I did restore an NSU Quickly some years ago in the fond hope I could sling it on the back of the car and use it for the morning baguette & croissant run especially where it was too hilly for my normal cycling habit (actually it didn't need to be that hilly!) However, once rebuilt it was so gutless I ditched the idea.

After restoration

Magical Kingdom Henrik said :-
Sure it came across well :-)

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan CrazyFrog said :-
My better half keeps on talking about getting a touring caravan when we are both retired.

I'm still traumatised by the first time I had one when my kids were little. It was a 14 foot long Sprite Alpine, made out of a couple of RSJ's and with cavity wall insulation of poured concrete. Yes, it was heavy, and it took all the might of the Mk2 2.8i Granada I towed it with to get it moving. The car did 13mpg whilst towing, and as for moving it around by hand, you could forget it. The windows were single glazed glass, and the whole thing dripped with condensation. We finally got rid when I worked out that the extra expense of running the Granny over running a more economical vehicle (such as a Bently for example) would pay for a couple of weeks abroad every year. :(

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Ian Soady said :-

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn Ren - The Ed said :-
You got me thinking now...will I get a Rotax 350 motor in the CBF125? It's gonna be fun getting the electronic fuel injection to work where the carb used to be.

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Ren - The Ed said :-
Told ya CrazyFrog, it is obviously OUR fault. We need a gert big 4x4 with climate control and a roof so we don't the internals of the caravan damp. I can't believe we've been so stupid.

60,000 Miles CBF 125 Ren - The Ed said :-
As far as I know it's a "typical" NGK plug per the image and the link...

NGK spark plug caps ...

60,000 Miles CBF 125 Ian Soady said :-
What sort of cap do you have? I find these NGK ones are the best.

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Ian Soady said :-
Absolutely. It's you people who insist on arriving at previously pristine caravans with your smelly soggy waterproofs that cause all the problems.....

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn CrazyFrog said :-
I've heard of several Rotax engines doing over 100k miles Ren, one that is even reputed to have done 150k.

Running the cams in the head is fine (as you've proved) so long as you keep on top of oil changes. If the cams do pick up in the head though, you're bu@@ered unless you can get a machinist to fit some bronze bushes for you.

Actually, if I'm being perfectly honest with myself, 14bhp is absolutely fine for 100% of my riding and motorways too are no problem unless there's a headwind or long slope.

60,000 Miles CBF 125 Ren - The Ed said :-
I'll put the link to the 70,000 miles post.

Presently the bike has 75,200 miles on the clock. It had a hiccup this weekend when it died out on the road. Thing is I've had a similar problem and that was the plug cap. I cleaned the cap and it's been fine since. I think I'll get a spare cap and put it under the seat though.

Things change and presently the number of miles I'm doing on the 125 has dropped a fair bit. I've changed jobs and my commute is significantly lower now. However the poor, long suffering 125 continues - I intend to see just what it's capable of. ...

Magical Kingdom Sharon said :-
I sure hope you get the opportunity to do this ride, let me know if you do.
Glad my enthusiasm for this place came across well ??
Thanks to you both for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated x

60,000 Miles CBF 125 C Reed said :-
The 60k miles is rather amazing. As another 18 months have passed it could be on 80k now? What's your servicing routine like, do you service as per the book intervals or more frequently? I've had a lot of fun over the years on small capacity bikes and rather cheaply too. Most recently I've had a PCX125 (great scoot) but I'm now running an Sh300i at the moment which I rate highly also.

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan Ren - The Ed said :-
I don't know CrazyFrog. Maybe we need to consult our residential Caravaneer Monsieur Soady. I have no doubt he will inform us that his is always warm, toasty and smells like freshly picked roses from a meadow in spring. We must be simple heathens with an ability to always be in the wrong caravan at the wrong time.

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn Ren - The Ed said :-
14bhp you say! Yeah, way too much for you chappie. I struggle with the once was 11bhp now probably a bit less on the CBF125.

What about longevity on the Rotax engine? Will it reach 75,000 miles like my CBF125? Which does run it's cam direct in the head.

Back To Beauty, Dodgy Caravan CrazyFrog said :-
I think there's some sort of special property about caravans which I've no explanation for. How is it they can feel damp, and the beds cold and damp when it's in the mid 20's centigrade? It sounds impossible, but I've noticed this several times....

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn CrazyFrog said :-
Hi Ren, Maybe you're right, maybe it is time I put the raging 14bhp of the mighty MZ 150 behind me, lol.

Yes, the Rotax is a good unit. The bottom end is essentially identical between the range (350, 500 and 640) and there are some pretty wild cams available that the MX boys used to use so you can tune them up quite well, if that's your thing. I've got a lot the special tools as well, which is why the HD MT350 appeals. The cam belt is a doddle to change, and it's a well engineered lump with the cam running on roller bearings rather than direct in the head like some Japanese bikes I could name. Their weak point is the starter sprag clutch, but again, it's really easy to get too, and best practice is to check it over and replace the spring every time you have the primary drive cover off.

I know Ian Hammonds name so I may have met him at some time over the years. I run the website for the MZRC, so I may well have corresponded with him at some point as well.

Discovering The Picos Ren - The Ed said :-
Thanks Henrik. I'm glad to know someone is reading my writing too!

Magical Kingdom Henrik said :-
Great writing, and great pics, thanks for the good documentation as well, if spain some day we know at least one place to go :-) The mountain seems to be par with norwegian ones in hight over sea level, but impression of a mountain is another story, f.eks. if the mountain is placed on top of a already high platou it might apear less high, amd visa-versa if it is growing right out of the sea, like seen in the norwegian fjords.

Good to see your joy over this day, makes it easier to swollow all the rainy ones, and yes, it becomes a memory to return to

Discovering The Picos Henrik said :-
Lack of response can be a little un-motivating, so just wanted to say I am starting to read up more in detail, and on the latest articles as well, thanks for this one, good to hear you had a nice trip overall, got no idea if I will ever make it to Spain myself, so nice to read about it, if nothing else, certainly not last on my list, but also not first :-)

Magical Kingdom Rod said :-
Great pics Sheron.
I have made a note of the area, and hope I have enough biking years left to experience these scenes first hand.

Thoughts On Bunkhouses Ren - The Ed said :-
I don't have to stick my hand in a grinder to know it'll hurt. Hopefully going to a hostel won't be quite as traumatic.

I've had some bad experiences camping as well as the good ones. I don't expect hostels to be perfect I'm hoping they'll be a useful option.

As for Sharon. She's been singing "Ma Baker" to me and she sings like a cat being strangled. She is actually a secret agent for some government somewhere, she'd like to tell me but she'd have to kill me. Personally I suspect due to her political beliefs it's the KGB.

Thoughts On Bunkhouses Henrik said :-
I know its expensive traveling, and a moneyflow is nessesary,..

However the picture of Sharon surprised me, another "Ma Baker" it seems, the old pictures started to flash inside, and so did the ancient tune with Boney M ,.. thanks for good intertainment :-) ...

Thoughts On Bunkhouses Henrik said :-
Last line shoud have been:

"NOW I am even older"

Thoughts On Bunkhouses Henrik said :-
There is a lot of things that I have tried, and don't need to try again :-)

When dating this woman in Paris some years ago, I didn't want to stay at her place, at leat not for an start, and decided to try one of these "hostels" with bigger sleeping rooms and stacked single-beds in 2-3 layers

Party all night long in the backyard, each night, people from Soumi singing drunken songs from their homeland

This couple, love pigeons, despite having each their own bed, decided to move together in the singlebed right over me, not that they made any sounds keeping me from sleeping, but I expected the bed to collapse any second :-(

That was the year, I realised I was getting old,..

No I am even older :-) ...

Thoughts On Bunkhouses Ian Soady said :-
.... There are lots of things I know I won't like without trying them......

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn Ren - The Ed said :-
I've looked into the MZ/Rotax/Harley engine. I am guessing they're all made by Rotax and the 350 and 500 are essentially the same? I wouldn't normally be a fan of the belt driven overhead cam but seeing just how ridiculously easy it is to access, check and change the belt I can forgive, perhaps even applaud it.

I think it's time to let at least one of the strokers go. You're getting on a bit now and that kind of wild power is for yoofs not codgers. I can see you with your military spec Harley complete with beige canvas panniers and faux gun holder put-put-putting along a quiet country lane. It's the future doncha know, innit.

Do you know Ian Hammond. MZ fan in Bolton, member of the owner's club? Runs an electric bike shop in Bolton, does a fair bit of scooter stuff too.

CB300R Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Ah Snod. Regrettably here at Bikes And Travels Towers (bit like Fawlty Towers) we have not yet managed to blag our way onto the motorcycle journalist test circuit. I can only imagine this is an oversight on behalf of Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph et al. I am eagerly awaiting my invitation to go on an all expenses paid sojourn to a hot country with a test track to test out the new Honda Cub when it is released.

In the meantime I shall continue to thrash poor unsuspecting and not even run in small capacity motorcycles around the back lanes of Parbold and Wrightington. I am, as they say, "waiting to be discovered".

Thoughts On Bunkhouses Sharon said :-
I see you dug out yet another best charming photo of me. Hmmm.
As a rather err private person the idea of sharing a room with strangers both unsettles me and intrigues me. Not sure, not sure at all. But as you say you don't know till you try.

CB300R Test Ride Review Snod said :-
Just want to say thanks for this, though you missed an important point to any bike review - how fast can it lap a Spanish test track??

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn CrazyStar said :-
Spot on Ren, a SilverStar it is. The Rotax is in low tune 35bhp military spec, but in a 250 chassis with an all up weight of about 155Kg, the performance is sprightly enough for me. It also does 70+ mpg on a run, and handles like a thoroughbred. It's VMCC eligible too, so VMCC runs are on the cards for my imminent retirement. You're right about the rarity too, there were only ever 30 bought into the country as they were a stop gap before the appearance of the MZ Skorpion.

Actually, I think I may be losing the TRUE FAITH as I'm thinking of moving my little 2T MZ ETZ150 on when I retire and replacing it with a Harley Davidson MT350 instead. I must go and lie down in a dark room with my Castrol R scented aromatherapy candles lit for a couple of hours to restore my mojo......

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn Ren - The Ed said :-
It took me a while but...I think it's an MZ Silver Star? It too a bit of googling to get to this conclusion. Beyond the Rotax 500 engine at 500cc it appears to be rarer than rocking horse poop. I know nothing about this machine.

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn CrazyFrog said :-
Here 'tis Ren, my Pride and Joy :-

MZ Silver Star

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn Ren - The Ed said :-
Come on CrazyFrog, get it off your chest, admit your shame. What 4 stroke do you own?

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn CrazyFrog said :-
Quite possibly, though I can think of many other things which may have addled my brain over the years(!), and to be fair, only two of my 3 bikes are 2t's - the other (I can hardly bring myself to say it!) is a 4t :O

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn Ren - The Ed said :-
MZs and Jawas. 2 Strokes. You'll be addled from all that smoke pal. So it's you that's caused this recent dry hot spell is it?

Motorcycle, MOT And Horn CrazyFrog said :-
Mee too Ren - well riding MZ's and Jawas what else could I expect? :)

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