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Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Jim said :-
I always thought the ‘T’ stood for Takt - German for cycle / stroke. Could easily be wrong though.

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ren - The Ed said :-
I know 4T is 4 stroke and 2T is 2 stroke, but what does the "T" stand for in this instance?

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show CrazyFrog said :-
A donkey jacket rendered waterproof by the leaking bottles of 2T carried in the pockets used to be the normal attire of the affluent MZ'er back in the 80's Ian....

CB500X Screen Improvements Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Ted, great to catch up.

So from what I can work out you have an early CB500X screen mounted up and behind the later model taller screen. Well it works and your engineering seems far more engineered than my usual bodges. Hell you've even used a matching colour of paint!

Now really, should a gentleman of your seniority be taking 19 year old ladies out on your bike? That should be left to middle aged men with mid life crisis issues - such as myself. I'm not envious, no, not at all. Dammit.

Celebrate! The 8mm Socket Is Found Ren - The Ed said :-
Oooooh I have a "posh case"! Get me.

I do have a few drawers in the shed filled with random spanners, sockets and the like collected and acquired over the years. They are all useful but none of them have the same "quality" feel of the Halfords kit.

I have, some time back now, lost the 19mm impact socket from the kit. Eventually after stripping the house I gave in and spent about £7 to replace it. Sure enough a day or so later the damn thing appeared behind a box I was due to throw out. Grrrrrr!!

CB500X Screen Improvements Ted said :-
Hi Ren, this was the photo I took in October last year and although I have not ridden far nor fast (always within the legal limits of the road available) I have found this mod suitable for ME.

As you rightly say, taller/shorter riders will find their own best height for a taller screen.

My CB500X came with the tall screen, which for me was still about 4-1/4" too short. I am about 5ft 11" tall and have found that when the bike is on the centre stand, and measuring from the floor, the top of my screen mod is 62 inches.
This bike seems to suit both me and my regular pillion passenger.

I did trade in the Yamaha Xcenter 125 scooter for the Honda SH300i, have yet to ride it far and am still getting to grips with this keyless ignition system. I have a screen to fit and my Oxford trickle charger, so plenty to keep me busy under the car port when feel up to it.

On a slightly different note, my fried/regular pillion passenger has a 19 year old grand daughter who needed a lift to a Kings Lynn hospital to visit a friend. She had recently passed her CBT but not ridden, nor been a pillion since.
There was no way I was going to offer to take her up in the car, pay parking fees and (being tight) spend more on diesel.
I told I would take her on the bike.
REPLY "ALL the way to Kings Lynn?"

It's about 25 miles to the hospital lol.

Sooo, When I met her I had to remind her about being pillion.
Don't lean More than the bike, you could fall off, get hit by the car behind and DIE!
Don't lean less than the bike, it makes it unstable and if you fall off I will be too busy making sure I don't ! Again, you could die.
IF be some unfortunate set of circumstances we come into contact with the road, we will have this conversation about paying for the damage BEFORE I phone an ambulance for you.
Erm, should you really die as a result of your own stupidity, I will just have to sue your parents for the repairs.

She still climbed on and went to grab me round the waist.
Opps, steady on girl, 2 reasons.
We really don't know each other that well &.I'm tickleish!

We set of gently along the road and the first time I applied the brake I got hit in the back of the head with her crash helmet.

After about the first 5 miles she had settled and was happy to be going a little faster.
Soon we were on a the main A47 which opens up to a dual carriageway and 70mph is the legal limit.

Whilst at the hospital I get a text from her mum (She Hates bikes ;-)
"Bring her back as fast as you like, just scare the poo out of her so she never wants to go on a bike again".

I showed the girl the text and her face lit up..."Tell mum it was great, I'm buzzing, can't wait to get on a bike again"

Not my problem these days, her boyfriend has bought a sports bike a lot bigger and faster than my CB500X.

Good luck if you can find an original Pre 2014 screen for the 500X. Flea bay.??

Celebrate! The 8mm Socket Is Found Ian Soady said :-
At least after hours of searching you didn't go out and buy another one. I have two infra-red thermometers after misplacing the first one and needing one urgently - of course as soon as I'd bought the replacement the original turned up.

They're actually quite useful bits of kit - eg when you heat up an alloy casting to fit bearings - although probably not particularly accurate. Available from ebay etc for under a tenner.

I also have duplicates of many sockets (again quite useful) as mine didn't come in a posh case but have been bought as and when - often from car boot sales and the like.

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ian Soady said :-
I'd forgotten about MZ riders but surely most of them use tatty ancient Rukka kit as it does at least keep the rain off (but also sadly keeps the sweat in......)

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show NigelS said :-
May I correct one misapprehension, MZ grizzly old buggers in malodorous Belstaffs definitely do ride, some several hundreds of miles to attend national MZRC events for instance. How otherwise, except by the process of getting drenched and slowly drying again over a period of several decades can one get that particular rotting vegetation mixed with dog smell into s waxed jacket? Until a couple of years ago I was myself a GOBiMoB (grizzly old bugger in a malodorous Belstaff, this one for Ren as he doesn't do acronyms), riding my TS125 stink wheels across Cannock Chase the first Sunday of every month to meet at least 40 other MZ owners at the Victoria WMC in Church Rd, Hednesford. There we would go off for a ride out around the parish and return for a chicken stew and a pint of warm and foaming all for £3.20. I can't speak with authority on either CZ or Dniepr grizzly OBs however as I never belonged to either club.

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ren - The Ed said :-
Motorcycling does seem to have several "clichés" for want of a better word. There's your sports riders, easy riders, adventure types, vintage enthusiasts and so on, including the Belstaff wearing peculiar motorcycle owning non riding types. I'd imagine there's similar clichés in most chosen groups.

Like most people I like to think I'm unique, individual and breaking the mould. Logic dictates I'm probably not. It's probably best I don't know how people see me, I might not like it.

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Upt'North said :-
You have a point Mr. Soady, from what I've seen at said events they seem to be collectors of ferrous oxide rather than motorcyclists, but it takes all sorts. I don't know if Belstaff planned it this way either but have you ever seen a malodorous type smile; is the slogan, put the jacket on and have a face like a slapped arris.

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ian Soady said :-
Most of the folk you see in the malodorous belstaffs haven't ridden a bike in years. We genuine grizzly old buggers wear goretex and don't need waxed cotton - we're quite malodorous enough au naturel.......

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ren - The Ed said :-
Can I recommend you don't make a habit of using that sentence when you're talking to the malodorous bikers

Bikers Can Be Jerks Ren - The Ed said :-
I'm almost naked in my tent right now.

Is it the motorcycle press telling us we need more power OR do the magazines reflect the western attitude of more always being better?

Riding To Devon Ren - The Ed said :-
God you two, get a room!

I enjoyed watching Vera, the first series painted the North East in a particularly noir style, all misty and moody, cold and grim. When Sharon and I went there a few years back we found the place to be just as misty and moody, cold and grim.

Tha later series toned down the noir aspect. Either the tourist board put in a complaint or the weather up there has improved due to global warming?

Right I'd best tell Sharon we're going back to the North East. She'll be thrilled!

Riding To Devon Upt'North said :-
I'll say it again, small world innit.
I'm sure you'll know Wooler then and also sure you'll know that my claim of 20 cars was no exaggeration.
Probably saw more tractors.
You'll be glad to know that the causeway hasn't changed. Or the Dutch.
Enjoy Stone, it's a nice wee town, if getting ever bigger of course.

Riding To Devon NigelS said :-
Upt'North what's this then, we swapped places marra? We moved to Stone from Morpeth in 2013. Funny ole world! And as for Dutch drivers we spent many a happy hour in the carpark overlooking the causeway over to Holy Island being entertained by tourists waving from the refuge while their cars floated back to Holland without them.

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Pocketpete said :-
'grizzly old buggers in malodorous Belstaffs'

What an absolutely wonderful sentence. Following my recent visit to the ramsbottom show where I met ren and Sharon we had a brief talk about the people attending the show and their rather eclectic garb.

Ren gave me a really interesting small lecture on chapters and groups and prospective members.

I have been searching for an ideal description of these bikers from now on malodious is it.

Riding To Devon Upt'North said :-
Let it go.
Put it in the safe and turn the key.
Perhaps a little meditation, hommmmm.
But yes, the M6 and A34 I remember it well.
I used to live at Meir Heath me duck. And not only travelled along the road to work but then worked on the M6 and M54 all day. I escaped with my sanity, just!
I think an escape might be in order, dig a tunnel head North.
I drove (sorry) 20 miles today to Alnwick and 20 miles back, think I saw about 20 cars. Most of them were Dutch.
Buy a spade, but be careful how far you go, I almost ended up in Scotland!
Now relax and take a tablet.

Riding To Devon NigelS said :-
The M6 roadworks, ah yes. I live in Stone which is 'situate equidistant twixt J14 and 15' on the other car park also known as the A34, as any good estate agent will tell you. The problem is that as Highways England has decided the M6 should be a 'Smart'' Motorway (whatever TF that is supposed to mean - there's nothing 'Smart' about a Motorway that doesn't have a hard shoulder and some ejit in 1993 rust bucket Transit breaks down and starts taking the ladders off the roof on the inside lane like a couple of weeks ago on the M42 at rush hour, I can tell you). In the meantime we in sleepy Stone have to suffer outrageous traffic jams taking a whole hour to do the 3 mile school run. Because when several cars and a truck crash into each other in the roadworks on the M6 whilst all travelling at 50mph and going in the same direction (why?) then the traffic is diverted onto the A34 BUT that too is undergoing a widening scheme at the moment to accommodate an increase in truck traffic for the new Jaguar Land Rover car storage facility at the edge of the town. (As an aside, this too is a pretty pointless exercise as JLR have released a statement saying that if we do not secure a trade agreement with the EU as part of the Brexit negotiations then they will cease production in the UK and there won't be any new cars to store!) So with Highways England carrying out simultaneous roadwork schemes on the only two main arterial routes going north from the Midlands through the Cheshire Gap, we are enjoying an Autumn of total, utter, full-stop traffic chaos here in Stone. Finally, and I will complete my rant on this very positive note, when you do drive through the roadworks on either of the two routes in question, you never, ever see anyone actually working. Last week I did see one man down a shallow hole with three others in hi-viz jackets standing at the side of the 'ole scratching their 'nads and obviously giving sound advice to the one with the spade. Frankly, I am not optimistic about the state of this country . . . . we're doomed, all domed?

Riding To Devon Upt'North said :-
Tom, I don't think Google would have helped me this summer but you are SO right, buyer beware!
On a long trip of about 4000 miles we decided that on this occasion we would book most accommodation upfront rather than just ride into town and mooching about for somewhere to lay our weary bonces.
Most of the accommodation was good to excellent and at good prices too, but there were a couple we would not revisit and interestingly both of these were on biker friendly web sites and not otherwise advertised or rated on the web etc. Both were absolute shockers, filthy, bad plumbing, bad food etc. Both were obviously being run as under the radar b and b's, there were no signs outside etc.
So Google, yes it's a great tool, but beware of places under the radar because no one can give them a bad review!
Anyway we lived to tell the tale and it could have been worse, you know, camping!

Riding To Devon Tom McQ said :-
Before I book ANY holiday destination, I always take a quick mooch around the place via Google Street View. It takes seconds and it firmly sorts out those marketing boys!

Bikers Can Be Jerks Upt'North said :-
Arghh, the old how much is too much question!
It is a very interesting point actually, well if you're old and boring like moi it is!
Remember when we were young, some of you may still be; in a previous life I remember taking delivery of a Yamaha RD400 in red and white livery. I rode it like I stole it and I never thought for one inkling this bike could do with another 160 bhp! I often thought, why is that front wheel quite so high and was that white dust out of the exhaust a piston! It was.
Let's move on to today and my motorcycling habits have changed slightly and usually involve a ST1100 with pillion and lots of luggage. By lots I mean two pannier bags and the top box pretty full, enough for extended rides at home and abroad. I reckon it probably weighs about half a tonne with its full load.
Now this behemoth puts out about 100 bhp but far more important than that is the torque which means it'll just about go everywhere in top gear, which is fifth. There's another discussion, why do we need 6, DCT, etc.
My own view is 100 bhp is plenty for what I do and overtakes are never a problem, I'm sure others probably think it would move as well as a geriatric snail.
But that's kinda the point, we are all individuals and the manufacturers also get it. Well some of them anyway; the Honda 500 and 750 twins are what a manufacturer the size of Honda can risk. By all accounts great bikes but no one can review them ( I mean the press!) without stating the bleeding obvious that they don't produce as much power as other bikes of their size. Last year one well known motorcycle rag stated that the new Bonneville, low power, high torque was the way to go, but it's low on power compared to other bikes of its size!!!!!! Guess what people aren't buying them in the numbers expected so they've upper the power. According to the same rag, it's the way to go apparently.
So In conclusion, it's the media that drive us towards high powered, expensive missiles; but only if we let them.
And yes ED, don't mention you being naked ever, ever again!

Riding To Devon Borsuk said :-
Ahhhhgggggggg. Where’s the brain floss when you really need it. Good timing Ren. I need alcohol in large quantities to get rid of that thought and I’m on my way to work.

Riding To Devon Ren - The Ed said :-
Cynical CrazyFrog? Never.

Pocketpete - Nope, no tent. Static caravan. We did consider a hotel, in fact we could have found a "rough" one for the same price as hiring the static. But then I realised we couldn't cook in the hotel which would mean I'd have to spend money in restaurants. Apparently you can't walk around naked in the hotel either.

I'll leave you all with that thought in your mind's eye for a moment. You're welcome.

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ren - The Ed said :-
GT750? Gorgeous? It's a blooming 2 stroke. Pfffffft.

Bikers Can Be Jerks Ren - The Ed said :-
KSI = Killed or Seriously Injured? We plebs don't generally come across such acronyms.

The old "how much power is too much power" question will run and run and run. I'll add a link to Sharon's blog where she covered some of this subject. It's oft been commented on here that, well, 250 is enough for the legal limits and 400 is plentiful. However due to the nature of our blog posts I am certain we don't attract visitors of the CBRGSXRFZRYZFRRRRRRRRRR 1000 kind. I mean they are more than welcome but the lack of wheelie tips and our advice to take it easy and keep good road position probably bores them to tears.

When I am dictator only Honda CBF125s will be allowed. Unless you are a dictator then you can ride a 250. ...

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Upt'North said :-
Small world innit?

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Upt'North said :-
Very nice report on the show, good pics and what about that gorgeous GT750? Do you think he rides it in the rain?
Haven't been myself for about 7 or 8 years but I used to run the Bike Safe stand outside for a number of years. I bet you thought, oh yes they're here again by the front gate! We usually had some nice old British Police Bikes as well as one of two American imported Police specials on display.
Thanks again.

Riding To Devon CrazyFrog said :-
I'm always amazed by the bike press panning 125's as a practical means of motorway transport. For the vast majority of England they're ideal, as they're narrow enough to filter through all the miles of stationary traffic. ;-)

Whoops, I'm being cynical again.....

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ian Soady said :-
ps how much was being asked for the 16H in your pic?

Report - Stafford Classic Mechanics Show Ian Soady said :-
I used to go to this and the other Stafford show but haven't been for years. Far too boring, crowded, expensive, etc etc.

What I do try to get to are the two VMCC events: Founders Day at Stanford Hall in July and the Banbury Run in June. Both have excellent jumbles (many just people clearing their sheds so bargains to be had!) and also the chance to see old bikes actually on the road.

I will also be at the National Motorcycle Museum's Open Day on the 27th of this month although I have to say the presence of Henry Cole put me off a little....... ...

Bikers Can Be Jerks NigelS said :-
For some reason known only to themselves I was asked to go on the Bike Safe committee by Staffordshire County Council a few years ago. Apart from the fact that it took me only 4 or 5 meetings to realise the bloke from the Cooncil that ran the committee wasn't interested in our suggestions for improving road safety but was only worried about writing positive reports after each meeting so he could keep his job, I did get access to a lot of data, some of which was quite surprising but rather telling such as roughly half of KSI accidents in the county were 'single vehicle' i.e. the rider did it all on their own without any interference from . . . . . (insert your own well known German or Swedish car make here). Although two wheel powered vehicles represent only 1% of all vehicles, we suffer 18% of KSI's and the most common accident involved in two vehicle accidents was being hit by a car emerging from a side turning (no surprises there) or SMIDSY accidents as they're called. Speed was one of the major factors in motorcycle accidents (again no surprise) at nearly 40%, and age a very major factor (17-24 year group totally disproportionately represented in KSIs). No wonder the Govt. is making the test regime harder and harder to get a full licence! My personal take is that m'cycles are now far too powerful for a lot of the inexperienced riders that buy them; what is the point of 200bhp when the speed limit in this country is 70???
Yours sincerely,
Boring ole Phart (but one who's still alive after 54 years of biking!)

Benelli TnT125 Owner's Review Peter 64 said :-
Great review, I actually found it very interesting and useful so I'm still looking for the test ride before putting money down but I'm not expecting a race bike. But thanks for taking the time to put it down in words.

Bikers Can Be Jerks Ian Soady said :-

I used to get really wound up about the 0.1% (and my wife still does) but some years ago I came to the conclusion that they obviously have very sad inadequate lives and they're the ones that have to live with their unresolved fury. So I just give a gentle shake of the head....

I've been the victim of actual road rage 3 times - twice on the bike, once in the car. Fortunately in each case I was able to find an escape route before physical contact took place. All were initiated by my giving what I thought was a polite toot to point out some egregious behaviour. So I try to keep clear of the horn button except to warn others of my presence, not to reprimand anyone.

Bikers Can Be Jerks Ren - The Ed said :-
It must be a northern thing...I'm perfect too Upt'North.

Yeah we all suck a little Mutley, that's for sure. Of course being perfect my mistakes are deliberate merely to help other folk feel better about themselves. I agree with the whole defensive riding/driving and assuming that everyone else makes mistakes too so we should be aware of what could happen.

I do think there are bad drivers and riders though. I believe 99.9% of motorists are "up to scratch" but as you say they make honest mistakes. There are however those one in a thousand who are aggressive, selfish and really don't give a flying toss about other road users or the laws. Thing is these are the motorists that stand out and make the rest of us feel like "they're all out to get me!"

Bikers Can Be Jerks Upt'North said :-
I think if you treat every other road user as a pillock you don't go far wrong.
But yes we all make mistakes, not me obviously! But the problem with two wheels is that mistakes hurt. A lot!
Keep em' peeled and non illigitum carbarundum. Or something like that?

Bikers Can Be Jerks Mutley said :-
I believe there is no such thing as a good or bad driver. Only differences is whether someone prepares and acts in a way to both deal with one's own mistakes and others mistakes. On a right hand band it's moving left to avoid the possible oncoming traffic that's drifted over the white lines either overtaking or texting whilst driving. It's slowing early on junctions forcing the motorist behind me to give themselves proper stopping distance to not rear end me. It's assuming that the person who eye contacted me will pull out just when I reach the junction they are pulling out of.

Maybe we all want to believe that we are somehow better motorists but I would argue that it's better to believe we all suck a little and just attempt to reduce the margin of risk of an accident by realising this

Riding To Devon pocketpete said :-
I did suggest to the highway agency last year that they could have save 143million on the northern smart motorway rollout. They chose to ignore my very sensible suggestion.

My suggestion was simply leave the motorway alone save the millions and just turn on the existing 40mph max speed signs. This would be just as effective as the traffic doesnt even get above that speed on the best of days and would have saved all that lovely money. Brixham sound nice though but no tent Im quite shocked.

Review of the Honda NTV 600 Revere - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Frosty! Never thought I'd see a sort of off road bobber scrambler NTV600 Revere. It rather appeals to my fix it up n make it work mentality.

I hope the weather is better there than it has been here today. Cheers.

Review of the Honda NTV 600 Revere - By Ren Withnell Frosty said :-
One truly Great Site, No Issues, No Denials, No Hang-ups, No Attitude..... just a meeting of Like Minds...Felitas, El Compadre Mucho.

Review of the Honda NTV 600 Revere - By Ren Withnell Frosty said :-
All the good stuff said here is so straight & true, bought my '89 600K in four c/board boxes off eBay for a 100 quid. Didnt expect much & wasnt disappointed, because I didn't get much.....Most of the standard plastic impedimenta plus Rs-end of the exhaust, H/light, all electrics, seat etc were missing, the rear-frame had been hack-sawed off just past the rear tank mounting, the r/shock was siezed solid scrap. Not a good start!...Looked at it for a week, my intention was to plant it at my 1920's Apartmento Rurale in Catalunya,Spain as my mountain hack ??.......I'm not going to spend any money on this heap of shite!, 60K on the meter, plastered in B&Q's gutter-grey slime oil paint....What to do ?....The project got hold of me..Spend no real money, throw it together on the cheap as a Rat-Bobber, spank what's left of the lil Bastard around the 1000 ft drops & sheer rock faces of El Montana Altos see who craps out first.....It wasn't the bike!.....old-fashioned, dated, retro, noisy with a modded 'slash-can', & so bloody ugly...But Chummy, a heart of Gold, a member of my Family, a Legend around Priorata del Tarragona,......Amen so absolute for one Magic Machine with Soul.

My Bitch

Biker Code Nonsense Ren - The Ed said :-
I don't think being able to help mechanically is necessary. You may not have a mechanical bone in your body but it may be that you're mobile is working and theirs isn't. Maybe some local knowledge - "...there's a garage, what, half a mile that way, they might sell tyreweld".

I certainly don't stop at every biker I see. It may not be safe to stop, I may be on a time schedule, I may just be in a bad mood!

Oft times I have stopped it has transpired the rider is just having a smoke break, making a call, stretching their legs or looking at a map. It's really hard to know if a rider wants or needs help or is just having a chillout moment.

CB500X Screen Improvements Ren - The Ed said :-
Dammit Ian! I have no images of the bike at the Viaduct so yes, perhaps I did just catch a bus all the way to Millau just to get some pictures. I've been rumbled.

I think 19 years with a bike might make me shed a tear when we parted Rod. I've been with the CBF125 for 6 years and 70,000 miles now. I know it can't live forever and we will part one day. Alas and alack everything shall pass. In the meantime ride what ya got for tomorrow is uncertain.

Biker Code Nonsense Snod said :-
A few years back I was in a particularly good mood and did stop for a guy stood next to a dead BSA. Turned out the dynamo had shifted on its taper (or something) and all he wanted was the phone number for Carole Nash to come pick it up, which I happened to have as I am also a Carole Nash customer! A quick chat about crank regrinds followed (he used to do them, turns out Hondas are better than the rest because their cranks are case hardened - interesting if you like that sort of thing) and I left him to wait for recovery, feeling glad I did actually help.

Someone broken down on a modern bike can get stuffed though, I probably can't help with that unless it's a simple puncture or something..

CB500X Screen Improvements Ian Soady said :-
"Will this do?"

Yeah, but where's the bike? I think you went there on the bus.......

Earplugs? Never used them despite people telling me categorically I'd be deaf by the time I reached 50 (OK, that was a long time ago). I have a pet theory that it's only full face helmets that cause damaging wind noise....

CB500X Screen Improvements Upt'North said :-
Rod, stop it, you've got me going now.
And more to the blummin point, why didn't I see it for sale at £900.00?
Regrets, regrets, regrets, I've had a few, etc. etc.

CB500X Screen Improvements Rod said :-
I only covered 60,000 miles on her in the 19 years, but I had a company car or van some of that time, and I also had my winter bikes (gs250 and later a gs125) which I used to commute and ride through the winter months.
I finally sold her 6 years ago because I was not using her as much as the smaller bike. The smaller bike was at the front of the garage, and the GTR was a heavy bike to shunt around in small spaces.
I was then 57 years old, built like a hobbit, and thought it was time to get a smaller bike. The bike still ran as it did when it was new, and I sold it for £900.
The bike was never too big when riding it, it was just pushing it around in small spaces which was becoming a problem.
I had a 500 kawasaki for 5 years after selling the GTR but did not like the handling.
I now have the zuma which on paper is a very good bike for my needs, BUT I purchased the zuma with my head, not my heart, and although the zuma is a great little bike I do not think I will ever love it like the GTR. I cried when I sold it, and I am having to hold back the tears even now writing about it.

CB500X Screen Improvements Rod said :-
I only covered 60,000 miles on her in the 19 years, but I had a company car or van some of that time, and I also had my winter bikes (gs250 and later a gs125) which I used to commute and ride through the winter months.
I finally sold her 6 years ago because I was not using her as much as the smaller bike. The smaller bike was at the front of the garage, and the GTR was a heavy bike to shunt around in small spaces.
I was then 57 years old, built like a hobbit, and thought it was time to get a smaller bike. The bike still ran as it did when it was new, and I sold it for £900.
The bike was never too big when riding it, it was just pushing it around in small spaces which was becoming a problem.
I had a 500 kawasaki for 5 years after selling the GTR but did not like the handling.
I now have the zuma which on paper is a very good bike for my needs, BUT I purchased the zuma with my head, not my heart, and although the zuma is a great little bike I do not think I will ever love it like the GTR. I cried when I sold it, and I am having to hold back the tears even now writing about it.

Biker Code Nonsense Ren - The Ed said :-
Vespa GTV250 - see there's ya problem! Only teasing, bet it's a great machine.

3 broken ribs? Fine?! Last time I broke a rib I couldn't lift my own arm let alone a scooter attached to it. Ouch. I hope they at least gave you a round of applause once you'd collected yourself.

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