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Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ian said :-
It's not ABS , but linked or combined braking as Honda call it.I don't know how it's done with 2 different brake types so i am curious too , i will let you know.

Thanks for the advice , i will try and stay on smaller roads.I want to go slower but will need to adjust my attitude.The main problem i can foresee is a frustrated white van/bmw/audi up my arse on these country roads ,it's bad enough in my Ka. Hopefully i will just pull over and let these busy , important people past , at least i won't be able to chase after them and give them a good talking to. Joking aside , i only work part-time so can hopefully get out at some quieter times.

Even though you are used to the small bikes ,i can see what you mean about owning bigger bikes , each vehicle needs a slightly different attitude.

When i went to the local Honda dearer , i really liked the cb500 x or f , all the bike i would ever want or need and the crf250 , apart from the seat.I was also intrigued by the sh125 ,never owned a scooter but would love to try one.Lastly , best of all the cb125f.I see you own or have tested all these on here so a similar mindset.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
With a drum rear brake I'm very curious to know how the linked braking system works. Be sure to let me know once you get the bike Ian.

Take your time. I know you're an experienced rider but it's been a while so ease yourself in gently. The biggest thing will be adjusting your attitude. You're no longer the fastest thing out there on a smaller bike so not only do you have to reign in the speeds but also the ego. That's the bit I still struggle with even after what 8 or 9 years on 125s. It doesn't help that I own a larger bike too.

When you're riding down a quiet countryside back lane at a gentle pace, absorbing the fresh air, admiring the hills and valleys, quietly passing by farms and sheep then you'll think to yourself "There is no better bike at all for this".

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Ren - The Ed said :-
Derri Boots. As far as I can tell they are basically wellies. I'm aware they used to be popular with bikers back in't day. However Pocketpetes link doesn't seem to offer motorcycle specific "hardened" boots for riders.

I do have some old boots I could remove the extra thick sole from and play with making some kind of strap on system. Hmmmm. I reckon Ebay might sell buckles or ratchets or siimilar as a method of getting a secure fit. This will of course end up being a Ren bodge so don't expect it to be pretty.

If a pair of boots proves itself waterproof for a (good) few months then it might be worth having the proper sole fitted once I'm confident about them. Food for thought folks.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Borsuk said :-
Large quantities of Dubbin at regular intervals, worked fine on my hillwalking boots for 30 years (same pair), seems to be working on my biking boots so far.
I was thinking about the removable option for the wedge as well. Either a similar arrangement of straps as a set of crampons or an over shoe with the sole attached to the bottom.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese bill said :-
in the days before I found waterproof boots I had from army surplus store waterproof over boot. A bit like flexible wellies that rolled up for storage and went over your bike boots then tightened with a lace outer but no seems, they also were good for the long walk in wet grass to bathroom when camping, like big waterproof slippers :-) the soles were semi rigid and grippy. Now have Dainese AW boots used for both road and trail riding and never let water in even when river crossing. Not sure if the still make them.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Stuart said :-
Dunlop used to do steel toe cap trials wellies back in the late 70s 80s.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Rod said :-
Wellies don't leak - fact. Is there a market out there for suitably re-enforced wellies for bikers?
As pocketpete pointed out the wellies for bikers were called 'Derri Boots', not sure if they are still available.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Stuart said :-
Just had a look and they are a lowly 9mm. As you say 40 may be stretching things.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese pocketpete said :-
Surely no one can be tighter than Ren lol. But what he loses by his small pockets he more than makes up with oodles of free advice and help. If money was not object then I would certainly go down the daytona boot route.

I also used to use Derri boots in the winter these were free when I was a police officer they were a bit tougher than wellys and a bit warmer as they had a furry liner or a sock type liner. ...

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ian said :-
Cheers Mate. It'an official uk cb125f i.e the current bike. fuel injection , linked brakes.Pick it up next Friday.
Weird considering the time of year , butI am strangely excited ,more so than all my other bikes which were just transport, i just think i will embrace the small bike thing and enjoy exploring off the bigger roads as much as possible.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Blue? cb125f

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Cor!! Much excited. Is that a CBF125 or a CB125F??

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Ren - The Ed said :-
Rod - I have very seriously considered the "strap on" (quiet at the back) method. My concern is getting a good solid tight fit. The advantage is 2 fold. As you point out this would not invalidate any boot warranty AND I could use the same thing with other boots too. The key would be making a secure positive fit otherwise it'd be like wearing stilettos.

Currently in France the CE approval only applies to gloves - to the best of my knowledge. Check on this if you're riding to France.

Stuart - thanks for the offer and it's good to know someone with the same issue. My femur was broken into "several" parts too. My life is 40mm. I would think a 40mm wedge in my boots wouldn't leave much room for my feet I'm afraid. How big is your insert?

Wellies don't leak - fact. Is there a market out there for suitably re-enforced wellies for bikers?

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Rod said :-
Pocketpete, You are of coarse correct. I have never owned a pair of Daytona Boots.
I think I suffer from the same problem as Ren; Short arms and deep pockets.
But my wellies have never leaked, and they cost about £5 and are now 30 years old!

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Stuart said :-
Hi Ren. I too have one leg shorter than the other as a result of a car crash (10 fractures to my femur). I use a heel raise that slips inside my shoe / boot. I'd be happy to send you one to try if you think they would help ?

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese pocketpete said :-
Rod, You clearly have never had a pair of Daytona Boots. Oh those waterproof German boots. Never have you leaked on my size 10 socks. They are the only boots I have ever had which have never leaked despite the worse weather I have thrown at them 3 hours of smashing rain all the way to the lakes and not a drop got through.

The only down side the hideous price. But I'm happy to pay for dry toes.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ian said :-
Thaks Ren. Just ordered 1 in dark blue (looks black to me) from Farnham Honda for £2399 otr. Easy , pleasant transaction.Get the train up , salesman offered to come and get me from station but i will probably walk , pick up bike , ride home about 45 miles.I hope it's not still pissing down in a weeks time.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Rod said :-
Forgot to mention. This would also allow you to ride legally in France.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Rod said :-
Ren, I have been giving this some thought!!!(my wife did not know that I was capable).
How would this work...
Instead of attaching a 40mm sole to the boot, make up a 40mm sole unit with a strap system to strap to the bottom of the boot. If the boot leaks and you have wet socks, just send the boots back without the strap on sole. They may think it strange that the right boot sole is worn more than the left, but this would put you in the same position as anyone else with leaky boot issues.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Ren - The Ed said :-
Pocketpete. I'm not sure if it is THAT important to me personally to go down the whole social justice warrior route. I don't think of myself as disabled at all, I can do pretty much anything any other 47 year old bloke can do. I am I suppose "inconvenienced" rather than disabled.

What this does though is raise the question for those who are actually handicapped by their difference from the average person.

Rod - Sharon's Daytona GoreTex boots have been completely waterproof for her. As you say though they are very costly. She doesn't complain of hot feet in summer but then anything less than 100 degrees centigrade is cold to Sharon so no risks there.

I am, I'm afraid, something of a safety Nazi but I only apply this to myself rather than forcing my opinions onto others. Wear what you wish but for myself I like to wear gear designed for the rigours of motorcycling. I do have some waterproof army socks that help but by jove they don't 'arf whiff in the summer.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Ian. Let us know how you get on :-)

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ian said :-
Sorry , i got mixed up and thought the new one had rear discs.The Indian one had a years AA warranty and is probably fine , but just found 1 up north for £2,200 plus delivery or 1 about 40 miles away for £2,400 , plus £24 quid on the train.These are proper Honda imports with 2 year Honda warranty.If there was a good 2nd hand one nearby i may be tempted , but would rather spend a little more to know for sure it hasn't been abused by a learner.Actually , a lot of the Chinese , Chinese 125's are the same price so i don't think £2,400 is too bad for a Chinese ,Japanese.I will phone the dealer tomorrow.
Black,red or yellow?I'm already vaguely planning some short trips.
Enjoyed your write-ups , made me laugh.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Rod said :-
Ren, I have never found a pair of motorcycle boots which have been waterproof.
I have had boots which are shower proof , and I have spoken to bikers who have paid a fortune for waterproof boots which they say are waterproof, but they all say they are to hot to wear in the summer.
This leads me to believe that the waterproof membranes are waterproof, but not very breathable.
My solution is a pair of wellies which are big enough for two pairs of socks in the winter, and I carry them in the top box in the summer in case of wet weather.
Buy a cheap pair of motorcycle boots and a pair of wellies and have a thicker sole attached to both.
The wellies will not come with the full safety protection, and you may not be comfortable with that situation, but I feel the biggest increase in risk factor we take is when we get on to a bike.

CE Approval, Disability And Dainese Pocketpete said :-
That's shocking I'm sure they have to make adequate arrangements for disabled people otherwise discrimination kicks in. Might be worth an email to them along those lines. A bit of bad social media and Facebook posts.

I'm pretty deaf these days requiring hearing aids which I frequently don't wear so I cant hear Paula nagging me went in the bank the other day and the loop wasn't working so couldn't gear the guy behind the glass. I complained and had a call today saying they were sorry and it had been repaired already. That's pretty good service from hsbc

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Aaaaah right! I am aware that the CBF125 is sold in India with carburettor. I seem to recall it's called the "Stunner" but then that could be South America...I'm getting old. When you say drum brake I presume you mean the front? The UK spec has disc front and drum rear.

Would you consider second hand? Might be a way to see how you feel regarding a 125 without losing too much straight off the forecourt. That said good, clean, low mileage CBF125s aren't THAT much cheaper than new. The 125 market is rather odd at present with the Kawasaki Z125 (which shares an awful lot with the Z250SL) is 4.3 grand!

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review said :-
Thanks for your reply Ren.I had only found the Ireland one.I actually would like to break it into shorter runs and stop , not just ride all day to get somewhere.Smell the roses , but you are right that it needs a different mindset.
Went and looked at the cb125 , they are Indian imports , drum brake and carb , a cbf125 as opposed to the cb125f.£2299 otr ,best i can find for the cb125f is £2700. I've just seen that you have tried both so will read up.Good news in it wasn't too small i.e knees under armpits and a light bike like that is one i would be more likely to just use.Still like the z250 but think i wouldn't want to get it wet even though it's still a commuter.

CCM Spitfire First Look Ren - The Ed said :-
Which bike have you got Andy? Fashion victim? Or an appreciator of beauty. No the CCM would never do for myself simply because I'm pragmatic and need certain things from a bike.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
125 tours...gosh let me see...

Anglesey for a night with a friend
A night's camping in Malvern
A tour around The Netherlands
Ledbury for 2 nights
Southern Ireland

There's a whole lot more if you want me to go on. The 125 will be ideal for commuting - it is what they're made for. But that should never prevent you from going further afield on the 125. You do have to rethink your approach to the tour though. On a 125 it takes longer to get places so we break each day into shorter runs.

Z250SL Tappet Check And Adjust Ren - The Ed said :-
Nope definitely not Snod. You've got tough manly hands, my delicate readers like to see my delicate soft clean pinkies. We don't want none of your butch types here I'll have you know.

Erm. IF we'd removed the large bolt that keeps the spring under tension BEFORE we'd removed the whole tensioner system then no the "plunger" for want of a better word would have stayed put. We make these mistakes so you don't have to you see.

Sharon's bike is shiny because she polishes the living be-jeezus out of it all the time. That's why. Then she complains that she's always tired and never got any spare time.

Z250SL Tappet Check And Adjust Snod said :-
Ohhh I see how it is, MY hand is not pretty enough to model the fuel pipe!

Nice to see it's the usual faff though and not an extra fun one. Why does the tensioner fully expand when you remove it? Did you remove the big bolt from it before you removed it?

Also, why does Sharon's bike still seem quite shiny but mine is half rust? Questions questions..

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ian said :-
Am leaning towards cb125f , local dealer over £2,800 , not paying that , just found it at£2299 with a small local dealer who i've dealt with before , good guy and would be handy to buy local with someone i trust.Will pop in tomorrow after work.I am a bit contrary and really fancy the idea of such a small cheap bike and using it for more than commuting.Which tours did you guys take the 125 on? Bikes i've owned are Honda cg125 , Laverda Jota ,Kawasaki gpz305 ,gpz550 ,gpz500 , Honda xl250 , yamaha serow225 ,Yamaha xt600 , Herald classic 125.
Damn this website ,some good reading on here.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ian said :-
Thanks for the welcome and advice.Seeing it on Saturday , will check tickover as advised.Not sure i really want a 13 year old bike , i was put off by a not great review and 65mpg , but after a bit more research the suzuki looks better than that and some low mileage ones around.Starting to realise what i want.

CCM Spitfire First Look Andy said :-
Great bikes but CCM are a nightmare to deal with, constant broken promises re delivery, bike not to spec when collected and a total joke cost for 500 mile service - £220.
Serves me right for being a fashion victim I suppose.
Lovely bike though and great sound

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ross said :-
Hi Ian, welcome back to motorcycling! :) For not much more than that CBF you can pick up a Suzuki Inazuma 250 with a fraction of the mileage and much younger too! There's quite a bit of info' on the Inazuma on this site.

Enjoy the hunt for your new bike!

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
It's a damn fine bike the CBF250. Make sure it ticks over well! I had a hell of a time with mine. The tappets had not been serviced, closed up and damaged the valve seats. Save for a minute or two at start up if it doesn't run properly and tick over well either walk away or be ready to do the work.

I...I figure this applies to all and any bike though! When I got it going it was a great bike to ride.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ian said :-
Thanks for the replies.All the small trail bikes seem to be quite a bit more expensive,£3,500 or more.The cb125 is probably more sensible , just a bit worried it won't even keep up with the traffic, does it die on the hills or o.k with using gears?Your mileage is amazing and inspiring.Years ago i was at the tt and there was a guy on a c90 who'd ridden from Spain , i thought he was as much or more of a biker than all the guys on sports bikes.It had homemade plywood panniers and topbox covered in stickers of all the places he'd been to.
Just can't get over the value for the z250 i think.Hopefully i will never go on a motorway.I live in the overcrowded south ,I have a 12 mile each way commute to work 3 days a week, use my ford ka at the moment.The traffic is awful near home (beastly Eastleigh) , not sure if the bike would be much quicker due to road layout ,islands etc.I would also like to do all the smaller b roads and just enjoy the scenery.
I am 5 9 but slim ,less than 11 stone ,hopefully the small bikes wouldn't be too cramped , the serow was low seat height and light which i liked.
You are right about winter and the b-word , couldn't sell my house and move to the Isle of Wight.I've saved money by not movind and so am going to treat myself.Just seen this on ebay nnear where i live ,another one you reviewed.

Cheers guys.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
It really depends on what you want to do Ian!

Sharon's Z250SL is a cracker of a bike, no doubt about it. And it is excellent value at the moment as the shops are selling off the last of this model. My only complaint is as it wasn't a big seller there's not much aftermarket kit out there. It is a crying shame and a reflection on our bigger is better mentality.

My CBF125 now has 78,000 miles on the clock and is still a delight to ride. Obviously it lacks the zip of the Z250SL but it is simpler, more polite and fun. Just a note - the latest base model Honda 125 is the CB125F not to be confused with the CBF125. That said there is very little between them.

If you still want a little bit of poke and easy motorway use, get the 250. If you're happy to ride with the traffic and go with the flow then get the 125.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Upt'North said :-
Ian, quite different bikes really, 125's and 250's are worlds apart in my experience. The good news is you are spoiled for choice at the moment with masses of smaller bikes being released. I would evaluate what you are going to use it for, if you've liked trail bikes why not stay with that? Let us know what you're thinking. I'm guessing if you had the 600 you're not a midget. It seems like you're in the UK, if so don't rush into buying, dealers will be full of pre-registered through the winter and I think it will be a slow spring with you know, B.....
Try a few on for size and haggle hard. Good luck.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review said :-
Hi, just found this blog ,great reviews and got me interested in another bike after retiring from bikes 4 years ago at 50.Had 1 large bike ,quite a few middleweights ,last one being an xt600.My favourite was a yamaha xt225 , hence the interest in a small bike.Seems i can get new but pre-reg kawasaki z250sl for about £3000 and the Honda cbf125 for £2500.What to do?
Thanks , ian.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey Ren - The Ed said :-
Yes thank you one and all for your sympathy.

I, being teetotal, am thankful that I do not drink. Having seen such comments as above I believe I have made the right choice.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey Upt'North said :-
"Wreck the Hoos Joos". Now that's funny right there.
Now then back to the hemorrhoids.
I remember being on a train toilet once and I was in that much pain I had to pull the emergency cord.
The guard arrives and shouts through the locked door, "what's up why have you pulled the cord".
I reply with agony in my voice, "I've got piles".
He replies, "that's no reason to pull the cord".
I shouted, "but they're wrapped around the axle?".
Drum roll, symbols, I thank you. It's the way I tell em.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey NigelS said :-
'Buckie' also known in Govan as 'wreck the hoos joos'. Sorry about the haemorrhoids, you need an Airhawk Ren, guaranteed comfort for twice the mileage.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey Borsuk said :-
Provide a short sharp shock, unfortunately to the wrong end and the wrong people.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey Ren - The Ed said :-
Oooooooh Jim, my eyes are watering just thinking about it.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey Jim said :-
It is, as Ian says, also disgusting. Might make an excellent treatment for piles though.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey Jim said :-
Ian - too true, and not just in Glasgow - here on the other side of the country Buckfast is the staple of outdoor drinkers of all kinds; the local youth in particular are partial to getting ‘Buckie’d’ of an evening. I’m sure Auntie Nicola has written to the monks of Buckfast more than once about the unfortunate popularity of their tipple, but it just encouraged them to send more.

ButtFast And Buckfast Abbey Ian Soady said :-
Ignoring your personal problems (and how I wish you had), Buckfast Abbey is best known for being the originator of Buckfast "tonic" wine. Famous for the common defence found in Glasgow assault trials: 'The Buckie made me do it!'

Actually I did try it once and it's disgusting. Almost enough to make a person teetotal although a quick snifter of Bordeaux soon put that right!

CB500X Screen Improvements Henrik said :-
Upt'North ,.. you are sure right ,.. its terrible

CB500X Screen Improvements Upt'North said :-
It's probably where BMW got the idea for the C1 from.
Why in gods name would ya?

2019 CB500X First Look Henrik said :-
Its getting better, except for the front-fork travel, hopefully they did not spoil the fine fueleconomy for the few more hp's

Btw can absolutely everything on the CB500X be repaired DIY ?

Are all tools, software, and documentation available at afordable prices ?

Bikes And Walking Borsuk said :-
I have a pair of Richa adventure boots in Spain and a pair of Black’s Rebel Adventure boots in UK. The Richa have traditional welted Vibram soles and can be worn all day comfortably including walking up and down mountain tracks. The Black’s boots don’t have vibram soles but have a good tread pattern and again are all day long comfortable. They also have more protection at the shin than the Richas have. Whether they can be resolved I don’t know, find that out at a later date.

The advantage of the Richas is that the sole is replaceable when they wear out by any cobbler that does hill walking boots. The main drawback is the leather itself is is a bit on the delicate side and easily scuffed at the toes. That said enough wax and dubbin on them keeps them waterproof okay, I’m not worried about breathability as good socks cure cure sweaty feet. At work I am wearing leather safety boots 16+ hours a day and good wicking socks keep my athletes foot at bay.
I was after the Forma boots myself but they never seem to have my size in stock when I am out looking for stuff.

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