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Tips On Riding A 125 On A Motorway – By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
There's nothing wrong with riding a Lambretta or a Vespa. I don't object to scooters - unless of course it's a 2-STROKE! ARRRGH!

Only teasing bigd, thanks very much :)

Brexit Booking Borsuk said :-
In Spain you insure the car or bike, not the person. Mine are insured for any driver over 25 to drive with my permission. Permission has to be in writing and the person driving must have the letter on them when driving. All documents for the car have to be with it at all times.

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
Åsa or Borsuk should be able to shed some light on this :)

Brexit Booking Rod said :-
Ren, I may be wrong on this, but I belive that bikes and cars are insured for any rider/driver in Spain.

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
Oooooh borrow a bike! Wonder how that works with insurance though?

Review of the Honda VTR 1000 SP1 - By Budda Chi John said :-
Guys I am looking for an sp1 and info.. love reading the above posts but they all seem to be too favourable. What are the downsides of owning an sp1? Don’t get me wrong I love these bikes, always have but I’m coming off a very well sorted firestorm and just want to be prepared.

How are they on the street in standard form? I hear the best upgrades are to suspension and power commander.

Are they that unridable on the street without these upgrades


Tips On Riding A 125 On A Motorway – By Ren Withnell bigd said :-
Did a random search for 125 on a motorway.....and received a great gift, love all the info here, took in all the advice, and even after donkeys years of riding still learned something new, thank you very much, keep up the good work.

ps i'm a lammy and vespa rider lol

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet - The Saga Continues edgar uriarte said :-
hi i need the sunvisor cable mechanism where can i buy one?

Brexit Booking Åsa said :-
You can fly in over a long weekend and borrow my bike.
I think you'll have little problem travelling after brexit - as others have said, insurance will probably be the trickiest thing.

Shark Skwal Visor Broken - Dammit! Ren - The Ed said :-
Oh bummer Wasnatwas. I'm assuming you've had the latest visor greater than 017/094 as per the post?

The other thing I'll do to get the use from the lid is lubricate the pivot mechanism to ensure I don't have to heave on it to get it open. I'll wait and see if it helps.

Shark Skwal Visor Broken - Dammit! Wasnotwas said :-
I have gone through 3 skwal visors all broken in the same place as yours... it's caused by pulling up the visor. Currently looking for my 4th one as I broke the previous one last summer. Now only use it in winter and a cheap one for the summer with no pinlock.. would not buy from shark again

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
I'm being goaded huh Rod!? Yeah Henrik, cheap as possible.

Thanks folks, you make me smile and you know how much I hate smiling.

These are all merely thoughts, ideas, considerations that I enjoy musing upon. I may spend a little, maybe even a lot! I'll not be rushing into anything though.

I'm imagining myself on the CBF126 with a 500kg trailer behind. I'm imagining a steep hill. I can see the 126 pulling the trailer up slowly. I can see the trailer flying down the hill at high velocity with the CBF flailing around like a ragdoll in the jaws of a dog.

Damn the law!!

Brexit Booking Henrik said :-
As usual, it gets down to as cheap as possible :-)

Two persons on the relatively heavy Inazuma, with trailer for food and camp

Guess that would be the cheapest realistic solution at all

In Norway and Sweden its furthermore possible to wild-camp legal

But there will never ever be a trailer on my Inazuma :-)

(had a GS500 with trailer, not to be repeated)

Brexit Booking Rod said :-
Yeah, Sorry Ren, You can tow a maximum weight of 150kg or two thirds of the kerb weight of the bike, so with a 126cc bike weighing 120kg you could tow two push bikes 80kg.
I was just trying without success to get a reaction to the wasting money bit!

Brexit Booking CrazyFrog said :-
I'm a little bit parsimonious too Ren, but I'd pay good money to see you and Sharon ride off into the sunset on that rig out :)

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
I quite liked Dish...

Right right right. My CBF125 is the most frugal bike we have. BUT - you cannot tow with a 125 in the UK. So here's my thinking.

Get the 125 bored out to 126cc.
Fit a towbar on the CBF125(CBF126?)
Get a trailer
Put the CB500X and Z250SL on the trailer
Put our luggage on the trailer
Fit a fridge to the trailer
Put Sharon on the back of the CBF126

I'm sure someone somewhere will spoil this perfect solution. There'll be some nonsense law that states a 120kg vehicle cannot tow a 500kg trailer.

Brexit Booking Rod said :-
That should read dosh not dish. Dam that clever spell checker thing.

Brexit Booking Rod said :-
Ren, I was forgetting the you waste money taking two bikes.
The two of us on one bike at 85mpg towing the trailer, bike plus trailer on the ferry. This a much more frugal way to travel.
I do not seem to be able to convince my wife that wild camping is the way to go,cuz that would save even more dish.

Honda SH125 Mode Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Any advice that recommends not spending money unnecessarily is always good advice in my book :)

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
Sharon and I were discussing the fact that sometimes (often) we overthink things and just take the joy out of whatever we're thinking about. But then a fool and their money is easily separated.

In the interest of overthinking...

2 motorcycles travelling, one at 80mpg and one at 90mpg gives a sum total of 45mpg (think about it...). One frugal car even with a trailer could return around 50mpg (or more with my delicate slow style).

I would have to look up the cost on various ferries and the Chunnel for 1 car with trailer versus 2 motorcycles. I suspect it may be cheaper for the car and trailer at times.

If I created some kind of camper car we could install a fridge. This makes brewing up and eating on the road "do-able". One of the ongoing expenses of motorcycle travel is NEEDING to visit costly cafes. A typical cafe break for 2 teas and 2 sandwiches is at least £5, often £7-£9.

I'm talking myself into this aren't I. I'm off now to look at my bank balance. No, not to SPEND anything. I find if I look at the balance then imagine it with 5 grand missing this upsets me enough to dispel any notions of actually spending anything.

And breathe...

Honda SH125 Mode Test Ride Review Ted said :-
Good advice as always Ren

Brexit Booking Rod said :-
Ren, That is just the cost of owning it.
The ferry will cost more, and the fuel consumption will be higher. So I guess it will cost a lot more,as there is no point buying one to just stand and depreciate!

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
HAHA! Yes that'd be me - "GET OUT GET OUT!!! ALL OF YOU OUT!!"

I keep on toying with the idea of the camper car - like yours. With a trailer for the bikes. I keep on toying with the idea of a small van converted into a camper car. It's getting to the point where I even took Sharon to look at a few options yesterday.

Then I always come back to this "thing". Bigger cars or smaller vans are expensive compared to little run-arounds like I already have. I'd need to spend around 4-5 grand to get something that's not going to be a troublesome piece of junk. But 4-5 grand buys a lot of holidays! Nice holidays.

If a 5k car lasts me 10 years that's £500 per year in depreciation. Then there's tax, MOT, insurance etc etc etc. I'd estimate EASILY £800 per annum. That's a trip to Spain AND a Scotland trip.

I guess I'm just tight.

Brexit Booking Henrik said :-
I was just suggesting to consider different models of implementing one or more cars, thus mentioning our private tour to RO, we had one person to book hotel for all of us, that was all, we even paid cash individual all of us

Personally I would not like to drive a tour-company, for dealing with office work, logistic, booking, insurance, burocracy, and authoritys, (especially in some countryes), and last but not least, demanding customers, I think life is to short for that, and the profit to small.

Ren, some buissnesses are actually plain rude, by nature, and yet survive for a longer periode, Fawlty Towers comes to my mind, I can imagine you telling people to leave, on a trip, in the middle of nowhere :-)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8IeNHa3nlw ...

Honda SH125 Mode Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
I don't know anything about the Xcenter so it's hard to draw a comparison. From what I can find online it's another 125 scoot?

If you want and can afford the 300 then it might be worth getting that - but have a test ride first to see if it is what you hope it to be. Otherwise between the 2 125s despite my passion for all things Honda - keep ya money in ya pocket! There won't be enough difference to make it worth the cost and the effort. If the Xcenter only has 1,000 miles on the clock there's not much wrong with it.

No point in spending money for the difference between them.

Are You A Terrified Learner Rider? I Was Sharon said :-

Fabulous news. Congratulations on passing your test. Not the best of starts hey dropping the bike but well done for holding your nerves on the actual test.
Exciting times ahead.

France Is Slowing Down, So Are We. Chris Bell said :-
I wonder why it is we only have increments of 10mph not 5mph?, ie 35mph, 45mph,etc.

Brexit Booking Sharon said :-
For a professional tour company yes a support vehicle is a great idea. It was just the thought of me and Ren having the money to own one that got me giggling. Plus having someone who wanted to drive it rather than ride.
We are not in anyway or form in the tour company arena. Not yet anyhow, depends how much you are all willing to pay. I might be able to offer a bandage then rather than a plaster for support.

Honda SH125 Mode Test Ride Review Ted said :-
Ok, so I still have the CB500X and the little 2001 x 90 Cub that I bought.....Sold on my old/nearly new LML 125 x 2 stroke.
After years of being a poorly paid apprentice (Yeh, OK, so it was a LOT of years ago....Nostalgia isn't what it used to be) and only being able to afford to run a cheap small wheeled scooter it is finally nice to transport with bigger wheels that hold the road better.

I "invested" in 2016 Yam Xcenter and it whisks ME up to 50 without blinking and 60/65 is quite comfortable. Not even a 1000 miles on the clock at time of typing.

I took a lady friend of a similar age but much lighter weight ;-) on the back last week and was just slightly underwhelmed.
I think the 500X has spoiled me,(And Her!)
but then again, this is a scooter with a lot less power.

Already I am reading the specs on the Honda Sh125i.....just has to be the "I" version,
or possibly a 300i......pre owned, low miles would be fine.....preferred colour red.
Always a but, the Xcenter would have to go.
Perhaps a trip to Peterborough (about 30 miles away) to well respected dealer and what sort of dosh comes up as a PX.
Regardless, if it is a nice day, it gives us another little ride out for while.......Like you really need any sort of excuse to get a bike out when there are plenty of reasons.

Opinions on the SH125i as against the Xcenter welcome please.
Extra road tax, more on insurance, less MPG.....I can live with those when the 300i comes with the benefits of more FUN.

I already know that I would be disappointed (for the trips I would make) with the 100 as good as it is.

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
I certainly would appreciate a support vehicle on any tour, it provides a sense of backup and security.

The question would be - do I really want to run a tour business?

I know a few folks who do and they're quite passionate about it. However they are nice people not grumpy curmudgeons like myself. Hmmmmmm. Maybe the Unique Selling Point for BAT tours would be the hosts. Rather than chirpy positive minded lively enthusiastic hosts you get me! Miserable, doom laden, negative and unhelpful.

BAT tours. We guarantee you won't have a great time.

Are You A Terrified Learner Rider? I Was Ren - The Ed said :-
Woohoo!! Well done Borsuk, that's great news. It sounds like you had a fair old day of it too. I'll let Sharon know, she'll laugh at you dropping the bike.

Thanks for letting us know. I almost cracked a smile, almost.

Are You A Terrified Learner Rider? I Was Borsuk said :-
It seems the Gods were smiling on me on Friday, or at least amusing themselves with me, by the skin of my teeth I passed my mod 2 so now I can be let loose on the world and my little bike can go that wee bit faster as it no longer has the air brake in the way of a front L plate fitted.
The day started okay with the run to the Test Centre. I was second up for the test so the instructor and I went for a last lesson before my test was due. On 2 occasions I managed to drop the bike. One at a junction when I misjudged the the road camber and put my foot down to the goiund when stopping to discover that there was no ground where I expected it and by the time my foot landed, the bike and I were beyond the point of no return. No damage physically but it didn’t help my mental state and the second time was when I dismounted at the test centre to push my bike into the start bay and managed to catch a protection bar with my foot as was swinging it over and brought the whole lot on top of me. Again only damaging to my ego and confidence. Then as I was waiting to start the rain came on. First thing through my mind was I have never ridden this bike in the wet. It has been scorching the whole time I was training and as I looked at the rain stoating off the road I could see the rainbows beginning to bloom.
But alls well that ends and if it ends well thats a bonus. So now I have my A license and next thing to do is to find myself a bike.

Brexit Booking Henrik said :-
From DK to RO we used a transporter with trailer 4 person, 4 bikes,..

Guess with a bigger trailer, and all seats mounted it could have been 8 persons

Preferable a larger trip would be with two cars, so one car could assist the other car needed be,

We was 4-5 vans leaving from DK, a few people took the plane and was picked up in Bukarest, one person took hes own car

We took turns driving 4 hours each, and sleept on the seats, we left early one day and reached the destination in the evening next day, despite the trailer, and lot of traffic all through Europe. 2000 km.

Guess a car with 8 bikes on a trailer would be much cheaper transportation, both in fuel, ferry tickets, and road price, than driving individually, in most cases at least

Brexit Booking Henrik said :-
support vehicle and Royal Enfields

Brexit Booking Henrik said :-
The tours I linked to in the Himalaya actually has a support vehicle

I talked to Villads, the boss, there is several reasons for that vehicle

One can laugh about it, but the idea could be adopted in many other kind of tours, and in many other ways, as long as there is somebody to drive it that is,..

One good new support vehicle, will allow spares, and will allow all the rest of the team to drive on older less reliable MC's ,.. all without roadhelp

You will also have the choice to just take you MC home again, it it breaks down totally, without the risc for expensive repairs from people you don't know or don't trust

Good idea, especially for a larger group touring

17 Tooth Sprocket CBF 125 Ren - The Ed said :-
Goodness me! I've made a suggestion that made someone happy! I must stop doing this, there's nothing worse than happy people.

Only teasing Andy. I'm glad it's working for you. The time you will struggle with the larger front sprocket is uphill or into headwinds. You might find you have to drop a cog more often than you would if you were on the standard gearing. Run with it and see how it goes over the months ahead.

As you say it's a cheap conversion. My model is the early 2009 version that does not have the rev counter. I'm glad you gave me the figures as I've always wondered what revs I was doing.

My CBF125 now has 75,500 miles on the clock, I hope yours gives you years of trouble free mileage. I'd be happy to hear how you get on.

Brexit Booking Sharon said :-
Support vehicle.... Teee heeee
Sharon driving....Noooooo

BAT tours will offer some support of course. I usually carry a couple of plasters when touring.
Support vehicle..I just can't stop giggling.

17 Tooth Sprocket CBF 125 Andy said :-
After riding my cbf125 2016 for first time, which although 27months old, only had 494 miles on it, I found straight away it was far too revvy, I purchased it as a second bike to commute 20 miles each way to work on motorway.
I want to stay ahead of the lorrys travelling at 56-60mph, without having it balls out all the time, So whilst doing some research, I found Rens great blog.
I purchased a 17 tooth front sprocket from JT and fitted it, straight away it was a pleasure to ride, its transformed my little bike, as Ren says around town you can hold gears longer, so 3 and 4th is all you need, but far better is that on the motorway, its been exactly what I needed, its made it cruise 5mph faster, before with factory 16 tooth sprocket, 60mph was revving at 8,200rpm, now with the 17tooth front, 60mph is now 7,600rpm, and the vibration and harsh sound starts at 70, so I can happily stay ahead of the lorrys at between 60 and 65mph without wringing its neck.
Forget looking at exhausts, air filters etc spending hundreds, under a tenner, and doing thd bike a favoud in the process is money very well spent. Absolutely no negatives for me!
Thanks Ren,
A very happy Andy!

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
Rod - I don't think Sharon would be too pleased about driving a support van. She'd want to be playing on the roads with the rest of us on two wheels.

Anyhow - support van? How do you envisage a BAT tour working? Posh hotels, fine dining, concierge service and valets cleaning the bikes as we sleep? Look right, it'll be me in the morning getting out the tent and waking you lot up at an ungodly hour. Any broken motorcycles will be fixed with zip ties and gaffer tape. You'll be given the address of the next campsite on a scrap of paper and told to make your own way there. You'll have to carry your own kit, sort out your own food and damn well fend for yourself!

All this joy can be yours for the cheap cheap price of 5 grand per person for a 2 week tour...of Greater Manchester. Please form an orderly queue.

Sun, Sand, Sea And Santander Ren - The Ed said :-
I've had a little read up on the fire Rod. Crikey that was a proper blaze. Only one person died - a fireman crushed by a collapsing will. It is remarkable many more did not perish.

I know very little about the Spanish Civil War or Franco. I really ought to learn a little more about the history if for no other reason than to avoid a social faux pas when I return. I am interested beyond that motive too.

Useful stuff Rod. I see it as just another city but every city has a story to tell, perhaps if I knew a little more it could bring the city to life a little. Thanks.

Long Term Review Of Keeway RKS 125 Ren - The Ed said :-
What you want is for someone to tell you what to do.

The correct thing to advise is seek the assistance of an experienced and trustworthy professional - preferably your local Keeway dealer.

We here can only offer you our OPINION based on our own experience. If it were my own motorcycle I would strip the engine and replace the parts. Another opinion is that the bike is working and if it ain't broke don't fix it. You're always going to come across different opinions and it's always going to be your own choice at the end of the day.

Long Term Review Of Keeway RKS 125 Lee said :-
Thanks for comment guys, yes it does still select and go in gear it does still ride, I dropped the oil sump and these fell out, I'm not sure what my way forward with is?

Sun, Sand, Sea And Santander Rod said :-
Thanks Ren for continuing to write up of the Spain trip. I am enjoying the write up and look forward to the next posts from yourself and Sharon.
Santander is a confusing town for historical reasons.
The modern tower blocks are built on an ancient footprint. In 1941 Santander suffered a massive fire which burned for two weeks and involved 72000 fire fighters. After much of the town centre was destroyed pressure came from General Franco to rebuild quickly, as many people were homeless.
This resulted in not having enough time to plan the rebuild on a modern grid system, and the planners used the old footprint for much of the reconstruction.
General Franco remained popular for many years in Santander, and Santander was the last town to remove a statue of Franco in 2008.

Brexit Booking Rod said :-
Mmm, Package Tours. If Ren is leading the tour on his bike, does this mean that Sharon will drive the support vehicle with all of the luggage?

Brexit Booking Ian Soady said :-
I don't think it actually sold as it wasn't a "barn find" and had some mods to make it more suitable for those big trips. I must say a Black Prince wouldn't be my choice of mount.....

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
£35,000 to £40,000 for a motorcycle that has 721,703 MILES!!!!! I think I'd best keep my 125 secure it's gotta be worth at least 4 grand by now. I reckon that Vinny must have seen a couple of services.

Package tours? I had an email of an Indian package tour company asking for a price for "my tour Spain, we have customers waiting, look for very good price sir". They had a website that looked legit - was this the ultimate scam or have I missed my vocation?

I have considered the tour idea. It'd be a bloody minefield of legal issues though and I am a professional worrier. Maybe I just sell some BAT logo t-shirts...

Brexit Booking Ian Soady said :-
You're going to end up running package tours.

Ken Craven used to do them in the 1960s and 70s, and the the legendary Stuart Jenkinson's tours with over 750,000 miles on a Vincent twin. I wonder whether your keeways will manage that......
www.bonhams.com/auctions/19163/lot/348/ ...

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
There is much to be discussed between Sharon and I before we book anything. I shall keep you all informed :)

Brexit Booking Borsuk said :-
If you are contemplating Spain again let me know as well. I might be able to meet you once you are there.

Brexit Booking Ren - The Ed said :-
Dartford crossing? You are trying to lure me into a southern capitalist trap aren't you Ross? I believe that is a TOLL crossing! While you shandy drinking executive yuppies in your flash cars and Savile Row suits can afford to pay tolls me and my ferret down me pants can't go splashing out like that.

I do realise that the Dartford crossing is free for motorcycles but that rather spoils the story.

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