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CBF125 Front Brake Disc Ian Soady said :-
Rotors? Discs, old chap (with a "c" of course).

Although you only use the offensive term in the teaser on the main page.

Rochdale Honda - Thanks Ian Soady said :-
Well said Sharon. This, and other sharp practices mentioned in this thread, are what is commonly known as "bait and switch". These people rely on customers not questioning the "experts".

With most things, by the time you've got the bike to the dealer, organised alternative transport, spent ages hanging about when it's not quite ready, you could have done the whole lot yourself twice over. And you'll have saved enough to buy any special tools that will help, and of course you'll have them for the next time.

Rochdale Honda - Thanks Sharon said :-
I don't think the plan was to create a breather for themselves by increasing the quote price last minute because they suddenly found themselves too busy.
I believe they under quoted you deliberately from the beginning. Why?
Well firstly the got you booked in. They gave you the bait and you bit. Now they have you hooked on the line they believe they can reel you in. If they quoted the real price from the beginning you would probably have not booked in with them for your service. So phase 1 complete.
Phase 2, wait until a week before the service is due and phone customer ie you with the real price. They believe and indeed hope that you now have your bike almost on the threshold miles wise for the service interval. You will have very little time to call around and arrange another service somewhere else at such short notice. They tell you it's only another £100 it's only like just a little extra on top, what does it matter? You will hopefully begin to panic you need a service arghh, it's booked in here all arranged, it's only a bit more than you planned,so they bargain on you saying oh ok fine just do it.
I bet this works most of the time with most people, that's why they do it.
It absolutely stinks. It is an appalling way to do business and I applaud you for telling them where to park it. We all need to stop taking this crap. If everyone told them to get lost then this kind of thing would stop. They will try anything to hook us. They say God loves a trier, well we have to make it clear that bikers do not love a liar.

Rochdale Honda - Thanks Ren - The Ed said :-
Aaaaaahhhhh riiiiiight. I see where this is going. Somehow I'm going to become the go-to guy for CB500X servicing huh?

South Wales Next Ren - The Ed said :-
What's wrong with Dubai Ian - I wouldn't know as I've never been but it at least looks warm and dry.

Cheers Stuart. I'll have a look at that road on the maps. Sharon will be on her Z250SL with luggage and while she has survived The Applecross Pass I'll be in trouble if this road's a bad 'un.

Yeah a few folks have suggest Elan Valley.

Long Term CBF 250 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
You're quite right to Ask Andy

I had stripped and cleaned and copper-slipped the brakes into oblivion and save for the gentle "shhhhhhhh" of the pads gently rubbing the disc there was no seizure. I suspect the wheel was out of true.

I did finally fix the tickover. It was worn valve seats. I lapped them with much gusto and rebuilt the head and all was well. Check out the link below.

The CB250 Nighthawk - that's the Benly and CMX250 engined model. Oh my...what a great engine in a fab bike! Good economy and I ran my Benly engine up to about 70,000 miles. I can't comment on the CBF650 as I've never ridden one.

Cheers ...

Rochdale Honda - Thanks Pocketpete said :-
The best bet ren is to do the service yourself. Really carefully. Do everything properly. Discover all those difficult awkward bits. Find solutions and when you've finished keep extensive notes and pictures.

Once this is completed you will be fully trained and skilled enough to do my bike at 16k miles so I don't have to worry about getting ripped off by a dealer. See there's always an upside to these problems.

Rochdale Honda - Thanks Ren - The Ed said :-
Speaking as a person who is asked to fix computers I have quite a bit of sympathy with mechanics who are asked to IMMEDIATELY diagnose issues. Anyone who has wielded a spanner knows that the hardest part is FINDING the issue not actually fixing it. You've all been on forums when someone asks "my bike is running lumpy at tickover, what is the problem?" At which point 47 different and mostly viable answers come back.

As for the "amazing deals!" Pocketpete - I'm riding a Honda for the same reason. This time Bolton motorcycles (who incidentally are part of the same group that owns Robinsons of Rochdale) promised an amazing deal on a pre-registered Inazuma 250. Upon arrival well that was sold out but they had an amazing deal on an unregistered machine. The pre-reg Zuma was still being advertised a few days later.

One thing I've learned about sales people having worked for them as well as dealt with them. If you don't get the feeling that he or she would tell you their own grandmother will deliver the product while wearing lingerie and riding a white horse just to close the sale - then don't trust them. An "honest" sales person is far more dangerous than the regular lying sales person.

Rochdale Honda - Thanks Pocketpete said :-
I was going to by an sv650 Suzuki off Robinsons of Rochdale. They had it advertised on auto trader. Last few of the old model as a new one had been released.

I arranged a test ride and turned up 4 days later to find no bike available.

'Maybe we can interest you in the new model they say.

Err no the old ones fine it's 1200quid cheaper same engine.

They have all sold I'm afraid.

A week later they are still advertising the same bike. I ring up 2 weeks later advert still on their website.

'You have a sv650 for sale can I arrange a test drive'

Certainly when can you come down.

'You know what I don't need a test drive I will just buy it. It seems perfect for me.'

Oh just a minute I think my colleague has just sold the last one. We do have the new model in.

Yes right lost leader salesman that stuff doesn't exist very bad. Caught them out big style. The answer is don't trust a dealer full stop. I even reported them to trading standards and the advertising standards authority.

If the dealer hadn't lied to me I would be riding a Suzuki instead of a honda. You have the same problem with cars the dealers lie all the time

South Wales Next Stuart said :-
Hello again.

Depending on how far East you are coming it may be worth looking at the Devils staircase.

It's on the road from Abergwesyn to Pontrhydfendigaid. You will need to cross a couple of fords and please be warned the hill is very steep and the turns very sharp.

I also like the Elan valley.



Rochdale Honda - Thanks Stuart said :-
I had a Vauxhall Vectra afew years ago and one year in winter the temp guage would not move. I took it to the dealer for a trained factory technician to look at it and all they did was left it ticking over for half an hour which made the temp guage read normal.

Of course as soon as you drove it and had cold air flowing it went back to zero.

I took it back and insistited they change the thermostat and hey presto problem solved.

They never saw the car again.

I now go to a small independant who is directly responsible to you and have been happy for the past few years.


Long Term CBF 250 Review Andy said :-
Sorry if this insults your intelligence but have you considered these points-

Is your brake calliper seized up causing the brake discs to warp?

Do you have an air leak between the carb and the cylinder causing an erratic tick over?

I'm sure you've already looked for these problems but I thought I'd mention them.

By the way I've just purchased a Honda CB250 (Two fifty/nighthawk). It's tatty but I love it! I prefer riding it to my CBR650, it's funky and just the right size!



Rochdale Honda - Thanks Ian Soady said :-
Precisely why my motorcycles never see the inside of a workshop except for MoTs.

When I bought my Triumph Tiger 955i it was one year old. I bought it from the dealer who originally supplied it, and it had about 1,500 miles on the clock. I'd never had a "modern" motorcycle before and was rather concerned that the temperature gauge shot into the high zone and the fan came on with the slightest provocation.

So I took it back. "They all do that" said the foreman mechanic. But after a short conversation he agreed to take a look, reporting back to me that all was fine.

The problem continued. Some weeks later I stumbled across a post on a Triumph forum that said some instances of my bike (but not including mine) had a manufacturing error whereby the overflow and pressure release pipes into the expansion tank had been swapped over. This resulted in coolant going into the tank when the bike heated up, as it should, but instead of being drawn back in when it cooled down again it sucked air.

So you can guess what I found when I took the fairing off. Yes, they'd been swapped over (even though my bike should have been correct from the factory). The check took me 15 minutes or so and that included working out how to remove the fairing panels. So they didn't all do that and he was lying.

I corrected this, refilled with the necessary 1.5 litres of coolant and continued. The temperature gauge never subsequently moved above half way despite how hot the weather, and the fan rarely came on.

Trust my bike to "professionals"? You must be joking.

And I know Zen and the Art.... is not universally popular but Mr Pirsig has some very pertinent things to say on the subject.

BTW EU legislation means that a warranty claim cannot be refused as long as genuine parts have been used and any work has been done with due competence.

Honda CB500X First Review said :-

ROK Straps Review Hammo said :-
Well worth the money, be it tying on the camping gear or just having them on the top box for quickly tucking your gloves under if your moving the bike a short distance

South Wales Next Ian Soady said :-
" Admittedly I'd prefer to be in a 5 star hotel in Dubai...."

Can't think of much worse than a 5 star hotel (or indeed anything else) in dubai. I think I'd prefer the damp tent even in Wales, and that's saying something.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet - The Saga Continues Pocketpete said :-
It was interesting to attempt the repair. But I pray I never have to do this again.

All told best part of 3 hours wasted. It would be easier to strip an engine down.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet - The Saga Continues Ren - The Ed said :-
I've fixed a lot of motorcycle bits over the years, I've replaced a few visors and of cours the AGV visor click things I've talked about on here. But I've never ever taken a helmet totally apart like PocketPete's had to! far.

Stop & Go Pocket Tyre Plugger Review(ish) Ren - The Ed said :-
'S funny but yeah, now I come to think of it I've never heard of anyone being sued. It's all "hearsay". I personally was told by a tyre shop that some tyre brands don't allow puncture repair in their "Z" rated tyres. this a this the tyre shop looking to increase sales rather than repairs or is my imagination remembering other rumours?

Somewhere there are facts in between the opinions and outright lies.

PocketPete was asking me about chains and sprockets. Some folks say replace the whole lot, some folks say only if the sprocket(s) are worn, some folks say don't lube O-ring chains, some folks say you don't need O-ring chains...and so on and so on and so on. All I could offer was my personal experience rather than facts.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet - The Saga Continues Ian Soady said :-
Thank goodness I stick with my £40 Nitro open face job. None of these problems......

Stop & Go Pocket Tyre Plugger Review(ish) Ian Soady said :-
I've never actually heard of anyone being sued for a tyre repair. Similarly, I've never heard an actual documented instance of an insurance company refusing to pay out because of a non-standard part which had no relevance to a collision*.

Provided the tyre repair has been carried out with due professional competence, it would be laughed out of court.

*Please let me know of any actual substantiated case, not the usual urban myths.

South Wales Next Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Andy. We don't want to put anyone out but I think a trip into the Brecons would be in order perhaps.

FZS 600 Throttle Position Sensor - SOLVED! Ren - The Ed said :-
Some really useful information there John. Part numbers are ideal because it makes finding them and confirming they're the right part a lot simpler. If only I'd known all this way back when I had the Fazer...

South Wales Next Andy Gray said :-
If you're heading slightly east of your circle to the breacon beacons national part, I can put you in touch with someone who knows the area very well & could give you a guided tour.

South Wales Next Ren - The Ed said :-
That's exactly the sort of thing we're looking for Stuart. I've put a star on my Google Maps and if we get the chance well drop in and have a look. Many thanks :)

Keeway Front Sprocket said :-
Hi. I´m Diego from Spain from

We can suggest as an option to the front sprocket, the ESJOT 15055.

You can take a look to it here-->

Saludos! ...

FZS 600 Throttle Position Sensor - SOLVED! John said :-
There's two different types for Hyosung. make sure you get the two bolt type.

FZS 600 Throttle Position Sensor - SOLVED! John said :-
Same as a Hyosung GT650R TPS. Just bought new one for £29 (Mikuni A2) Hyosung No. 13580HP9301

Cheap brands, cheap parts lol. Still a good bike

South Wales Next Stuart said :-

We went to that area years ago but in a car rather than the bike so can't say much about the roads but St Govan's Chappell could be worth a visit and fits your criteria.

I think it is free to look around, there isn't much to break and I think it's just a short walk from the car park.

Have an enjoyable and safe trip.


Stop & Go Pocket Tyre Plugger Review(ish) Ren - The Ed said :-
Aaaawww CrazyFrog. But...when you get a puncture unless the tyre is shredded then you can simply replace or even fix the inner tube. Many tyre shops will baulk at doing a puncture repair on a tubeless in case it goes wrong and they end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

Z250SL Luggage Solution - Kriega US Drypack Ren - The Ed said :-
We've seen several Givi racks for sale for the Z250SL but as you point out Alan they're all in the Far East. I *think* I've found the sim trading site you talked of and the rack -

I'm not going to try buying it though, that's up to Sharon. I suspect she's settled on the Kriega stuff for now. Any other links to luggage would be useful Alan.

Stop & Go Pocket Tyre Plugger Review(ish) CrazyFrog said :-
Have a heart and try to remember us poor souls who are stuck back in the stone age with spoked wheels and inner tubes!

Z250SL Luggage Solution - Kriega US Drypack Alan mcDonald Smith said :-
I have a Kawasaki Z250SL and wanted to fit luggage, Givi make a specific rack but its only available in the far east or Japan. I found a heavy duty Givi rack that takes Monokey or Monolock top boxes. the company is Sim Trading. I went for the Givi E33 top box as it has a removable top that I am in the process of having sprayed in green.

There are companies that sell a lightweight version in Japan but your very limited to the weight it can carry.

When you search for parts look at Malaysia first, there are hundreds of thousands of bikes sold there and the prices are reasonable and many take PayPal.

Kawasaki Z 250 SL First review MP said :-
I give my answer at chit-chat.thanks for replay.

Keeway Front Sprocket Ren - The Ed said :-
So Ian, you're suggesting the route to my happiness is through a lathe? I think you may be right. All this motorcycling is hard work and I keep on wearing things out. Instead I should but an already worn out motorcycle and use my lathe to make it all nice again. Once it's all nice I can then admire it and ride it only if the weather is nice and only for a short trip. I can then sell it and repeat the process.

Oh hang on...this sounds familiar...?

ROK Straps Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Let us know how your get on Borsuk. I had a play with Latchy's ROK Straps last week. They're actually a lot lot smaller than I thought and the plastic clip did not look sturdy enough. I did give it a good pull to no effect and Latchy assures me it's more than up to the task.

I might buy a pair and give 'em what for.

Honda SH125 Mode Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Jeannine! Now the 300cc in red - that's a sexy scoot right there. I'm not sure I'd be man enough to have ridden the full on 300 version, bet it goes like stink.

South Wales Next Ren - The Ed said :-
Sharon - in winter you'll be distracted by rubbing your hands together between your knees and complaining it's too cold to do anything.

Ian - There's nothing wrong with being in a damp tent and eating beans from the tin. Admittedly I'd prefer to be in a 5 star hotel in Dubai but needs must when you're as tight as I am.

Latchy - Cheers and I've gotten the maps you sent me saved too. Thank you for being the only useful contributor so far...pffffffft!

Honda FX 650 Vigor Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Rollers on the cam followers Bob? If that's what floats ya boat then the CBF125 has little roller bearings on the cam end of the rocker. A computer that tells you what's up without needing a plug in computer? The CBF125 can be made to flash it's little error codes by shorting out 2 wires in the fairing. The Haynes manual also lists the codes and what they mean - as well as a table of what each sensor with cause the bike to do/not do. Roller bottom end too.

The CBF will eat your 660 on fuel economy as well as spare parts availability. The only thing the CBF can't match is power...hehe!

I really have no idea what all these new regulations are. Perhaps I should do some research.

CBF125 rollers on the cam followers/tappets

Keeway Front Sprocket Ian Soady said :-
I've been telling you that for 2 years. Just think how much money you could have saved / how happy/sad (delete as appropriate) you could have made Sharon / how much time you could have whiles away instead of riding around on those noisy smelly motorbikes.

Keeway Front Sprocket Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Khalid. Yeah a lathe is the way to do it...all I need now is a lathe.

Keeway Front Sprocket Khalid said :-
I had this problem from about 2 years and the locking nut is came out and fall during riding and I made a new one by a lathe

Michelin Road Pilot 4 Review Pocketpete said :-
Wish I had been riding in Scotland. I don't seem to be able to detect minor alterations in pressure especially on the Dunlop which gave no feel whatsoever.

The Michelin are different you can actually feel the road and the tyres. They don't skid on white lines are much better in the wet. You do feel the bumps and road surface much better so I hope if they do drop pressure I stand a chance of detecting it.

That said I'm checking my tyres virtually every time now.

Are You A Terrified Learner Rider? I Was Melissa said :-
I have recently started learning to ride a motorbike at the age of 40 after being on the back of one for the past 7 years. I have been reading your comments Sharon and they have really helped me. Having completed my CBT, I am just gaining confidence at the moment, but I am so glad I came across your website because I have had many days where I have thought I really can't do this, but to read what you have gone through and all those times when you felt so nervous Sharon has really helped. Thank you.

Honda FX 650 Vigor Review Ian Soady said :-
Hi Bob.

Roller cam followers? Phil Irving was not a believer as the roller is constantly being accelerated / decelerated as it follows the varying linear speed of the cam. His thought was that flats would be worn on the rollers because of this.

And of course you still have sliding motion between the roller and its pivot (although I confess I haven't looked at how this is arranged on the Yam).

Modern oils will obviate this problem to some extent of course (Irving's view was that Castrol R was the only oil that would cope) but I wonder whether it's worth while.

I remember posting some pictures of what looked like an involute form for the Rudge's rockers and wonder whether some adaptation of that idea may work although can't quite see how.

Kawasaki Z 250 SL First review Sharon said :-
Hi MP,

Have you got a full licence or CBT.

Kawasaki Z 250 SL First review MP said :-

South Wales Next Latchy said :-
It's quite short this trip but the coast road from Haverfordwest to st David's is scenic, the church there is a stunner, if you like the being abroad feel and beaches then do try penbryn beach ( north bit) I think it is close to fishguard
Tenby goes without saying,

South Wales Next Ian Soady said :-
Some nice roads and scenery down there.

One year when I decided to give France a miss I thought I'd try a Celtic Fringes trip - round the coast of Wales then the Lake District. I enjoyed it but must say I missed the empty roads, excellent accommodation and wondeful food of my usual destination.

But you'll be OK in your damp tent eating cold beans from the can......

Honda FX 650 Vigor Review Ian Soady said :-
Oh Bob, how could you?

IIRC this is the second time you've abandoned the Honda singles.

You'll be back.......

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