Looking across to the snow capped alpine mountains seen from the back seat of a motorcycle
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Long Term Review of the Honda SLR 650 - By Ren Withnell Ian Soady said :-
I seem to remember Bob of this parish talking about the ambient pressure pipe causing problems (although maybe not on the SLR etc).

Are you there Bob?

But if it just happens in the wet I'd be looking at an ignition problem. Run the bike in the dark and spray water all over the HT leads, plug etc and look for sparks.......

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review mick lewis said :-
hi i have just got a 2010 500 classic and i am very happy with it up till now total change from my 800 vfr but i am old school anyway having grown up with bikes in the 1960 s only thing i dont like on the enfield is the back brake which is not very good many thanks mick

Long Term Review of the Honda SLR 650 - By Ren Withnell said :-
No Ren its does not happen at all on sunny days.The carb overflow plus some breather hoses are a bit long:could it be picking the rainwater from the road?I have replace a new plug coil c/w the plug cap.

Honda FX 650 Vigor Review Mike said :-
Very comprehensive. Great review.

Project Zen - Paint Job On A Keeway RKS 125cc  Ren - The Ed said :-
Sharon knows it's not exactly my thing too Ian - it makes my eyes go fuzzy. We're all different and the bike has received high praise from several chaps and the ladies go mental over it. It ain't my thing, but it's one hell of a thing.

As for her skills dragging my aesthetic out of the gutter. No chance. She's been trying for years to get me to dress properly without success. She seems to think I ought to "decorate" my house too. Clothes are to keep me warm in winter and to stop me being arrested in summer. Houses are just solid tents to sleep in and somewhere to store tools and motorcycles.

Long Term Review of the Honda SLR 650 - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
Rain you say Max? Does it happen in the dry at all? If it's in the rain only I'd start out with a new spark plug cap. I'll add a link to a video showing what happened with mine once.

Bad fuel? Blocked carb? We'd need a lot more information before we can begin to guide you a little.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjTDymBUCSg&feature=youtu.be ...

DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Ren - The Ed said :-
Yeah - if I registered my bike in your name Bob the DVLA would know there was a problem due to the lack of offences against the vehicle. Dammit must try harder to be a badass biker.

Project Zen - Paint Job On A Keeway RKS 125cc  Norm said :-
Absolutely fantastic job Sharon well done.admire your patience

Project Zen - Paint Job On A Keeway RKS 125cc  Ian Soady said :-
Very nice job Sharon although not quite to my taste.

I hope it will inspire Ren to tidy up some of his creations......

Long Term Review of the Honda SLR 650 - By Ren Withnell Max said :-
During my ride back from work on a raining evening, my SLR just stalled halfway.But after about 15mins rest, the bike restarts again!Would be a great help whats causing the bike to stalled all of a sudden.

DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Bob said :-
Ren, I'm sure you wouldn't get up to anything as bad as I get up to myself!

Ian, it's one DD per vehicle so it's nice and simple. I've got 6 running at the moment and several cancelled ones. They automatically refund any tax if due when you sell the vehicle.
If you change vehicles often (I have been known to buy and sell the odd bike), the DD tax solution is brilliant. If you only own the bike for 2 months you only pay for 2 months tax.

DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Ian Soady said :-
Bob - once you've set up a DD does that apply to all your vehicles or do you have to do it separately for each one? I *think* I have one set up for the car but not AFAIK for the bikes.

CBF 125 Oil Consumption Ian Soady said :-
In my experience, failing valve seals (particularly inlets) show up by smoking on the overrun as that's when you have a high vacuum in the inlet tract and oil gets sucked in by it.

CBF 125 Oil Consumption Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Jaska. You've got me paranoid now. I was told a long time ago that valve stem seals would usually cause smoke on startup that would clear after being run for a few minutes. That is not the case with my bike. However I am fully open to the notion that my information could be wrong.

I'll look further into this. I can't quite see as yet how a little oil dripping down the valve stem would cause the valve to burn out. Again I need to do my research.

Luckily it is not *too* difficult to change the stem seals on the CBF125 but I am loathe to disturb the motor unless I have good cause too.

DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Ren - The Ed said :-
Regarding the insurance and being the registered keeper. I too have had a look through my policy and I too cannot find any wording that requires me to be the registered keeper. However I know when I fill in the online forms it typically asks if the person creating the policy will be the registered keeper.

Now what is written and what is asked are 2 different things. I am not a lawyer but I fear that if you tell the insurance you're the registered keeper then you have a claim then they find out you are not the registered keeper they *might* be able to use this to wriggle out. Call me paranoid or call me cynical of insurance companies - it's up to you.

Regarding nefarious actions. Of course - why would you want a vehicle registered in your name as it could leave you liable to parking tickets and speeding tickets. Oh hang on...why don't I register my bikes in BOB's name!! What a great idea! That way I can ride like a plonker all day long and good ole Bob can take the wrap for me.

Why did I not think of that before.

CB500X Adjusting The Tappets Skylar said :-
Hi there everyone! Just sharing my opinion on the cb 500 twin engine honda made. Out of many twin engines out there, honda made two engines that caught my attention that were the NC 750's and the cb500's. Why?. For me, practicalities are a big factor also fuel efficiency and quality thought full Engineering because it's a motorcycle! I come from a background of riding scooters and the need for robust maintenance solutions always on my mind(because scooters are service critical machines). Honda always brings well thought out bikes. there are many other manufacturers (European brands too) that cut costs of Their products but not honda. this cb500 engine is well engineered to ease the service process,and that directly effects longevity of an engine. something you expect from honda .like I said,well thought out. /There's a dude that said many cars are made front drive engine style because of ease assembly at the factory. The truth is its a combination of clever packaging that gives more cabin space,better means when servicing and costs effectiveness in manufacturing. This never came over night so ignorant people that are quick to comment than think about the time and know how involved, please be Quiet.

DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Bob said :-
Thinking about the security risk, why would anyone want a vehicle registered in their name when someone else is driving round through speed cameras and ANPR - you'd get all their tickets.

DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Bob said :-
Been using it for a while now. It's especially neat if you pay your road tax by direct debit because it automatically cancels the payment and even refunds any overpaid tax to your bank account.
I've bought and sold 4 bikes since Christmas an the online system saves a huge amount of faff.

CBF 125 Oil Consumption Jaska said :-
Problem is probably valve stem seal in exhaust valve. That is most likely to cause problems in small high revving engines. Like honda monkey mopeds had same issues a lot.

If seal is not changed in time it might cause the valve to burn which will leave you by the road. And will be more bit more expensive to repair than just changing stem seals.

DVLA Change Of Keeper Now Online Ian Soady said :-
Yes, did that when I bought the Norton back in September. I guess you're right that it's a security risk but not that great I think.

I've just had a look at my bike policy and there's no mention of my having to be the registered keeper.

South Wales 2017 Ren - The Ed said :-
27 litre engine. I could put one in the 125 frame and probably go the same way as the original driver of "Babs".

Honda CB500X First Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Boring? You really ought to spend much more time and distance on small capacity motorcycles Phil. After 300 miles a week on the 125 the CB500X feels like a rocket. Einstein was right, it's all about relativity and your own reference frame.

After 22 months of ownership I now have 19,500 miles on the CB500X. So far so good. My only major gripe this far is just how ridiculously difficult it is to get down through the tank and the electronics to get to the rocker cover to do the tappets. I've done it twice now so it's getting a little easier but it's not a task I relish.

Other than that I can see why you might see it as boring but I see it as easy to ride, friendly and manageable. I have no interest in breaking records or speed limits any more - frankly I have neither the skills or the balls to go any faster than the 47bhp allows.

It's all a question of taste.

Honda CB500X First Review Phil said :-
I had a 2015 CB500X for a year(June 2015 - June 2016), and experienced much the same as you described Ren.
Brilliant machine for those of us who like their good mpg, best I achieved was 86.6mpg, average over 3,800 miles I rode was an impressive 77mpg.
Mine also suffered the well documented starter relay meltdown that many early bikes were recalled for, mine wasn’t a recall as it was supposedly made after the affected dates, yet after just 3 weeks ownership I had my first ever breakdown on a motorbike lol, and it was practically a new bike too.
Traded it in after a year for a 1200 Bandit, basically I found it more boring than I could justify ownership despite the mpg figure being so good, It didn’t make me want to get on it and ride. I look back now and have good memories but it wasn’t an exciting bike, or one with character. But it was as they say typically Honda.

South Wales 2017 Ian Soady said :-
Yes but they're a bunch of prats.

Lookup "Babs" - powered by a 27 litre aero engine. Decapitated the driver sadly.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babs_(land_speed_record_car) ...

South Wales 2017 Ren - The Ed said :-
I can just imagine a dog seeing such a vast beach for the first time. It could run for hours and still not lose sight of you. It is one heck of a place.

I was watching an old Top Gear the other day and they were on Pendine Sands. I thought it would be fabulous to ride the bike on Pendine or Rhossili but alas I believe you need special permission from various authorities.

I've found the Eastern Slade Campsite's website. I'll add a link if for no other reason to remind myself to look this up as and when I'm next down there. Cheers Mike D

www.easternsladecampsite.freeservers.com/index.html ...

Another Sign Of Aging Ren - The Ed said :-
Yeah I reckon you're right Phil. The fuel gauge is doing some very strange things indeed now. I filled the tank right up yesterday and the gauge remained flat, no movement at all. Today it's woken up and reached half-way, then returned to zero then back up to half way once more. It used to be indecisive, it's not so sure now.

Meh - As long as I fill it up every 300 miles I'll be just fine.

Manchester Bike Show 2015 Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi JcT. Yes Sharon and I will be at the Manchester Bike Show once again. You'll find us and several other very interesting characters on the Chunky Tread Stand. Come and say hello.

South Wales 2017 Mike D said :-
Just read about your South Wales trip and really enjoyed it, not least because it reminded me I when I took my dear old and sadly departed dog Bertie on Rossili beach and he seemed to be completely mesmerised by the vastness of it. At first he didn't know what to do and then he started running around in (more or less) figures of 8 then came and looked at me as if he was saying ""is that what you do?" That was about 15 years ago and we now have another Bertie. Btw our hot tip for a campsite in that part of the world is Eastern Slade Farm at Oxwich, run by a very nice lady called Kate - basic site with a tap and portaloos but only £10 per night. That is for a motorhome so it may be cheaper for a tent. Great views.

Cheers, Mike

Another Sign Of Aging Phil said :-
Ah the CBF125, cracking bike. Seems like your fuel gauge or sender unit is faulty. I can’t see it being anything else.

Manchester Bike Show 2015 JcT said :-
Will you be at this year's Manc bike show

Brief Ride On A Honda Innova 125 - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Phil. Things are fine here thank you.

The world is filled with different people driven by different motives. I have my CB500X and my CBF125 parked in the same shed and yet every morning I pull the CBF125 out quite happily. For myself I find it easy to ride in the traffic, I don't stress too much about it being stolen from outside of work even though it is quite secure and I don't stress about it wearing out because it is already worn out.

The idea of using a 500 to hack through endless junctions, roundabouts, traffic queues, traffic lights and speed limits seems like a total waste of its potential. The 500 is happy in traffic, the 125 is happier.

How are you finding the ER6N? Are you using it for commuting? The one criticism I'd level at the ER6 was the heavy clutch you see.

Brief Ride On A Honda Innova 125 - By Ren Withnell Phil said :-
Hi Ren, thought I’d update on my bikes.
I traded the 2015 CBf125 in along with my 1200 Bandit and bought myself a 2015 Kawasaki’ ER6N. A great bike in itself but I am now missing owning a 125 after 5months. :(
I loved the CBF125 but plans to use it commuting failed miserably, as when you have a 1200 Bandit parked next to it, I couldn’t help myself always taking that instead of the 125.
So after owning the CBF a year and 2,500 miles it has now gone.
Brilliant ‘bike’ tho. But despite heavy use of ACF50 and keeping it in tip top condition and serviced regularly , I still suffered with fading blacks-colour on the rear springs from sunlight and paint flaking on the engine and other minor things like a rusting exhaust, despite my ocd looking after it. When you see on eBay the number of rusted cbf’s for sale it’s not difficult to see that quality isn’t good on them. Although reliability is still amazing. I averaged 135mpg on mine overall.
But now I’m missing owning a 125, I found a 2011 FI Innova for sale at a dealership 80 miles away for £1,399. 4K miles. But upon reading my comments here I’ve realised the reason I sold mine and have now decided not to get another ‘scooter’.
Will update on my bikes again one day but for now I’m enjoying having 2 not 3 bikes, my trusty 2001 Ducati Monster Dark and my lovely 2015 Kawasaki’s ER6N. :)
How are things with you Ren?

Handguard Upgrade Ren - The Ed said :-
Then don't call me Arfa fer nuffink. Arfa Job Ren.

Handguard Upgrade Roy said :-
Still need to paint the metal though mate.cant believe ya happy doing half a job

Here comes the rain again Ren - The Ed said :-
You're speaking my language Garth.

The thing is I spend all winter hankering after summer, then when we get our first warm dry day the roads are filled with day trippers and suicidal nutters on motorcycles. I then wish it was cold and wet again.

I am doomed to be a miserable grumpy old git am I not.

Staying Warm Through The Winter On Your Motorbike - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
Climate control.... pfffft.

Here comes the rain again Garth said :-
With the weather being so bad I would murder just warmth. Bring on summer.

Staying Warm Through The Winter On Your Motorbike - By Ren Withnell Ian Soady said :-
I had a pair of Belstaff waxed cotton mitts that I wore over a pair of ski gloves and that worked quite well apart from being unable to do 2- or 1-fingered braking. Heated grips? I always find they heat up the palms but the backs of your hands freeze.

I used to have a Damart body belt (possibly similar to the one Steve mentions) which was good for the in-between regions although that wasn't so much of a problem one I moved on to Helly Hansen bib & brace chest high overtrousers.

These days? I find the Land Rover's bodyshell and climate control keep me toasty........

Staying Warm Through The Winter On Your Motorbike - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Steve. I've been looking for mittens for a while. I've seen plenty of "regular" mittens but none with sufficient protection for my hands if I'm unlucky enough to have a spill. Mittens designed with motorcyclists in mind must be out of fashion as I can't find any. It's a shame as mittens are the most obvious technical solution for cold fingers.

I'm fascinated by the support belt. I don't suffer too much cold around my middle but I bet the support belt does wonders for your posture.

Staying Warm Through The Winter On Your Motorbike - By Ren Withnell Steve said :-
Winter raiders, the best gloves in 35years of riding are a pair of walking mittens from an outdoor shop. As for my middle witch dose get cold after fifty miles have now found a great and cheep product . A £1 Sapourt belt from pound land. Put your thermal vest on then your long johns now put this velcrow Sapourt round your waist and Finnish with what you normally wear , you will notice a big difference with both of these items. Keep warm n safe.

Handguard Upgrade Ren - The Ed said :-
I know a fair few people who love their heated grips but I never got on with them. I found myself with sweaty palms and frozen fingers. I think they confused my body.

I've also seen a few flattened batteries.

Underfloor heating for rabbit hutches you say? I wonder if that'd work in the tent....

Handguard Upgrade Pocketpete said :-
It's not use I just have to say it. ..

Your as tight as a camels arse in a sandstorm.

I'm going to buy you a set of heated grips I can't bear the thought of you making a set from an electric blanket or some under floor heating or a rabbit hutch heating system.

Long Term CBF 250 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Marbles in a bottle! That doesn't sound good at all. The first thing I'd look at is the camchain and in particular the tensioner.

Check out the link below.
bikesandtravels.com/biker.aspx?ride=714 ...

Handguard Upgrade Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Bob! Glad to see someone likes a good bodge.

I've spent a morning with people trying to explain colour and aesthetic to me. I don't get it. Paint is a product with the purpose of stopping metal from rusting in this instance. The colour of the paint is coincidental.

I guess I'm never going to be a custom motorcycle creator. I can see my dreams of being the British Orange County Choppers slipping away from me.

Handguard Upgrade Bob said :-
Nowt wrong with them! You just look like a courier from the 1980's - which to me is always the coolest motorcycles and motorcyclists have ever, or will ever look.

Long Term CBF 250 Review david said :-
my cbx250 twister virbrating , sound like marbles in bottle,with high pitched whining sound like turbo .

Handguard Upgrade Ian Soady said :-
"Why is the Guzzi in paint? "

You may remember I posted a couple of pics when I bought it. Very amateurish aerosol spray job and a dreadful cut-down front mudguard. As I got the bike at a reasonable price I thought it deserved a nice professional paint job.

I was warned that the chap I selected was a little slow and now realise why......

Handguard Upgrade Ren - The Ed said :-
Sensitive? Meeeee?!?

Yes I cry myself to sleep every night worrying about how you and the other reader think of me.

The plastic is quite stiff. I'd estimate it to be akin to the plastic found on a cheap top box - not incredibly strong but sturdy enough. No, they don't flap at all.

As for the wrist watch. I went upmarket and spent almost £10 at Argos for this particular chronometer. It is 100% waterproof, keeps time acceptably well and if someone steals it then meh, pfffft. It has sat there these last 5 years with nary a grumble. The only thing is at night I have to wait for a street lamp to know the time.

Why is the Guzzi in paint?

Annie's 90th Ride Out Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers folks :)

Ian - I think the rocking horse is probably more in line with my abilities.

Handguard Upgrade Ian Soady said :-
Oooooh, sensitive!

I think they look OK actually although I would have taken off the rough edges.

They also look a bit flimsy - don't they flap about?

I also like the cheap wristwatch rather than an expensive bike-specific type. I have something similar on the Guzzi. If only my bits would come back from the painter......

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